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10 Ways PR Can Leverage LinkedIn


A few weeks ago I conducted an exclusive interview with two of LinkedIn’s leading tech ladies, Sarah Clatterbuck and Erica Lockheimer, alongside PR Manager Kenly Walker.

10 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Small Talk


When you and I meet for the first time, we’re probably not going to talk about politics, religion or anything remotely controversial. We will probably make “small talk” that may gradually transition into a more meaningful conversation.

Calling B t on SEO “Experts” Who Say Meta Tags Don’t Work

Rock the Status Quo

The trouble with reading blog posts about SEO is that everyone believes they know what they’re doing. Argumentative about it, even, as we all fiercely defend our little podium of truth.

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When to Get Tough in PR, via the de Blasio vs. Cuomo Feud

Flack's Revenge

Last week NY Mayor Bill de Blasio very publicly kicked Governor Andrew Cuomo to the curb. The NY Times reported : … in candid and searing words… De Blasio… accused… Cuomo… of … personal pettiness, “game-playing” and a desire for “revenge.”.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

Brand Story We Love: David Peck


Here’s something you don’t hear very often… “He’s a gifted public speaker, a talented university and college lecturer, a social entrepreneur… and an award winning magician.” ” Yup. An award winning magician… Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to David Peck of SoChange.

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Facebook gives users more control over news feeds

PR Daily

Facebook is giving users more control over their Timelines, which makes it even clearer that marketers must create compelling content to earn users’ attention. The social network announced a new feature Thursday that lets users select profiles and pages they want to see at the top of their news feed.

Why automated sentiment analysis is broken and how to fix it

Shift Communications

One of the most difficult challenges reporting and analytics face in public relations measurement is sentiment analysis. Machines attempt textual analysis of sentiment all the time; more often than not, it goes horribly wrong. How does it go wrong? Machines are incapable of understanding context.

Cannes Lions as a Force for Good in Supporting NGOs

Ishmael's Corner

The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. Our European managing director, Mike Sottak, made the trek to the French Riviera to attend Cannes Lions.

How the FTC’s New Social Media Guidelines Affect Your Brand


Are you on alert? For the first time in five years, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has updated the FAQ page of its endorsement guidelines. The new rules mainly call for stricter disclosure requirements on the relationships between brands and influencers.

Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

Tips for working with blogger advocates

PR Daily

Gone are the days when the PR pitch was targeted solely in the direction of credentialed news men and women. The savvy PR pro in the digital age is pitching a variety of sources across multiple media.

3 Small Gmail Tools with Big Impact for PR & Marketing Pros

Shift Communications

Ever send an email you instantly regretted? Of course you have. We all have. The misspelled name. The forgotten attachment. The horror of the accidental “reply all.”. We can check, double check and triple check every email before sending, but occasionally human error gets in the way.

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Liquid Content Strategy – An old Idea gets life

The Proactive Report

In a recent post Mark Schaefer talked about the need for a “liquid” content strategy. “For the first time in history, our marketing strategy is dictated by the channels and platforms, instead of the other way around. We did our research, crafted a message and went to work.

Speak Up, Stand Out: Q&A With Dorie Clark


We’ve passed the mid-year mark, prompting many to reassess goals, strategies and dreams. But how can you make improvements and advance your career, organization or cause if don’t know where to start? Take a step back and reflect on your personal experiences, accomplishments and struggles.

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Should PR pros participate in interviews?

PR Daily

One of our clients recently suggested a terrific idea for a blog post. In his role as a PR pro, he often sets up interviews for his subject matter experts. His protocol is to be on the call to listen in on the interview (reporters know he’s on the line).

Shark Week: Media bait, or PR peeps chomping at the bit?

Shift Communications

As both a PR pro and a completely rational citizen of the world, I love Shark Week.

Fish Out of Water: Shark Week, Science and Storytelling

Sword and the Script

by Frank Strong. Stories are entertaining and people are hardwired to retain stories. Journalists, PR pros and increasingly of late, marketers, are increasingly focused on telling stories as a technique for getting information across.

Watch Your Tone! 5 Tips for Creating Compelling Audio & Video Content


You have scant seconds to capture an audience’s attention. It’s one thing to “hook” them with a clever headline. But what do you do when the hook is your voice? The answer is found in tone and style. The message matters. But the delivery is equally important. Be Recognizable.

Video 290

3 ways to make captivating videos

PR Daily

Throughout the world, businesses are embracing video in their PR and marketing strategies—and with good reason. Thanks to smartphones, tablets and social media blanketing the globe, video is convenient to consume and is highly shareable.

Video 171

A Community Manager’s Toolbox

Shift Communications

Being a community manager may sound like a cool, trendy job filled with fun and creativity. And it is. But it’s also far from easy. Whether you’re managing a community of thousands or one of 100, you are the eyes and the ears of the company on platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Are Poor Media Lists Due to Inexperience or a Lack of Time?

Rock the Status Quo

This video is part of the #PRprochat video series, where we explore one question from the most recent #PRprochat Twitter chat, and dive into more detail.

4 Failproof Ways to Get Your Press Release Rejected


Press release distribution companies are getting pickier and pickier about what they will approve in terms of press release topics and verbiage. They want to ensure that they’re publishing quality content, relevant news and no spam.

Judge cancels parking ticket over poor comma placement

PR Daily

Perhaps you have experienced the impatience of a judge as you try to wriggle out of a parking or speeding ticket. So consider the victory recently when an Ohio woman persuaded an appeals court to throw out her conviction because of a missing comma in a city ordinance.

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What 4 Winnie the Pooh Characters Can Teach You About Your PR Internship

Shift Communications

When starting out at a public relations / marketing internship, everyone in your non-PR life will always ask, “what are you learning?” You’re getting some key, inside info about how companies and brands shape their images. But in the process, you’re also learning about yourself.

Five marketing superpowers to take over the world

The Stalwart Blog

My inner (and outer) geek comes calling during San Diego Comic-Con week similar to the ion effect during a full moon. If you haven’t heard of this huge convention, it’s considered the biggest show for the convergence of movies, television, gaming and comic books.

Transitioning to Chip-and-Signature Cards: Skepticism & Continued Risks


In an effort to curb large-scale data breaches and incidences of credit card fraud, card issuers in the United States continue to roll out new EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) chip-card technology. With the U.S.

8 reasons your PR isn't working

PR Daily

Investing in a relationship with the right PR agency can pay enormous dividends when it comes to building reputation and even demand. However, businesses that benefit from building or engaging PR teams can be hesitant due to uncertainty about outcomes.

New social terms wanted! #sosheterm


Official dictionaries regularly add new words in order to keep up with our changing language. Often these have taken shape on social media platforms. The Oxford Dictionary language reference site recently added ‘bae’, ‘selfie stick’ and ‘cyberwarrior’.

How to Make Online Videos Work for You

The Proactive Report

By Cokey Falkow. With all the marketing noise out there it is not surprising that CFO’s and CMO’s are trying to make sure that the money spent on any marketing is getting results. There is a lot of buzz about online video and that is because studies show that they get results.

Video 165

How Instagram’s New Features Help Brands Target New Audiences


With a 66 percent increase in users over the past year, Instagram is essential to visual social media marketing for many businesses…and it recently became more valuable. Last Tuesday, Instagram unveiled major, new features to users in the United States, giving the app a more global feel. Instead of pulling search results solely from your Instagram connections, the Search and Explore pages now include posts from outside your network.

Should brands pay bloggers for posts?

PR Daily

Blogs have grown to become a major marketing and PR channel. Some blogs are highly influential, with readerships that rival those of major media outlets. Many bloggers have attracted enormous social media followings and their posts can hold substantial sway.

Brand 171

How To Spin Instagram And Gain Thousands Of Passionate Followers

Doctor Spin

Instagram has become a social network many companies and organizations consider building a following on. But how do you become successful as brand on Instagram? Are there any magic hashtags that you can use? Or a way to game the Instagram user recommendation engine?

CEOs still need to step it up on social media!

Personal PR

As of April 2015, CEO participation on social media is still low. That said it is becoming increasingly more important and more common for CEOs to step out from behind the desk and into the digital spotlights of social media. I have been writing and preaching about this for years now!