When a Client Turns Down That Juicy Media Interview…

Rock the Status Quo

We’re pitching editorial sources to fit THEIR needs, not gifting them with the fabulous opportunity of a lifetime interview with the reporter being eternally grateful for the favor. or you as the PR person do the interview. Butler Communications If this is your tactic – to pull in a second person or do the interview yourself – it’s important to make sure you have any necessary permissions beforehand. THIS animation – it’s hilarious!!

PR Interviews: Heather Baker Editor of the B2B PR Blog

Norton's Notes

As you are probably aware over the last few months I have been interviewing PR practitioners from all over the world as part of my interview series called 20:20 Vision. The concept of these interviews is that I ask each practitioner 20 questions about themselves and they give us a brief glimpse into their working lives and what makes them tick. The first interview was with Arik C. Google is starting to take up more and more of the real estate on the SERPs.

4 Tips on Pitching U.S. News & World Report’s Devon Thorsby


Devon Thorsby is a real estate reporter for U.S. I’d like to receive real estate related pitches with a consumer advice spin – preferably regarding residential real estate.

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How to Get Press for Your Startup

Flack's Revenge

VTS demonstrated their cloud-based commercial real estate leasing and portfolio management platform. Events Interviews NY Tech PR PR Tech Public RelationsTop Reporters Share Tips at Enterprise Tech Meetup.

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The Benefits of Earning Your APR


An Interview with Ken Hunter, APR. With deep experience in the consumer, healthcare, tech, B2B, corporate, real estate, and government sectors, his work effectively builds relationships, counsels senior executives, and boosts revenue.

Inside the Mind of a Daily Newspaper Business Editor: Q&A With Thom Kupper of the Star Tribune


I remember being shocked years ago when the Star Tribune sent a reporter to cover a “Junkyard Pilates” class that our PR agency client was offering – she put away her notebook and took out a camera to shoot a video interview. Interviews Media Relations

Behind the Headlines With Anthony Bianco


In this interview, Anthony discusses prioritizing each step of your communication strategy, sharing brand messaging with a diverse audience and maintaining the integrity of your overall communication vision. From research to execution, every aspect of your communication strategy is important.

3 Fast Ways To Fill A Slow-Moving PR Pipeline & Keep Clients Happy

Rock the Status Quo

Let’s use the example of a luxury residential real estate client. Move past real estate trade pubs and consumer media. Can you record a quick CEO interview related to last month’s press release or next month’s predictions? Ask if you can create a casual interview series for their website.

Personal Branding: Always Be Prepared for Your Next Job Opportunity


Are you effectively communicating all of these in your online presence and real-world interactions on a daily basis? Being able to communicate your skills and goals right off the bat is one of the most effective ways to set the tone in an interview,” she said.

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30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

PR Daily

Once you’ve nailed down the perfect résumé, don’t forget to prepare for your interview. Senior account manager – real estate PR—Lynn Hazan & Associates (Illinois). You get only one shot at a first impression—don’t squander your opportunity.

Is Virtual Reality (VR) The Next Big Thing in Social Media?

Social PR Chat

Let the acronyms flows… Definitions: VR – Virtual reality; when you put this type of headset on, you are fully immersed in what you’re viewing and cut off from the “real world.” The real world with a digital overlay or element added to it.

Behind the Headlines With Holly Beverly


In this interview, Holly shares her thoughts on the effect of technology changes on the entertainment industry, the need for new and innovative content and the importance of connecting with your industry’s influencers. Your audience wants to interact with your brand in new and unexpected ways.

Behind the Headlines With Lynda Fernandez


In this interview, Lynda discusses how technology has transformed PR, why the press release is not dead and the strategies brands should adopt to improve their campaigns. We also have partnerships with 136 real estate associations or organizations throughout the world.

Would you buy a car from that man? Reputation is personal


Real estate agents and insurance brokers are the closest related-occupation in the list, in terms of their occupational drive to make a ‘sale’. In the top 24 list, doctors are listed as most trusted, while estate agents hover toward the bottom of the heap once more.

10 Public Relations Tactics That Will Make You a Startup Rockstar

B2B PR Sense

Almost 25% of the individual investors responding have more than $1 million in investable assets (besides real estate), and half of the asset management firms represented manage more than $1 billion in assets.

UGC and Social Hubs: #DigitalPR Chat with Alicia Whalen

The Proactive Report

UGC works better because of the #Socialproof consumers see as real – in photos, reviews, videos from others like them. Brands don’t own their real-estate on Facebook, Instagram etc. Each week I interview an expert in some aspect of social media and Digital PR.

Eight Tips to Reboot Your Resume

PR Job Coach

I know, it may feel like work but if you take the time to target your chances of snagging an interview are greater. So do not waste valuable real estate telling folks you have computer skills. You are what you write.

Red Cross decries ‘beneficiary’ designation in Panama Papers

PR Daily

As these two foundations have no shareholders themselves, they provided a useful cover for the real beneficiary of the offshore account. Our protection is our name, our emblem, the faith that people have in our reputation," she said in a telephone interview.

2016 – A Year in Traditional Media

Shift Communications

I first pitched the news of ERA Real Estate’s new president & CEO to Erica Christoffer in July, and she quickly expressed interest in connecting with Sue Yannaccone for a video interview. Finally, three months later, we got the interview on the books.

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Social Buttons for Sale, Misguided Measurement and Telling Stories is Hard

Ishmael's Corner

It caused me to wonder if the Journal sold this real estate, perhaps with some type of payment model tied to usage. Contently interviewed Seth Godin , asking some damn good questions that produced some damn good answers. The grab bag makes its second appearance this year.

UGC and Social Hubs: #DigitalPR Chat with Alicia Whalen

The Proactive Report

UGC works better because of the #Socialproof consumers see as real – in photos, reviews, videos from others like them. Brands don’t own their real-estate on Facebook, Instagram etc. Each week I interview an expert in some aspect of social media and Digital PR. My guest on today’s #DigitalPR Twitter chat is Alicia Whalen (@Alicia_Whalen_) co-founder of @HashtagioSocial.

What Goes in a Great Media Kit


Interviews – Q & A on video. love to see what real people have created. Sharing the work of real people who have created or accomplished something using your product is also an amazing opportunity to do some community building.

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Despite initial concerns, Instagram Stories surging

PR Daily

In a recent interview with Buzzfeed , Instagram founder Kevin Systrom says the platform’s changes have been crucial to its identity and continual expansion and relevance. Have you noticed an increase in Instagram Stories appearing at the top of your feed?

How To Transform Your Brand’s Online Newsroom Into a Media Magnet


To help, Mayo created its own news network with all the tools and resources a journalist needs to file a story without personally interviewing a Mayo expert.

Camping World chief tweeting about Gander Mountain’s future

PR Daily

As part of the Agreement, Camping World obtained the right to designate any real estate leases for assignment to Camping World or other third parties and initially plans to operate stores that it believes have a clear path to profitability. It will take real rent adjustment [link].

How Spirit Airlines’ CEO turned defeat into victory

PR Daily

We’ve posted many good interviews through the years—but since there’s such interest in the topic, I wanted to post one of my favorites, a May 2013 interview with Spirit Airlines CEO Ben Baldanza.

How to elicit compelling quotes for your press release

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It leads to canned, uninspiring quotes that take up valuable real estate and do nothing to advance your cause. If you write article-quality quotes, editors don't have to call up to interview your spokesperson, nor waste precious minutes rewriting your text.

PR Agency Best Practices for Common Content Roadblocks

Beyond PR

Quotes not only break up content visually, they also highlight your client as an expert, leading to potential interview and speaking engagement opportunities. When working with clients to create engaging content, PR agencies must navigate a number of personal, emotional and habitual obstacles.

How OhioHealth increased their newsroom coverage by 889% in one year - Part 2


and "Is this really something that should have that top half of the real estate?" NOTE: This is part 2 of 2 of our interview with OhioHealth.

How to add podcast power to your communication arsenal

PR Daily

Tom Schwab , CEO of Interview Valet , touts the notion of pursuing guest podcast appearances. Prior to interviewing, we researched trending and relevant topics for discussion and tested the equipment. (We Try interviewing interesting, gregarious people in the company.

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How to Promote Your Online Press Kit with Multichannel Marketing

Beyond PR

Take advantage of your brand channels by utilizing everything from company website real estate to proprietary email lists. Targeted email invites for demos or interviews are another place to promote your press kit link.

Are these 4 résumé mistakes undermining your career?

PR Daily

to the phrases you use to describe your previous jobs, the smallest details of your application will catch the eyes of hiring managers, so it's in your best interest to present a polished, professional-looking document if you want that job interview.

6 tips to help you meet your media relations goals

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For example, you might think a reporter who covered real estate last week would be interested in your pitch this week about your client constructing the largest commercial building in Topeka, Kansas. Most pitches I receive are terrible.

PRoust Questionnaire: Helen Slater

PR Conversations

If, through my public relations efforts, I can help make change for the better, then I get a real buzz and sense of satisfaction. Which real, historical or fictional person or brand would you like to give a reputation makeover?

Old Journalism’s Demise.Good News For Us!

Bad Pitch Blog

It''s like a business of celebrities—it appears only the companies with the best ratings are granted real estate! If your boss or client wants to "be in the paper" and doesn''t count anything that doesn''t kill trees as real media, now you just have to buy a better printer.