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PR measurement. PR measurement. PR measurement. The 10 Most Common Ways Comms Pros are Measuring PR

Sword and the Script

About half of comms pros say they track web traffic, impression and placements for PR measurement, but such metrics point out the direction of success rather than conclusive . Commetric came out this week with its “ PR Measurement Twitter Influencer Index.” PR measurement. PR measurement.”. The last interaction?

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Twitter Engagement Actually Translates into Votes


Clinton’s slow-roasting scandal in regards to her use of a private email server baked all year until it finally became the most discussed issue on Twitter. When you measure the conversations and tone of millions of conversations, you can come to a stronger sense of a population group’s moods, intention and motivators.

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How to run your own ‘Clubhouse’ on Twitter Spaces for business


What are Twitter Spaces, how to use the feature, why should you master it, and how to measure the result of your Spaces campaigns? Read the article for answers!

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PR Measurement Tips

The Proactive Report

Frame your PR measurement around the goals of the business or campaign and keep track of your results. Data and measurement has become an integral part of PR reporting today. Nonprofits probably have different success measures: donations, funding or other support may be their priority. PR Measurement Tips.

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Are You Accurately Measuring the ROI of Your PR Strategy?


Measuring the ROI of a PR campaign goes much deeper than just subtracting money spent from revenue earned. Thanks to technology, measuring PR in the digital era is completely different than it was a few years ago. M – Measurable : It’s impossible to determine progress if you have no way of measuring it. By how much?

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Why CEOs Should Invest in PR Attribution and PR Measurement


Ethan McCarty, Global Head of Employee and Innovation Communications for Bloomberg LP, recently related a powerful example from his IBM days: “We were able to pepper some of those blog entries and and Twitter posts from IBM’s internal industry experts with links to request a demo,” says McCarty.

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Tracing the measurement origins of PESO

PR Conversations

The prompt for this article is a Twitter thread, so I will attribute its beginnings. Jesper Anderson (Twitter, 20 June 2020). I used to follow Don’s blog, MetricsMan as he was one of the leading figures discussing measurement and evaluation at this time (along with Katie Delahaye Paine ).