Symphony Technology Group Acquires Onclusive


Today, I am pleased to announce that Symphony Technology Group “STG” completes its acquisition of Onclusive, Kantar ’s Reputation Intelligence business, and PRgloo. The merger brings us scale and ambition for global leadership.

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Technology special feature for communicators

PR Daily

One of the many lessons we’ve learned in 2020 is technology is paramount to reaching, communicating, and engaging with employees. Arm yourself with the most effective technology suited to your needs to reach your communications goals in 2021. Open up leadership communication.


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How PAN Communications maximizes thought leadership

PR Daily

Thought leadership” is one of those buzzwords with a high propensity for making eyes roll or glaze over. But, when done right—when it’s underpinned by a smart strategy—thought leadership can be a potent way to boost your company’s industry sway, standing and visibility.

PR For The “New” Technology CEO

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

For CEOs of technology companies, arrogance is out and humility is in. “Boring is the new black,” proclaims New York Times tech columnist Farhad Manjoo in a piece about the latest trend for technology company chiefs. So how is a technology leader to stand out as the face of a company? The good news is that CEO “thought leadership” is easier to achieve in periods of rapid social and technology change. How should a CEO convey leadership?

How the rise of blockchain technology offers opportunity for communicators

PR Daily

From cryptocurrency to NFTs, there’s a big story to be told about the emerging technology of blockchain. As blockchain technology enters the mainstream, there is a big opportunity for communicators to be part of the shift. Future of Comms Leadership Communications PR Industry

How voice technology could transform PR and marketing

PR Daily

Alexa, will technology change the public relations industry? “It’s RELATED: Join us for our Leadership and Executive Communications Conference ]. This isn’t new technology, of course, but it has only recently become reliable enough to reach a tipping point in consumer adoption. After all, it’s the easiest form of human narrative, and now that technology has caught up with creativity, the sky’s the limit. Branding Marketing PR Storytelling audio technology

8 PR Tools for B2B Thought Leadership

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Thought leadership is part of public relations best practices, and it’s particularly powerful in B2B and technology categories. The answer may be a strategic thought leadership plan. But remember that thought leadership is not directly about capturing new business. Here are 8 tech PR tools for a B2B thought leadership plan. Consider editorial policies and trending topics, and be strategic when targeting technology media outlets.

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Critical Mention Names Vishal Padhye Chief Technology Officer

Critical Mention

NEW YORK — Critical Mention, the leading earned media platform, has announced the promotion of Vishal Padhye to Chief Technology Officer. Vishal has been integral in every aspect of improving our platform and back-end technology infrastructure since he joined the Critical Mention team.

Thought Leadership Actually Requires Thought and Leadership

Sword and the Script

The popular technology news site TechCrunch recently announced it was curtailing contributed content. Many founders, particularly in the emerging technology, have a dire need for business savvy PR talent to help them tell a story. It’s like asking someone to come in and write a thought-leadership piece and then have no thoughts to offer.”. This is thought leadership at its finest – opening or changing minds, defining markets, and shaping reputations.

How technology powers Gini Dietrich’s workday

PR Daily

Gini Dietrich, co-founder of Arment Dietrich and the author of “Spin Sucks,” relies on technology to get though her day. Can I lump my leadership team into one person? The post How technology powers Gini Dietrich’s workday appeared first on PR Daily. The seasoned PR veteran and author says robots will change how PR pros do their jobs, and she already relies heavily on tech to improve her work both on and off the job.

Hertz responds to viral customer complaint, how PR pros report metrics to leadership, and Hulu pulls Astroworld documentary after backlash

PR Daily

Participate in Ragan Communications Leadership Council’s 2022 Benchmark Survey , a comprehensive look at how to negotiate budgets with your executives, how to best reach deskless workers and foster culture among a hybrid workforce, and more. Announcing the PR Daily Leadership Network.

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How IBM’s Policy Lab established leadership on tech policy and innovation

PR Daily

IBM set out to position its IBM Policy Lab as a thought leadership platform to advocate for responsible innovation that ensures trust in technology—no simple feat. G7 Embassies also tapped the Lab to be part of upcoming events on emerging technology.

5 Ways PR Can Maximize Thought Leadership

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

In the public relations world, thought leadership is a big deal, but the term can start to feel old, fast. How do you infuse a thought leadership program with fresh ideas and get the most out of it for PR? For many who work in specialized niches, like B2B technology or high-end interior design, thought leadership is highly desirable, helping to improve a brand’s reputation and even its bottom line.

How to retain people of color and build a diverse leadership

PR Daily

Are they on the senior leadership team? the two companies launched the “Technology + Social Innovation Program,” a three-year program to support diverse communications talent early in their career.

B2B Customers Want Thought Leadership

Sword and the Script

Thought leadership is usually associated with top-of-the-funnel as far as marketing outcomes are concerned, but there’s evidence to suggest it meets the needs of existing customers. According to an eMarketer report – Don’t Forget About B2B Tech Buyers Post-Purchase – some 80% of B2B survey respondents are looking for thought leadership content after a purchase. The post B2B Customers Want Thought Leadership appeared first on Sword and the Script.

Unicorns, Upscaling and the State of Massachusetts Technology

Shift Communications

There are a few interrelated themes that have gotten a lot of play in technology press over the past few months. Although we see a heavy number of Silicon Valley representatives on the unicorn list (as expected), there are many technology unicorns here on the east coast (MongoDB, AppNexus, Actifio, MediaMath) along with rumored candidates like Rapid7, Dataminr and DataGravity. Massachusetts has the second highest average technology salary nation-wide. (2).

Inside Dell Technologies’ pioneering social media monitoring operation

PR Daily

That’s the daunting yearly challenge facing Dell Technologies’ social media support team, which won a 2019 PR Daily Digital Marketing and Social Media Award in the “Social Listening and Real-Time Response ” category for its nimble digital efforts.

The Role of Ethical Leadership in Building Influence: A Female Perspective

Ethical Voices

I asked them to share insights from a recent journal article they authored titled The Role of Ethical Leadership in Building Influence: Perspectives from Female Public Relations Professionals. . Ethical leadership is critical. leadership Enhancing the Profession Ethics Research

How technology buzzwords are drowning your brand

PR Daily

It’s hard to read a business magazine or website today and not be inundated with news and commentary about the financial technology—or “fintech”—industry. If you’re like most people, you probably have a limited understanding of what some of these terms mean, and even less of an understanding of the real-world applications of these technologies. How are you talking about new technology, PR Daily readers?

How to Develop Thought Leadership: Following Steve Jobs’ Example

Stern + Associates

to its preeminent position in the technology marketplace also directly impacted how we view and consume information. And, The post How to Develop Thought Leadership: Following Steve Jobs’ Example appeared first on Stern Strategy Group. Thought Leadership apple innovation steve jobsHowever defined, there’s no doubt that the leader who propelled Apple Inc.

Study Reveals Gaps Between the CEO and PR in Communications Goals, Issues and Technology

Sword and the Script

Three question areas in particular – about goals, issues and technology – stood out to me. Technology companies should support Net Neutrality – we should treat the internet as a public utility – because everyone is so dependent on it. 3) PR Technology is about Customer Experience. When the survey asked, “In the coming year, which of the following areas of communications would you most like to advance through the use of new technology?”

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Separating Creativity from Technology in Thinking about Marketing Innovation [UML]

Sword and the Script

How many people think of technology when they hear the word innovation ? While technology can certainly change how we do marketing, it’s still reliant on creative inputs. Technology and innovation may be intertwined, but marketer leaders say their responsibility for both have grown. 77% say they have “more” or “much more” responsibility for technology. Complete article: CMOs spent 29 percent of 2018 marketing budget on marketing technology.

5 PR Tips To Promote Expertise On LinkedIn

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Among PR teams, LinkedIn is the go-to social media platform for B2B executives for driving positive visibility and thought leadership. How can executives get the most from their LinkedIn profile to convey leadership and be seen as an expert? .

We Can Control Our Communications Technology Destiny


As technology has evolved and offered us as practitioners in the PR profession new ways of doing our work, communications should be getting easier and more engaging. In partnership with PRSA, APPrise Mobile recently conducted research and published a report regarding the use of technology in the PR and communications industry. We surveyed over 600 communications professionals to understand how they are using both new and older technologies in their work.

Pitching Business and Technology Contributors: Q & A with Freelancer Anne R. Gabriel


Gabriel has spent over 30 years as a professional in the communications field, writing about business and education technologies as a journalist and marketing communications consultant. Moving fluidly between the worlds of journalism, business technology writing, marketing and PR, she does everything from writing editorial for C-Level IT publications to providing marketing support for organizations ranging from start-up to Fortune 500. Anne R.

When Thought Leadership Drives Lead Generation

Shift Communications

In a recent SHIFT blog , our VP of Marketing Tech, Chris Penn, answered the question ‘what is thought leadership?’. PR helps to communicate compelling stories to improve brand awareness, and by integrating thought leadership, it may help to generate qualified leads. A recent thought leadership campaign for a client in the healthcare technology space comes to mind, where the client saw tangible returns based on PR efforts around thought leadership.

How to Create Thought Leadership, Part 1: Introduction

Shift Communications

Thought leadership. Since 2004, thought leadership’s share of search has risen from approximately 5,000 searches per month globally to nearly 22,000 searches per month as communicators seek ideas for creating it. In this series, we’ll examine what thought leadership is, why we need it, and how to generate it. What Is Thought Leadership? Like awards, thought leadership comes from the outside. Indicators of Thought Leadership. What is it?

Uber’s chief: ‘I need leadership help’

PR Daily

reported : In a little over a week, the company has been accused of sexist and discriminatory behavior by a former engineer, Google parent company Alphabet has sued Uber, alleging Uber stole driverless car technology, and a top Uber executive was forced to resign for failing to disclose an allegation of sexual harassment at his previous employer, Google. This is the first time I’ve been willing to admit that I need leadership help and I intend to get it.

3 lessons from Starbucks’ and Instagram’s leadership changes and departures

PR Daily

Though Starbucks didn’t announce any current leadership departures, it warned employees that it was making changes to its organizational structure—which involves corporate leadership layoffs. Both founders were still deeply involved with Instagram: Systrom was CEO and Krieger served as chief technology officer. Keep the changing brand perception—and actual brand image—in mind as you craft your communications and campaigns before, during and after leadership changes.

Why the C-suite need a new leadership approach to engage stakeholder ‘supergroup’

Agility PR Solutions

With societal, cultural, environmental, economic and technological demands piled on them, CEOs and other company execs are being perpetually kept on their toes in the modern era of business. The post Why the C-suite need a new leadership approach to engage stakeholder ‘supergroup’ appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

Are Your Videos Landing in the “Relatable” or “Un-Relatable” Bucket?

Deirdre Breakenridge

Thank goodness for the technology that allows us to connect, share and tell our stories, whether personally or professionally. . The resources were not thoroughly considered, from people and process to technology and equipment that would have produced your video on time and under budget.

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Thought Leadership Series: AI-Washing and PR, Part 1 of a Series

Shift Communications

It’s not every day that the leaders of two highly regarded public companies enter into a public spat about a future technology, but perhaps AI is no ordinary technology. AI is one of the most popular future technologies talked about in the media. If everything said about AI is true, it will transform every industry and market alike; no wonder why every client is obsessed with hitching their technology vision to the AI juggernaut.

3 Streaming Trends PR Pros Should Watch

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Effective navigation of the space is critical for the key players who want to establish a leadership position in the category and get ahead of the competition. The increase has in turn sparked new innovations in the technology. Streaming is booming.

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Crenshaw Clients Among Some of the Hottest AdTech Companies According to Business Insider

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

advertising Crenshaw Communications media relations News leadership public relations technologyBusiness Insider recently compiled a list of some of the year’s hottest AdTech companies after a long year of uncertainty for the industry.

Addressing The “Scaries” In Ad Tech

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Marketers need guidance, and these changes are the perfect way for ad tech companies to use thought leadership to assure brands that they are not alone. We see new reports and studies highlighting the money at risk when this frankly outdated technology disappears.

5 technologies that will change how you do PR


thought leadership. The other part is understanding the technological shifts that will change the world in the coming decades, and along with it, how you do PR. Recognizing and preparing for the emergence of these technologies now will be the difference between surfing the tech wave and being swept away as they break. Embrace the future of PR The incremental progress of technology often gives the impression of stagnancy.

A Primer on Cryptocurrency, NFT and Web3 Courtesy of the Associated Press


The Associated Press recently issued explanations and updated style guidelines for several emerging technology terms that will continue to appear more frequently in your communications: cryptocurrency. Thought Leadership blockchain new technologies NFTs the Associated Press

The Sales Connection: Bridging the Thought Leadership-Sales Gap

Stern + Associates

Thought leadership is critical to brand differentiation and business growth – and core to effective communications strategies, particularly in today’s complex, crowded and commoditized world. Yet the sales community generally views thought leadership as a fancy name for marketing, outside their job to court new customers and close deals. Sales Reps – Thought Leadership Rainmakers. Can Thought Leadership Be Measured?

3 Emerging Social Media Platforms B2B PR Pros Should Know

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

For B2B clients Clubhouse can be another social media tool used to drive thought leadership , especially those who are subject-matter experts. Like Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces is an emerging platform that can work well for thought leadership.

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S&T Live Recap: Have You Visited the Metaverse Yet?


We felt it was important for our business-to-business technology clients to be introduced to what it is — to get in it, to experience it, so they could start to think about how they might use or they might not use this new communications channel,” Neumeier said. Those figures suggest that a business case exists to start using metaverse technology, he said. Thought Leadership metaverse new technologies PR trends Strategies & Tactics Live