Beyond Your Borders: How to Work with Non-Local Clients

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Working with clients in your local area is a satisfying and viable way to run your independent consultancy. It can deepen your sense of community, reduce your need to travel and allow you to dominate your local market. However, as a solo you are not restricted to working local.

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Newspaper SOS: Why print publications are in desperate need of PR

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Public relations specialists are in a unique position to know the value of the local daily, battered though it may be. We know that, as quaint as it sounds in this digital age, nothing tops a story in print.

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How to Self-Publish Your Content Cheap and Quick


It belongs to a group of self-publishing services that enable you to do most of the work yourself, which substantially lessens the price to print. It is a free-standing print-on-demand machine that will publish your book immediately upon order. Think Local.

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3 Factors That Shape Your Brand Journalism Strategy


Put bigger stories in the main edition, and smaller, more personal stories in the localized editions. Is your brand local to one DMA? Will you set up a digital newsroom to host everything or mail out a printed newsletter?

4 reasons PR pros should think big for media relations strategies

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Your client or organization may not understand the benefit of press coverage by media outside its local area. The client’s doubt makes sense—you want your company to be featured in local publications and on local broadcast news programs because your customers are local.

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When A Small Business Has A Big (PR) Advantage

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This can depend on industry sector and geography, but most smaller companies are deeply involved in their local community as well as the relevant industry organizations. And an SMB located in a smaller city is far likelier to attract the attention of local press than a behemoth.

When should you start a PR campaign?

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If something important for your brand with a degree of popular appeal or relevance to a trending topic, and you are two weeks late in getting the news to the local or national media and don’t have any timely pictures or video to share, you're too late.

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Tips for Getting your Tech News Covered in China

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Journalists from print media tend to be more conservative regarding news quality. It will be more difficult to get a story published in a print publication. A press conference is considered a good way to get connected with local media outlets, especially for new companies.

PR 101: How to Pitch Travel Journalists


Is it local, budget friendly travel? Print media and travel freelancers have longer lead times, often three to four months in advance. Spring is here, which means travel season is upon us!

Finding The Content Marketing Sweet Spot


One day Andy bought a few chickens at a local farmer’s market. John Deere’s case goes back to 1895 when they launched “The Furrow,” now a print and electronic monthly publication.

How targeted press efforts boost your brand's bottom line

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After a sharp decline over the past 10 years, broadcast and print media have slightly rebounded. local news stations are gaining viewers. The relevance of local media for a small business cannot be overstated. Your local new station may be what saves your business.

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Using PR To Help Brands Build Trust

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If your audience is an older or mixed demographic, getting the news into print may be the most effective means of communications. million donated to national and local charities.

4 ways PPC benefits your clients’ PR

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Unlike traditional ads (print ads), PPC ads, when optimized correctly , capture multi-device users by following them between devices, wherever they are. For example, your client is a local gym that specializes in hot yoga for 20-35 year-olds. Once advertising is printed, it’s final.

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Journalism and News Trends for PR Pros


Buzzfeed , best-known for light list-based content, now runs regular long-form stories about topics such the local economic impact of Spaceport America and the suicide of a corrections officer who reported his colleagues for abuses. Uncertainty about revenue, new publishing models.

The Field of Emergency Management: Why It Is Not A Profession

Melissa Agnes

William Waugh and Kathleen Tierney, two highly respected colleagues, have written about the profession of emergency management in their 2007 book, Emergency Management: Principles and Practice of Local Government (Washington, DC: ICMA Press, pp. 1 (Printed in Wikipedia, “Lorne M.

How Social Media Is Paving a New Path for Journalism


These days, people are less likely to read the print newspaper, listen to the radio or tune in to the evening news broadcast to get their daily dose of news coverage. For example, Twitter helped citizens participate in local and worldwide conversations during the Arab Spring.

Report: Marketers are spending more on digital vs. traditional tactics

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The group’s US Local Advertising Forecast 2017 reports that mobile advertising for local markets in particular will jump from $44.2 Traditional advertising in local markets is expected to drop from $101.1

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RIP CW6 News - More Will Follow

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Ratings are falling across the board for local news as audiences turn toward social media to learn about breaking stories. This drop was due entirely to print circulation, which declined by 9 percent, while digital circulation increased by 2 percent.

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Borrowing Trust: The Surprising New Marketing Role of Citizen Influencers


In an era where paid advertising access to consumers on television, radio, and print is drying up, influence marketing may become a primary source of consumer connection. Years ago, they were your neighbors, the local power brokers, a labor leader, or the respected business sage.

A SHIFTer Tries Skills-Based Volunteering

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Here at the Boston office, SHIFTers volunteer at a local farm, at a local Boys and Girls Club, on local charity boards, at Habitat for Humanity and other great organizations. One of SHIFT’s employee benefits is Volunteer Time Off to better our community.

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The Present & Future Tech Trends PRs Should Prepare For


For example, the ongoing globalization of the Internet and expansion to more rural audiences is already emerged for organizations with international operations, but barely emerging and not very important for a restaurant that does only local business.

Fast Five: Pitching Your Local Daily, Pitching National Business, Girding up for a Trade Show

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3) BizWeek''s Byrne Pans PR''s Numbers Game, Advises Pitching Web Plus Print Bulldog Reporter “Build relationships, not media lists” is just one solid comment to consider from BusinessWeek’s John Byrne.

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The PR Opportunity for Brands as Publishers Tinker with Journalism

Sword and the Script

Recently, I received notice from the publisher of a local business journal that the “People on the Move” section is up for sale. The one-time crowdsourced feature for new hire announcements or appointments in a local market will cost $250.

Ask Your PR Agency for a Story, Not a Press Release


Local TV, radio, newspapers, and trade magazines all conducted interviews and ran stories in response to our ideas. #2 Public relations, or more precisely media relations, can be a tricky business.

PR Daily’s Content Marketing Awards finalists chosen

PR Daily

8 Habits of the Local Business Holiday Shopper, G/O Digital. Best Print Publication. REACH Magazine (Print Version), Tarrant County College. We wanted to hear your story.

Behind the Headlines With Bob Gold


Today these stories are being told on countless digital, mobile, video, print and broadcasting platforms – and we must strategically address every platform as a medium to be reckoned with. My daily newspaper of choice is…the New York Times – but I also love my local paper The Daily Breeze.

4 Media Relations Lessons from The Washington Post and Other DC Newsrooms

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Washington’s not really unique – it’s like any town with a myriad of local stories,” writes Christine. “So So what wins when it comes to local coverage? Kavitha noted to up-and-coming journalists that interning at a print job is critical.

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5 PR Lessons From Our Favorite Instagrammers

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Food blogger Julie’s Kitchen shares artful collages made of fresh ingredients (sourced from local farmers markets) on her Instagram feed and sells the prints online.

A telecom company holding a red carpet PR event? Verizon kinda pulled it off.

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Why not open the list up to all sorts of local “influencers?” Simple idea, but a really nice way for the Verizon folks to get those local store employees more engaged with media and local influencers.

The Top 50 Social Media Influencers on Twitter


Founded The Social Media Monthly, in 2011 as the first and only print magazine devoted exclusively to unlocking the power of social media for its readers. CEO of Likeable Local. Top 50 lists serve multiple purposes beyond just giving kudos where it’s deserved. As Cision’s social media manager, I use top 50 and top 100 lists for three purposes: To follow individuals who will help me stay in the loop when new trends and statistics emerge within my industry.

How long before virtual reality transforms corporate storytelling?

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Two weeks ago on the Talking Points Podcast , I lauded a local company (Victory Motorcyles) and agency (space150) that recently killed it with a virtual reality execution at a trade show in Chicago. Storytelling happens in print.

Last Night a Blog Post Changed My Life


Every Saturday I’d trot up the hill to my local village library, get kicked off the microfiche reader by the gorgeous librarian, and return home with a few books under my arm. If I really like a post, I print it out, highlight the best bits, and make notes in the margin.

USA Today’s Tips for Pitching to Get News Coverage


Today, USA Today ranks first in combined print and digital circulation, underlying the importance of this digital transformation for newsrooms around the world. But how can PR pros take more mundane company news and get it into a local or national news story? In 2015, traditional media companies are expected to continue shifting towards rebranding, new media entrepreneurism, native advertising and the adoption of digital newsrooms.

PRoust Questionnaire: Helen Slater

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Although, if she’s really honest it started right back when she began in event management in the dark ages, totally inexperienced, organising a fashion parade for around 700 people for the local kindergarten fundraiser.

Are You Using These 33 Ways to Promote Your Content That Most Marketers Overlook?


For example, you can now pay to have your own article posted as “sponsored content” on the website of our local business magazine, Minnesota Business. The latest content marketing trend our PR agency is seeing is the move toward less content creation and more content promotion.

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Media Monitoring: How to Plan, Execute and Engage


Maybe you work closely with a local TV station and need to consider broadcast monitoring. A print mention is different from a broadcast mention, which is different from a social media mention, and so on. A strong media monitoring strategy is essential to any effective PR program.

Behind the Headlines With Jody Fisher


I led the PR team that worked on the arrival of the Space Shuttle Enterprise to the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in New York — a huge story, on its own — and the final campaign clip report was spread over several successive PDFs and a single printed report used nearly 10 reams of paper packed into enormous binders. If I had a billion dollars, I would… pay off my home, fund my kids’ college education and donate to charities doing great work in my local community.

Applauding the community at the Fringe

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For example, the local small- to medium-sized theatres and site-specific locations operating as this year’s 28 Fringe venues. Plus many Fringe play print programs had a volunteer-specific thank you in the show notes.

Digital journalism is alive but is digital PR?

Norton's Notes

Digital journalism can mean many things according to Wikipedia: Digital journalism also known as online journalism is a contemporary form of journalism where editorial content is distributed via the Internet as opposed to publishing via print or broadcast.

Check out Geek Art & Design at Creative Tech Week NYC

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My local tech networking and meetup wanderings took me to a cool destination last night – the opening party of Creative Tech Week , at the Clemente Center on the Lower East Side. I was curious about how Arduino, big data visualization, and 3D printing can help create to art.

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