Microvideo Will Dominate 2014

Waxing UnLyrical

Will Vine and Instagram videos be the preferred method for digital marketers in 2014? Microvideo Will Dominate 2014 is a post from: Waxing UnLyrical. Twitter Google+ Microvideo Will Dominate 2014.

PR Search 2013 vs. 2014


Can you imagine a world without Search? Take a deep breath. Now think about all the things you search for in a day. Go on, do it. Now that you’ve thought about it, without Search… How would you know where … Continued.

How social media changed in 2014

PR Daily

When we look back at 2014 through a social media lens, it may go down as the year social media went all-in on mobile. Several platforms saw significant growth in 2014.

10 of 2014's biggest PR mistakes

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Here are some of the best examples of the worst offenses from 2014. In what may be the most awkward press conference of 2014, Commissioner Roger Goodell promised change while failing to outline any actual plan or action steps the NFL would take.

So Did Those 2014 Predictions for the Communications Industry Come True?

Ishmael's Corner

Back in January, I offered 10 quasi-mad predictions on how the communications industry would unfold in 2014. Buffett only tweeted once in 2014. Apparently, Amazon’s ill-fated phone consumed Mr. Bezo’s time in 2014.

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Announcing the finalists for the 2014 Social Media Awards

PR Daily

Next, our judges will go over the finalists and name the crème de la crème of PR Daily ’s 2014 Social Media Awards. The staff of PR Daily thanks all who entered the 2014 Social Media Awards and wishes our finalists the best of luck in the last round of judging!

Blogger Outreach Versus Media Relations: What Marketers Need To Know


According to a 2013 Technorati study , blogs are one of the most important online sources of purchase influence. In fact, they ranked third after retail and brand sites—well above online magazines and news sites.

5 PRedictions for 2015


With 2014 quickly rolling to a close, it’s about that time for everyone and their mother to bust out their crystal ball and make industry predictions for the coming year.

#CrisisRoundup of Awesome Links: Week of October 20, 2014

Melissa Agnes

The post #CrisisRoundup of Awesome Links: Week of October 20, 2014 appeared first on Agnes + Day. Welcome to this week’s #CrisisRoundup! Another week come and gone. My week has been productive and inspiring. I hope yours has been the same for you.

Getting inside the brain of Shonali Burke


There are PR folks who get it; then there are PR folks who get it. Shonali Burke falls into the latter category. As the CEO of a PR business, Shonali is: #1 – A self-professed measurement + social media geek and constantly champions … Continued.

Guitar Center: Content Marketing and Storytelling at Their Best


Guitar Center’s YouTube channel beat out hundreds of leading brands, including Target, Four Seasons and General Electric, to snag the Project of the Year award at Content Marketing Institute’s 2014 Content Marketing Awards. It’s no small feat.

Social media branding: The biggest winners and losers of 2014

PR Daily

Social media management company Sprinklr compiled a list of brands that improved most on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Instagram in 2014, as well as a list of brands that barely improved or fell back. It’s been an interesting year for brands on social media.

The Pros Weigh In: The Best Books for the Marketer on Your List


Joe Pulizzi, the godfather of content marketing, wrote this book in 2014. One Christmas when I was a kid, I remember really, really, really wanting a Tony the Pony. If you’re younger than I am, you may not remember Tony.

LT Public Relations Intern Wanted for Fall 2014


We are looking for a college student […] The post LT Public Relations Intern Wanted for Fall 2014 appeared first on LTPR. The leaves are changing and the pumpkin spice lattes are out…which means LT Public Relations is ready for its next intern.

Top Social Campaigns of 2014 + Other Links You Might Have Missed (The Weekly Cocktail)


The 50 Most Innovative Companies of 2014: Strong Innovators Three Times More Likely To Rely On Big Data Analytics. 5 Top Social Media Campaigns of 2014. The post Top Social Campaigns of 2014 + Other Links You Might Have Missed (The Weekly Cocktail) appeared first on prTini.

What’s in Your Fall 2014 Communications Toolkit?

PR Expanded

There are SO many tools that I’ve “ Tech Tested ” in 2014. The post What’s in Your Fall 2014 Communications Toolkit? It’s the end of the summer and fall marks the busy season for professionals, as well as PR educators and students who are back in school.

Firefly’s top 8 moments in social media 2014

PR in High Definition

2014 has been an exciting year for the PR and digital media industry, and at Firefly we have enjoyed a load of giggles and awed at some of social media’s finest moments. The post Firefly’s top 8 moments in social media 2014 appeared first on Firefly Communications. As the year draws to a close, we thought we would share with you our top picks of the year. Introducing Firefly Communications’s […].

The #1 Facebook Post Mistake Every Brand Should Avoid


People check Facebook to see pictures of their friends and family, laugh at the latest memes and learn about breaking news. The last thing they want—or expect—to see in their news feed is a blatant sales pitch from your brand. Posts that scream “buy me, buy me” are jarring.

Looking for your dream PR job? Five ways to become the right candidate today.

PR Job Coach

Everyone dreams of that PR job - The One. Just imagine taking an elevator to your office where you fully immerse yourself in the brands, products or services you personally believe in. It doesn’t get any better than that. But how do you work on getting there?

5 Brilliant Ways to Build Your Brand at a Conference


Attending a conference is a big commitment in both time and money. The reason we go is to further our professional development and make valuable connections – and that’s generally reward enough. But what if there was another compelling benefit?

Content Marketing: How S. Pellegrino Uses Content to Appeal to Foodies


It’s easy to get the connection between content marketing and business-to-business brands. B2B purchases are typically complex, so education is required to ensure prospects understand the benefits of the purchase.

5 Essentials of an Effective Content Marketing Strategy


Content marketing is all the rage nowadays. From grocery stores and tax attorneys to financial planners and plumbers , everyone seems to be doing it. And there’s no shortage of marketing firms touting content marketing as the latest bandwagon you don’t want to miss.

Creating a Content Strategy for B2B & B2C Marketing Success


If you’re creating content to help market your business, you know there’s a ton of competition for your prospects’ attention. So how do you ensure your brand stands out?

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My Alternative to the Suddenly Expensive iStockPhoto.com

Rock the Status Quo

Until last week, I was a staunch supporter of iStockPhoto.com. At three credits for a low-res image suitable for blogging, it was my go-to resource for stock photography. Depending on how many credits I purchased at a time, it would run from $1.59

2014's best and worst communicators

PR Daily

There is no such thing as private speaking, and Decker Communications'' Top Ten Best and Worst Communicators of 2014 list proves it. These famous examples from business, politics, sports and pop culture have left indelible impressions this year—both for better and for worse. 10 Best.

Content Marketing: How to Get Ridiculously Awesome Reach With Minimal Effort

Rock the Status Quo

10,908. That’s the number of eyeballs I’ve reached with the eight presentations I’ve uploaded to SlideShare. Not too shabby for a niche vertical and a couple of hours time, right?

Insights from INBOUND 2014

PR 20/20

A movement is rising in businesses and agencies across the country and around the world. It can be seen in the exponential growth of HubSpot’s ( @HubSpot ) annual conference, with attendance nearly doubling every year since 2010.

#CrisisRoundup of Awesome Links: Weeks of September 15 and 22, 2014

Melissa Agnes

The post #CrisisRoundup of Awesome Links: Weeks of September 15 and 22, 2014 appeared first on Agnes + Day. Welcome to this week’s #CrisisRoundup! To Dubai and back and another week just flew by! Dubai was pretty awesome.

A Look at Malaysia Airlines’s Crisis Communications During the Crisis of Flight MH370

Melissa Agnes

Malaysia Airlines (@MAS) March 13, 2014. By now, we’ve all heard of the terrible crisis Malaysia Airlines is facing with flight MH370 appearing to have vanished out of thin air with over 200 passengers and crew members aboard.

#CrisisRoundup of Awesome Links: Week of September 8, 2014

Melissa Agnes

The post #CrisisRoundup of Awesome Links: Week of September 8, 2014 appeared first on Agnes + Day. Welcome to this week’s #CrisisRoundup! How is it Friday already? Where does time go?

2014's top stories on Facebook vs. Twitter

PR Daily

recently published Twitter and Facebook’s top stories of 2014 , and the lists show a clear difference between the two platforms in terms of the content users want to read. The importance of personalized content was exemplified through NewsWhip’s best publishers on Facebook for 2014.

Guest Post: The PR Generalist vs. The Industry Specialist

PR Expanded

A Guest Post By Suzanne Mannion, EVP & Co-founder, Newsmaker Group. One of the aspects I like best about being in public relations is that it presents opportunities that appeal to a wide variety of people.

What You Need to Learn from DiGiorno Pizza’s Foolish Twitter Gaffe

Melissa Agnes

— DiGiorno Pizza (@DiGiornoPizza) September 9, 2014. — DiGiorno Pizza (@DiGiornoPizza) September 9, 2014. Preventable gaffes give you a bad rep for no reason.

Weekly Roundup of Awesome Links: Week of August 4, 2014

Melissa Agnes

July 2014: The Worst Video Media Disaster – by @MrMediaTraining. The post Weekly Roundup of Awesome Links: Week of August 4, 2014 appeared first on Agnes + Day. Welcome to this week’s #CrisisRoundup! Below you’ll find our roundup of some really great articles that we’ve come across this week, as well as a roundup of what was published to The Crisis Intelligence Blog and Podcast this week.

How to Get Ahead in PR and in Business

PR Expanded

I spent a good part of last week in Orlando at the Florida Public Relations Association ( FPRA ) Annual Conference. After my session concluded, there was one question, which stood out in my mind.

Free Issues Management Response Flow Chart (For Your Use)

Melissa Agnes

Effective issues management is a hot topic these days, which makes sense considering that every week presents us with another organization in need of putting their issues management to practice.

Rotman School of Management’s PR Fail


It’s 2014! So the Rotman School of Management had to pull an assignment from its first year MBA program because the narrative it used to illustrate a problem was unabashedly sexist. In the assignment, a fictional young woman, Elle, was too distracted by sparkly jewelry and designer shoes to put her girly-mind to understanding the compensation packages offered to her by Tiffany and Co.

Emory’s Excellent Crisis Communication on Facebook

Melissa Agnes

As you probably know, I’ve been having an interesting debate with a fellow crisis professional on whether or not to shut social media down in a crisis.

Twin Cities PR This Week – November 7, 2014

Communications Conversations

Going to try another new kind of series today. Actually, it’s a bit of a re-imagination of a former series I had titled “Insider Conversations” where I highlighted people who had changed jobs recently, agencies who had won new accounts, and folks who had won awards.

5 times PR and marketing pros celebrated in 2014

PR Daily

Brands managers who won with social media in 2014. Occasionally PR and marketing pros experience moments when everything goes off without a hitch. The plans and preparations pay off to make that campaign, press conference or media placement a success. Those are the times you want to emulate Hugh Grant’s celebratory dance in “Love Actually,” or top off those accomplishments with a tall glass of congratulatory champagne. Here are five triumphs you probably celebrated this year: 1.