PR Leaders Predict Communications World of 2023


The post PR Leaders Predict Communications World of 2023 appeared first on culpwrit. By Colleen Dolan For many, including myself, starting a job in the pandemic has been different.

How PR can take advantage of podcasts—without having to produce one

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podcast audience could double by 2023, reaching 160 million listeners. Did you listen to a podcast this week? If you live in North America, there’s about a 20 percent chance you did.


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3 ways to boost your brand reputation with Facebook

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million by 2023. Did you know that there are currently 2.4 billion monthly active users on Facebook, making it the most popular social media platform worldwide? Furthermore, in the U.S alone there over 220 million users, with this figure expected to rise to an estimated 223.2

6 crucial digital marketing trends to follow

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It takes effect in 2023. To keep up with the competition, communicators should stay up on data privacy, audience targeting and next-generation measurement techniques. Digital marketing is filled with opportunities for brands with the right mindset and technology.

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Can Sponsored Content Work For PR?

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

In a study by USC Center for Public Relations 64% of PR professionals predict that by 2023, the average consumer will not be able to distinguish between news articles and sponsored content. For anyone who works in public relations, content still reigns supreme.

5 Tips For Launching A PR Program In APAC

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Digital advertising spend in regional media is set to grow from $300 million in 2018 to $3 billion by 2023. It’s not surprising that the region’s share of global spend will reach 35% in 2023, with massive growth coming from China. .

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One year after George Floyd’s murder, has our industry changed?

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CEO Peter Finn has announced a goal of 30% diversity (up from 21%) by 2023. Finn Partners’ Ronald Roberts looks to assess what progress has been made and where pressure must be applied in the ongoing struggle for equality and the end of systemic racism.

Should you focus on proactive or reactive PR strategies?

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billion in 2023. The two approaches offer different benefits and downsides that PR pros and brand managers should consider—and savvy communicators should employ both. Public relations is enjoying a bit of a resurgence.

3 approaches to marketing measurement

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By 2023, autonomous marketing systems will issue 55% of multichannel marketing messages based on marketer criteria and real-time customer behavior, says the Gartner report titled Predictions 2019: Marketing Seeks a New Equilibrium. Is your campaign gaining traction or treading water? Consider these insights from a Google VP as you gauge and fine-tune your efforts. Metrics, metrics, metrics.

Building Safety: Gateway 2 Levy

Practical Law Construction

The eagerly awaited consultation on the new building safety levy (Levy) and its possible impact on housing supply and regeneration was published on 21 July 2021. It runs for 12 weeks ending on 15 October.

FIDIC contracts – a preview of what is to come

Practical Law Construction

An EPCm form (end 2023). Last month, in what feels like a lifetime ago (when there was no third lockdown or even Tier 4, no new COVID variant and no Brexit deal), I attended the digital FIDIC International Contract Users’ Conference from the comfort of my home.

Why PR pros shouldn’t give up on email

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billion people using email by the end of 2023, with ad revenues exceeding $73 billion. Here are some tips to make sure you are getting the biggest possible return on your email efforts, and what you should consider if engagement is starting to flag.

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The communicator’s superpower: A better way to capture the voice of the employee

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Additionally, Gartner analysts suggest that by 2023, 80% of enterprises with more than 2,500 employees will augment annual engagement surveys with pulse surveys or indirect methods to gauge worker sentiment.

6 reasons why it’s the right time to start podcasting

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podcast audience could double by 2023. Even though there are fewer commuters downloading their favorite shows, listenership to the digital audio format is up. Is now the time for you to produce your own podcast? More Americans (3.6 million more) listened to podcasts in 2020 than 2019.

Behavioural insights to tackle the COVID-19 mental health crisis

Stephen Waddington

The UK Government has pledged an extra £2 billion a year to mental health services from 2023 as part of a landmark reform of mental health laws. The delivery of mental health provision is a public relations challenge. Behavioural science offers a potential solution. How are you feeling?

Automation threatens a quarter of marketing and PR jobs, ONS report

Stephen Waddington

The report echoes research by CIPR’s #AIinPR panel led by Jean Valin last year which found that 12% of a PR practitioner’s skillset could be complemented or replaced by AI today, with a prediction that this could climb to 38% within by 2023. Women, young people, and those who work part-time are most likely to work in roles that are at high risk of automation.

Well-being tied to business outcomes in Aon survey, EPA requires orgs share emission reduction strategies, Gates’ divorce underscores change comms messaging

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The agency will then establish a methodology for allocating allowances to companies to continue producing and importing HFCs for the years 2022 and 2023, as well as developing an enforcement system.

My TCC birthday list

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Hopefully I’ll return to this topic before 2023 I recently learned that the Technology and Construction Court (or, more precisely, the Official Referees’ Court as it was known until 1998) will soon celebrate its 150th birthday, having started life in 1873.

10 Strategies to Ignite Your Marketing, Sales & Service Automation Platform

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“We expect global spending on marketing automation tools to surpass $25 billion by 2023,” according to Forrester. That’s a pretty astonishing number, but we honestly aren’t surprised.

Twitter users roll their eyes over Juneteenth messaging, 6 top cybersecurity threats, and Boeing explains 737 Max certification

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The Seattle Times reports: Although the Max 10 was originally scheduled to enter service last year, it won’t do so until 2023 to provide ample time to address all regulatory requirements and test all the technical details. “We’re

9 trends to watch for social media marketers

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The market for these products is forecast to exceed $298 billion by 2023. Social media is always changing. Here are the shifts, big and small, that you should monitor for the coming year. When it comes to social media, the year ahead should be quite an interesting one for marketers.

Letter from London: an outstanding contribution

Stephen Waddington

It found that 12% of a PR practitioner’s skillset could be complemented or replaced by AI today, with a prediction that this could climb to 38% within by 2023. ?? Copyright law will challenge monitoring market, landing pages and newsrooms, AI and jobs, this week’s Comms School, exploring half-baked ideas, and a research powerhouse. The PRCA Digital Awards this week celebrated ground-breaking digital and social media campaigns.

PR lags professions in tackling impact of AI on practice and workforce

Stephen Waddington

Humans Still Needed published by the CIPR in 2018 suggests that 12% of a PR practitioner’s total skills could be complemented or replaced by AI with a prediction that this could climb to 38% by 2023.

Burger King takes aim at methane emissions, Verizon and Google offer skills training, and ViacomCBS cuts ties with Nick Cannon over anti-Semitic remarks

PR Daily

Also: Why communicators should always give their best, nearly half the world’s population will be on social media networks by 2023, Pfizer aces the Disability Equity Index, and more.

Facebook defends plans for kid-centered Instagram, YouTube viewers increasingly consume videos about everyday tasks, and NBC drops Golden Globes

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The network added that assuming the organization ‘executes on its plan, we are hopeful we will be in a position to air the show in January 2023.’”.

PR Automation: A bad idea … or would that work for PR agencies?

The Hoffman Agency

Recent research suggests that by 2023, AI will be able to undertake or significantly enhance 38% of PR skills. By Andree Latibeaudiere, Senior Account Manager, Hoffman UK. The last couple of years has seen an intense debate on how automation will impact the job market.

Burger King UK apologizes for offensive tweet, Unilever drops ‘normal’ from beauty product branding, and Google adds context to news stories

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In its announcement, Unilever outlined three commitments, which includes advertising and education initiatives that aim to “[shatter] stereotypes” and supporting a global ban on animal testing for cosmetics by 2023.

Twitter to launch subscription service, Hasbro rebrands ‘Potato Head’ for gender inclusivity, and Andrew Cuomo seeks PR help

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billion in 2023. Also: An interactive map of ‘The Office’ to help ease WFH woes, Oreo racks up mentions after standing for transgender people, Best Buy lays off 5,000 employees, and more.

‘Aunt Jemima’ becomes ‘Pearl Milling Company,’ Salesforce announces permanent remote workforce, and Heineken to lay off 8,000

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Our entire sales force will be digitally empowered by 2023. Also: Virtual court proceedings go viral with kitten filter, Nationwide has catchiest brand jingle, Coca-Cola’s 100%-recycled plastic bottles, and more.

Five years later: Reflecting on 7 big social media trends from 2013

Communications Conversations

Google Glass: Why it won’t go mainstream until 2023. Last week, my friend Amanda Oleson sent me a note about a post I had written that featured her that popped up in her “Facebook Memories” from 2012. The post was about Path. Yeah, you remember Path. The hot new social networking app destined to dethrone Facebook in 2012. Yeah, that didn’t happen.

On Capitol Hill, hero pilot slams Boeing over 737 Max

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based airline to order the newest Airbus plane, but Denver-based Frontier Airlines will also be flying the XLR shortly after deliveries begin in 2023. ‘Sully’ Sullenberger, who saved 155 people by landing a damaged jet on the Hudson, called the Max ‘fatally flawed.’ Consumers remain wary, and Boeing is losing ground to competitors. If Boeing was hoping for veteran pilots to help it recover from its tailspin, it was wrong. In addressing a congressional committee, retired Capt.

Creative Communications: Lessons from Health and Wellness Brands

Waxing UnLyrical

billion by 2023. Guest Post by Hanna Knowles. Look better. Be stronger. Get fit faster. Feel young again. Before and after. These messages are tired and far from creative. Yet, health and wellness brands refuse to let them go. These communication approaches popup from healthcare companies, to athletic wear, to fitness apps. When the masses are using the same communication strategies, it’s time to stop and pause.

United Airlines offers COVID-19 tests, Twitter to suggest a closer read before tweeting, and Kraft Canada offers pumpkin spice mac ‘n cheese

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Before COVID-19, Nike’s goal was to expand its e-commerce sales to 30% of its total revenue by 2023, but in a recent report, the company said online sales made up more than 30% of its revenue in the latest quarter alone. Also: Nike aims for half of its revenue to come from online sales, a humorous look at social media management through Bingo, Qantas offers up its retired drink carts, and more.

Retentions under scrutiny and the transferred loss principle

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In this challenging economic climate, contractors are striving to keep their businesses afloat. Healthy cash flow is key and a major barrier to achieving this can be the slow release of (or indeed the failure to release) retention.

Celebrating a commitment to excellence at CIPR graduation ceremony

Stephen Waddington

By 2023, AI will impact areas of PR such as stakeholder mapping, risk analysis, auditing, and behavioural analysis. Continuous learning and professional qualifications are the only way to benefit from AI and future proof your career. I was honoured to address the CIPR's 2018 graduation ceremony in London tonight. More than 100 students graduated in this year's cohort. Here's a copy of my speech. Welcome to Ketchum. We're the world's most creative PR agency delivering work that matters.

An AI in PR primer

Stephen Waddington

By 2023 AI will impact areas of PR such as stakeholder mapping, risk analysis, auditing, and behavioural analysis. The CIPR #AIinPR panel has made good progress in six short months. We’re beginning to get a handle on how AI is impacting the business of PR. Artificial intelligence (AI), has become a catch all term to describe technology that simplifies a task for a human being. It’s unhelpful and is contributing to hype and uncertainty around the topic.

Adidas pledges to use recycled plastic as WeWork bans meat

PR Daily

million kg) of CO2 emissions, and over 15 million animals by 2023 by eliminating meat at our events. More organizations are seeking to become environmentally friendly—and hoping to earn PR kudos in return. The latest company to announce its sustainability promise is Adidas, which hopes to use only recycled plastic in its shoes within six years.

TikTok’s growth spurt, Halloween-themed social media posts, and rivals stoking a viral YouTube fundraiser

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Gavin Newsom last month signed legislation allowing college athletes to profit from sponsorship deals starting in 2023: Colleges reap billions from student athletes but block them from earning a single dollar. Also: NCAA buckles on athlete earnings rule, recruiting employees with grant money, a #MeToo version of ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside,’ and more.

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The Motion Picture Academy touts ‘Best Picture’ inclusion standards, Netflix eyes a return to the office, and Mattel debuts ‘Dia de Muertos’ Barbie

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The requirement comes into effect for the Academy’s 96 th Oscars in 2024, though the organization will require films to submit an inclusion standards form in 2022 and 2023.

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ICON 2020 Preview: Pulitzer Prize-Winning Science Writer Laurie Garrett on COVID-19’s Future


We won’t have a vaccine available to the world until at least 2023, possibly 2024, at the current pace of development. It’s an unexpectedly busy morning for Laurie Garrett , a Pulitzer Prize-winning science writer and author. At the time of this scheduled interview with PRsay on Oct.

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