The Impact of Coronavirus on B2B Tech Marketing: Replacing Trade Shows as a Lead Generation Activity

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By Mark Pinsent, Managing Director, Hoffman Europe In light of restrictions on movement and the risks of bringing large groups of people together, one of the immediate impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the cancellation of tech trade shows and conferences.

The PR benefits of trade shows

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Here are some tactics to make the most of your industry event. From a PR perspective, trade shows can be either a great investment or a waste of time. However, with the right strategy, the right team and the right level of preparation, you can convert an appearance at a trade show into actual trade. Understand the journalists who will be attending the event. A starting point should be researching the people you want or expect to meet at the event.


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Buying Signals: B2B Marketing Budgets without a Line Item for Trade Shows

Sword and the Script

The decline of B2B trade shows frees B2B marketing to experiment with more efficient channels; virtual events surface buying signals The pandemic is certainly changing marketing – but we might all do well to shift our thinking towards what might become quasi-permanent.

Selling tech without touch—a virtual trade show paradox

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I remember attending my first client tradeshow, a big travel industry event at the McCormick Place in Chicago. My client at the time, a technology upstart looking to disrupt the corporate travel booking process, had high hopes for the show.

How B2B Marketing Can Get More out of Trade Shows

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In person events like trade shows and conferences usually rank high on the list of priorities for B2B marketing organizations. This is for good reason because research demonstrates events are often a good source of leads. For example, the most recent B2B lead generation report by Chief Marketer listed live events as the second top source of leads. Fifty-nine percent of marketers said events were a top source, which narrowly trailed only email marketing with 62%.

Are Trade Shows still a Good Place for PR Launches?

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That’s the number of pre-trade show pitches one blogger told me he had received in a side bar conversation last week. A Traditional Case for Trade Show Launches. The traditional rationale for launching a new product, service or company at a trade show is basic: There’s a critical mass of influential content creators in media and bloggers. It provides an “event” to talk about with attendees – a hook to hang a hat on. by Frank Strong.

The Impact of Coronavirus on B2B Tech Marketing: Replacing Trade Shows as a Lead Generation Activity

The Hoffman Agency

In light of restrictions on movement and the risks of bringing large groups of people together, one of the immediate impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the cancellation of tech trade shows and conferences. Why virtual events are not the solution.

Has the trade show had its day (at last)?

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Nor do I remember much about the show (strapline: ‘The Foundations to your Facilities’, I’d imagine) apart from having a discussion with a guy selling paper towels, who was keen to tell me how much more hygienic they were than hot air hand-dryers which were only good for spreading germs ….

Content Marketing is the New Conference and Trade Show During Quarantine [UML]

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At the core, these are all events that give buyers and sellers a reason to congregate in the same place. Pivoting to online events are a great option right now and so too is content marketing. The data shows: “…as of right now, news traffic to news sites, both in the U.S.

How to Get Killer B2B Leads at Trade Shows

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When it comes to trade shows, you might think that generating B2B leads is a piece of cake. And, although LinkedIn is responsible for generating as many as 80% of all B2B leads , trade shows are still a successful staple of any B2B marketing strategy. 77% of marketers say trade shows generate a significant quantity of leads. ~ So how can you make the most of your trade show experience? 5 Ways to Generate B2B Leads at Trade Shows.

4 tips to get new PR clients at trade shows

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Are trade shows worth your time? Trade shows and industry conferences seem like great feeding grounds for prospects. However, trade shows can also be overwhelming and chaotic. Here are four tips for making trade shows work for PR prospecting and business development: 1. From a narrowed list, you will be able to research your best point of contact and reach out in advance of the event to see if they may be open to a meeting.

Virtual Trade Booths: 5 Insights from an Early Adopter

Bianchi Biz Blog

Just as the COVID-19 pandemic abruptly halted most press events, tradeshows, customer events and news conferences many communicators rely upon to share news, one of Bianchi PR’s clients took a bold step in the virtual revolution.

The Four Ps for trade show PR success

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As we head into March, many PR professionals will be thinking about the various trade shows that take place across the UK. Before you even start any planning or event management for any show, […]. The post The Four Ps for trade show PR success appeared first on Firefly Communications. Blog exhibitions trade shows They are great for meeting prospective customers, current customers, journalists and partners.

Virtual Trade Shows: The Good, The Bad, and How Make The Most Of It

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One industry that dramatically shifted as a result of the pandemic is the trade show industry, whose transformation to exclusively virtual formats was met with mixed reviews. Read on to decide if a virtual trade show is right for your business.

How to Know Your Product Launch Is ‘Trade Show Ready’

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Launching a product at a trade show can be a great way to focus on your event marketing strategy and spotlight a new product in front of a targeted audience. There are times, however, when launching a product at an event can put your company at risk of losing potential clients and damaging your brand’s reputation. Avoid the tension by asking these four questions before unveiling a product at your next trade show. Will the product be ready for show time?

Trade Show Marketing Tips for First-Time Exhibitors

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Exhibiting at your first trade show can feel a lot like the first day of high school. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, especially if you’re a small company at a big show. As soon as you register for an event or sign a contract to exhibit, the mountain of tasks looms – from booking your travel and designing your booth to planning your marketing and sales strategies. It’s important to register as early as possible for a trade show.

5 Steps to Marketing at an Event Outside of Your Industry


Trade shows and events offer the perfect opportunity for companies to experiment. This year, The North Face embraced the multifaceted nature of SXSW and launched their “Seek No Shelter” campaign alongside the new Apex Flex GTX® waterproof, soft rain jacket at the event. Initially, a rain jacket might seem out of place at the mecca of cool geek culture—unless it’s connected to music, technology, and the spirit of the event.

Does Sponsoring a Trade Show Result in a Positive ROI?


Participating in trade shows, conferences or other events requires significant investment of both time and money as well as careful planning (often for months) and artful execution. After all is said and done does sponsoring a trade show really result in a positive ROI? While the modern practice of PR can feel all-digital-all-the-time, there are moments when people actually look up from their smart phones and physically gather in one place at one time.

8 ways to issue successful trade-show press releases

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Trade show news releases can be tricky. If you’re issuing news at Consumer Electronics Show (or any other large trade show) and hope to garner coverage, you have your work cut out for you. Not every reporter covering CES is at the show. Many cover the show remotely, referring to the official show newswire for breaking news stories. RELATED: Reach an audience of 6 million Ragan and PR Daily readers through event and content sponsorship.

How to Pick the Perfect Time for Your Next Trade Show Product Launch

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There are many advantages to timing new product or service announcements around trade shows. For one, getting the media attention is easier since the press are already looking for big announcements coming out of the show. Using your trade show presence to get more exposure for your news can be a great move, but deciding exactly when to distribute your announcements can be challenging. Before the show. During the show. After the show.

Making The Most Of Virtual Event Experiences

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The pandemic has imposed real challenges on B2B tech companies who rely on conferences and event marketing for branding, lead generation, and customer retention. We’re all longing to return to real live meetings, but conference producers are only tentatively planning physical events for 2021.

PR Recap: Trends from the World’s Largest Independent Beauty Trade Show, Indie Beauty Expo


With a record-setting 227 independent beauty exhibitors, the show offered consumers, press and buyers a look into a plethora of emerging brands offering unique spins on categories including, skin care, cosmetics, nail art, hair care, ingestibles, and more. 5W’s Beauty Division had the honor of representing Indie Beauty Expo (IBE) for its third annual New York show – the most expansive and successful show yet from Aug. The show concluded with TRADE INDIE on Aug.

5 Proven Ways PR can Develop Client Media References in B2B Organizations

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We are winding down “the predictions post” season where many vendors strive to show how smart they are about the industry. 5) Network at tradeshows and events. PR Social Media content marketing creative social media customer event marketing media relations trade show trustMedia references tend to take a back seat to the mad pace that is often B2B marketing. As a result, when the time comes that you really need one, there isn’t one to be found.

Popcorn and a Movie: A Creative and Integrated B2B Marketing Campaign that Could Work in Any Vertical

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From white papers to the trade press, the entire community is fixated on the next exploit, hack or breach. The company event built a booth to look like a movie theater complete with candy and popcorn. It might have been easy to pack up the booth, count the badges scanned, and called the event a success, but the company went further. They created seven more events – red carpet premieres – in cities around the world over a two-month period after the show.

Canceling over coronavirus: Should your event go on?

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Many organizations worldwide are canceling trade shows, internal events and media happenings. With coronavirus spreading, should you cancel that big event your organization is planning, or press ahead with it? The post Canceling over coronavirus: Should your event go on?

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Getting Noticed at Virtual Events


It seems like just about every week another trade show, conference, or convention is canceled due to COVID-19. Many of these have been restructured and planned as “virtual” events.

The Perfect Pair: How to Use Events to Amplify Major Company Announcements


When companies plan communications for the year, they tend to time out major company announcements around trade shows for fear that announcing it at a show could take away from the big news — keeping a good pairing apart. On top of that, when budgeting, events marketing is often put into its own category, separate from other “general” marketing campaigns or big company announcements. Comms Best Practices Featured event marketing

7 ways to get more mileage for your trade show social content AFTER the show

Communications Conversations

A few weeks ago, I attended my first trade show on behalf of a client in three years. It was a rather large trade show and I was tasked with social media strategy and execution during and after the show. But, for many brands, trade shows are still content goldmines. Your customers are at trade shows. Thought leaders are at trade shows. Media are at trade shows. And, influencers are sometimes at trade shows.

CES 2020: How to Make Your Pitch Stand Out

Business Wire

At our most recent Business Wire Meet the Media event, we brought together Fast Company and Inc. If you are in charge of trade show publicity, these tips are a great way to maximize your presence at any show. public relations events media relations

Why event promotion should use influencers

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This is why influencer marketing is so successful—and crucial for growing key trade show or event metrics. of Rocksauce Studios was one of the lucky few to participate in HBO’s Westworld activation at SXSW in advance of the show’s season 2 premiere. As a brand that relies on word-of-mouth marketing, HBO was counting on social chatter from influencers to create buzz about the show—and it worked. How can influencers shape events?

Why Your Event Needs a Crisis Communications Plan


Events equal opportunity. conferences, trade shows and company-hosted events rated among the most effective marketing tactics for lead generation and brand-building. Events — especially large ones — can put your brand center stage, which is not where you want to end up if something goes wrong. When hosting or participating in an event, you can’t just hope for the best. Put event attendees at ease with effective messaging.

4 event branding ideas to get on your prospects’ radar

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There are many different corporate events that businesses have a vested interest in either attending or hosting. Or perhaps you are attending a trade show, […]. The post 4 event branding ideas to get on your prospects’ radar appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Perhaps you want to set your company as an industry leader, or you want to hold a series of talks and reception to build up your reputation in the industry.

The Inbound Marketer’s Comprehensive Event Checklist

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In spite of our increasing connectedness through digital channels, companies across industries continue to flock to trade shows, conferences and other industry events. It’s clear that these live events are educational, engaging and effective—and face-to-face marketing is still alive and well. Inbound Marketing

The Only B2B PR Event You’ll Ever Need

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One nearly surefire tactic for building thought leadership, creating quality content, and earning trade media coverage is a panel discussion event we call the business thought leadership panel. The elements of a successful panel include the obvious — a worthy subject, compelling participants, and a plan for capturing the terrific content produced for post-event white papers, bylines, videos, and other communications.

B2B 127

How to Handle an Event Cancellation during the COVID-19 Pandemic


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is recommending that large events and gatherings of 50 or more people, scheduled within the next eight weeks, be canceled or postponed.

5 ways to avoid botching your press event

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Because drumming up interest—any interest—can be the toughest part of a press event, it’s tempting for PR pros to declare victory after receiving a few “yes” replies from reporters. A few oversights or glitches leading up to the event can alienate even the most interested journalists. Picking a comfortable, accessible spot for the event and providing beverages and tasty snacks are important, of course, and there’s plenty of good advice out there from event planning pros.

The Two Sides of Events (and how to rock them both)

Shift Communications

From networking mixers to industry trade shows, SHIFT understands the power of offline engagement (no really, we do ). Just as there are two sides to every story, there are also two sides to every event. In the past six months, I’ve worked both sides of two very large events and am here to share my tips and tricks for how to not only survive but actually rock whatever role you’re in/event you’re at. Any other event do’s/don’ts you recommend?

Survey: Are events the marketing goldmine they’re cracked up to be?

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Attending events can be a great way to stay current with industry trends, increase your knowledge and network. More than half of marketers view conferences and trade shows as a necessary evil, with 64 percent of them saying they’ve been disappointed when attending a major event. Bospar’s Trade Show Success Survey revealed several reasons for that disappointment: - Cost of attending too high relative to the ROI (45 percent). -

The Perfect Pair: How to Use Events to Amplify Major Company Announcements

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When companies plan communications for the year, they tend to time out major company announcements around trade shows for fear that announcing it at a show could take away from the big news — keeping a good pairing apart. . On top of that, when budgeting, events marketing is often put into its own category, separate from other “general” marketing campaigns or big company announcements. Pairings are everywhere in our society.

How To Use Social Media At An Event

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Events are innately social; they thrive on interaction, engagement, and community. With such a high concentration of news and innovation in one place, it’s no surprise that trade shows and other industry events generate a plethora of content. You have a solid social media marketing plan for the year, including before and after your brand’s big events, but what about during? Here are three key tactics for taking advantage of social media during a trade show.