News Release Benchmarks for Healthcare & BioTechnology


To make these insights more actionable, we are launching a series of industry-specific benchmark reports with the first being focused on the Healthcare and BioTechnology. In 2019, Onclusive and Business Wire teamed up to identify the characteristics of a winning news release.

Campaign brings national leaders together to find advancements in cancer care

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More than 50 thought leaders and policy makers attended the four roundtables and placements in California Biotechnology Association’s newsletter were sent to every member of California’s State Legislature.


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How to Make your Messaging Stick


23andMe , a personal genomics and biotechnology leader, used NEO during a recent campaign launch to look at the key messages and terms that were driving the most website traffic and actions.

How To 312

Campaign brings national leaders together to find advancements in cancer care

PR Daily

More than 50 thought leaders and policy makers attended the four roundtables and placements in California Biotechnology Association’s newsletter were sent to every member of California’s State Legislature.

White House claps back and influencers help resurrect Tasmanian tiger

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The resurrection effort is a collaboration between Colossal Biosciences, a Texas-based biotechnology firm specializing in “de-extinction,” and researchers at the University of Melbourne. . Plus: Millennials are the biggest creators.

Stop Smearing Goldfish: That Attention Span Statistic is Dubious

Sword and the Script

And when I contact the listed sources – the National Center for Biotechnology Information at the US National Library of Medicine, and the Associated Press – neither can find any record of research that backs up the stats.”.

6 ways to ensure your message on COVID-19 is relevant

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risks from biotechnology and genetic engineering) are judged to be greater than risks from activities that appear to be relatively well known to science (e.g., Make sure your voice isn’t muddying the waters around COVID-19 and your channels are helping to share crucial, accurate information.

Brand journalism positions biotech leader

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The Norwegian woman suffers from alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, a rare disease that makes breathing feel like sucking in air through a coffee stirrer, CSL Behring—a biotechnology company—reports in its brand journalism site Vita. You think you’re getting strong with those visits to the gym? Get a load of Karen Skalvoll.

How Does a PR Newswire for Journalists Benefit the World?

PR Fuel

Are you a journalist or news organization wondering where to get your news? Have you looked into a PR newswire for journalists yet? Well, you should really look into it!

Influencer Insights: Media Moves and Intel for June 20

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Prior to that, she was a healthcare and biotechnology reporter at WBJ for five years. Today’s public relations professionals need to know not only who is going where, but also how to communicate more effectively with those journalists, bloggers and influencers making moves.

Should PR pros believe in their brands?

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A few years after I quit my job due to a lack of belief, I ended up doing consulting for a biotechnology company. I have resigned from a job twice in my life. Once, I did so to pursue another opportunity. The other time, I did so because I stopped believing in the quality of my employer’s product. I thought about this second resignation recently when I had lunch with a friend who is a public relations consultant. He was telling me about a product launch he is working on.

30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

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Director, marketing and communications—College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources (Nevada). Anything that sets you apart in a field of qualified contenders is helpful. So, in a sea of job applicants—especially when they’re vying for that plum job you’re angling for—what skills will make waves with hiring managers? RELATED: Get the skills you need to become a trusted advisor to leaders. ].

Communications Week welcomes comms leaders to 2022 Advisory Board

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Jessica Kline has held various roles across communications in both information technology and biotechnology. The group of 27 industry experts will guide the editorial focus and programming for this year’s events, taking place Nov.

Quick Tips for Pitching Fortune, Bloomberg TV and Other Business Media

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For instance, panelist Aaron Task, the digital editor at Fortune, discussed how the magazine is branching out into other news areas, such as healthcare and biotechnology. Pitching the media often feels like preparing for a first date. First impressions matter and it can be difficult to find an angle that leads to an interview and media coverage. Landing a second date comes down to knowing exactly what kind of connection journalists are looking for.

Health care pros grab a piece of the podcast pie

PR Daily reports the global biotechnology company plans to cover topics from cancer to superbugs. Think of podcasting as simplified, audible storytelling. Podcasting has been an easy yet oft-misunderstood form of broadcast communication. Not any longer. A growing number of health care providers and communicators are launching podcasts. Patients are as well.

Ivy Le’s Good Pitch Lands Ink in The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Bad Pitch Blog

s economy from our universities Off the field, Georgia’s universities are on the same team, developing biotechnology to tackle tomorrow’s complex health problems. Consider: * BIO, the annual biotechnology industry convention, will be hosted by Atlanta in 2009. We asked for good pitches and you listened. We’ve gotten several and we’ll take more. Our first one is from Ivy Le at Jackson Spaulding for their client Georgia Research Alliance. Subject: Some GOOD news about Ga.’s

What Do Communicators Need to Know About Trust in 2021? Findings from the Edelman Trust Barometer

Solo PR Pro

If it were another word “trust” might be considered a buzzword by now, but this is a word that is the very essence upon which the fabric of society is built upon. There are some aspects of it that we take for granted, put into question, or underestimate.