Jennifer Johnson Schools on PR and Positioning at NYETM

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” Also, there were two great vendor demos at the meetup: Kustomer and Vendorful. Kustomer was demo’d by their COO Rob Bailey. I attended and really enjoyed last week’s NY Enterprise Tech Meetup , which focused on marketing.

See You at Social Tools Summit Next Week

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The day will be packed with informative sessions, tech demos, and a nice range of speakers and panels. I am very much looking forward to Social Tools Summit (#SocialTools17) in Boston next Wednesday, where I will be moderating a panel on branding and thought leadership.

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AirPR Recognized As High Performer by G2 Crowd Customer Reviews


Responsible for finding a social media analytics platform and providing analytics on public relations efforts for a marketing agency years ago, I remember the stress of sitting in multiple demos, frustrated with companies who asked too much from me upfront before giving me the information I needed to pass on to my superiors, and also by those who clearly offered me too much data and not enough insight into what really mattered. To set up a demo and start using AirPR, click request a demo.

Three Steps to Finding Better Influencers


To learn more about AirPR’s software solutions, click here to request a demo today. Gaining respect, trust and social capital with PR and digital marketing influencers in your space is fast become the holy grail of online marketing. But how do you identify who is influencing who?

Investor Relations: Your Earnings Are Out, Now What?


To learn more about AirPR’s software solutions for investor relations, request a demo of AirPR today. Three essentials of measuring your financial earnings news and developing the right message.

Enterprise Design Tips and Resources, via NYETM

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In addition to two great demos, the event featured a panel that discussed UI design. Demos. No NYETM would be complete without great vendor demos. I enjoyed the NY Enterprise Tech Meetup last week. It is a topic that intrigues me. Fusion PR has represented a number of providers of tech that improve user experience. It’s always great to do a reality check and hear about a market segment first-hand, from those who work in the field.

See You at Social Tools Summit Boston in 2 Weeks

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The day will be packed with informative sessions, tech demos, and a nice range of speakers and panels. I am very much looking forward to Social Tools Summit (#SocialTools16) in Boston on Tuesday April 12, where I will be speaking about influencer marketing.

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Pan for Media Gold with Newswhip Social Data

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But after seeing demos, and even playing around the software, it was unclear exactly how to put Newswhip to work to support media relations. I have long held a fascination for Newswhip.

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Raising Seed Capital: Top Tips from NYETM

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The demo portion is an important part of every NYETM, and I should mention that were some very cool demos before the panel took the stage – see the end of this post for further details. Karin loves to see demos; use a pitch deck if it helps tell the story.

4 Essential Elements of a Standout Press Release


For example, if your press release is about a product announcement, you will want to include photos of the product or even a video demoing it.

The Truth About Earned and Owned Media Attribution


Interested in an AirPR demo ? Understanding the facts about media attribution & the ROI of Growth PR. Many PR software companies claim to be able to measure the impact of Earned Media.

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Why CEOs Should Invest in PR Attribution and PR Measurement


PR attribution algorithms can now trace PR activity back to top of sales funnel call to actions like demo signups, and not just back to website traffic. . In recent market estimates, digital online and ad spending is expected to grow at approximately 11% per year through 2021.

The Rise and Fall of the Pumpkin Spice Latte


Instead, take a moment, book a demo to learn about Cision’s software and begin benchmarking trends important to your industry. There are pumpkin spice cookies, cakes, candles and yes, lattes.

See You at Social Tools Summit Next Week

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The day will be packed with informative sessions, tech demos, and a nice range of speakers and panels. I am very much looking forward to Social Tools Summit (#SocialTools16) in Boston next Tuesday, where I will be moderating a panel on influencer marketing.

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2016 Challenges and Opportunities in PR Measurement


Feel free to reach out to us directly for a conversation or demo on how we can help you better measure your PR campaigns to identify successes, so you can repeat what’s working and pivot from what isn’t. By Seedepth.

Brand Awareness: It’s All About Content


Schedule a demo of AirPR to see how you can monitor the success of your content and tie it back to sales conversions and ROI. CMOS and CEOs Sound Off on the Essentials for Getting Buzz and Building Your Brand Awareness.

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March NY Tech Meetup

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All seemed excited and ready to see the evening’s demos. The following is a recap of the demos: KYN. It is really tough to pick favorites, as so many cool and truly useful demos were shown. People flocked to the March NY Tech Meetup on Tuesday, despite the snowy weather.

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Research Trends™ Shows Top 5 Brands with the Most Buzz at CES 2018


To see AirPR’s Research Trends in action, request a demo of AirPR today. Samsung leads the pack ahead of Apple and Google.

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3 Steps to Efficient Content Amplification


During this conversation, consider including a call to action for listeners to visit your site for a demo of the product. How many people heard the CTA during and asked for a demo?

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Crisis Communications: 10 Steps for Building an Effective Plan


Schedule a demo of AirPR’s analyst platform to see how you can use our monitoring tools to stay on top of every conversation happening about your business. Social media has fundamentally changed how people communicate in times of crisis.

AirPR Software Launches New Version of AirPR Analyst Platform


For more information on AirPR Software’s AirPR Analyst platform and our new features, contact us or request a demo today. New features include a fully customizable dashboard with unlimited widgets, competitive analysis, broadcast monitoring, & Trends TM.

This Is How PR Influencers Think You Should Be Using Data


If articles in publication X consistently fail to drive demo sign-ups, and demo sign-ups is one of your goals, the data-driven PR professional knows that it’s smart to put their eggs elsewhere (…in another basket).

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10 Facts PR Influencers Know to Be True


But will an article in TechCrunch really contribute to the client’s goal of 100 demo sign-ups by the end of the quarter? Earlier this month, AirPR Chief Strategy Officer Rebekah Iliff joined Nasdaq for its #PRInfluencers series on Facebook Live.

AirPR Interview Series: Content Marketing and PR Experts share measurement predictions for 2018


Schedule a demo to find out how AirPR Software can help you with content marketing and PR measurement.

How to Use AI to Build a Brand Narrative


To see AirPR’s Research Trends TM in action, request a demo of AirPR today. AirPR’s new Research Trends TM provides insight into how to build a brand Narrative.

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Debate Produces Good Moment for Clinton Campaign on Social Media


Click here to book a demo to learn more about our social intelligence and analysis offerings. Last night, an estimated 100 million people watched the presidential debate on television and online.

Pitching Tech Trends with CRN Managing Editor Phil Harvey


To experience the Cision Media Database first hand, request a demo here. . After nearly 20 years as a technology reporter, Phil Harvey knows how to spot tech trends still in their infancy.

A/B Testing for PR (Yep. That’s a thing.)


Should the CTA be “Request a Demo” or “Schedule a Call?” Modern marketing automation and content management systems make it drop dead easy for marketers to conduct A/B tests on landing pages, emails and paid advertisements.

Tech Blogger Lament: “It’s now all about the page-clicks”

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The team did a great job of scheduling reporters to come to demo rooms in several major cities. It seems hard to believe, but I wrote my PR Death Watch series , which chronicled the changing nature of the profession, seven years ago.

Behind the Headlines With Mark Olson


Find out how Cision can help by requesting a demo. PR cannot exist in a silo. In order to be effective, your PR team needs to coordinate with digital, marketing and other areas of your organization.

5 Tips for Pitching Oriana Schwindt from the International Business Times


E xperience the Cision Media Database first hand and request a demo here. . Oriana Schwindt is a TV reporter for International Business Times and has been with the publication since 2015. She covers topics related to broadcast, cable, SVOD, ad marketplace, content, and TV tech and we chatted with her about her pitching preferences. Read on for five poignant tips on how to best get her attention. What kind of press releases do you want to receive?

CUNY Meetup Showcases Journalism Startups

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That is why I enjoyed the demo night at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism early this week. I saw five demos, and they were all interesting. If you work in PR, it is good to keep an eye on the world of media innovation.

Social Tools Summit Wrap

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I learned about new ones, and was able to kick the tires of some that I was curious about during the speed demo portion of the event. I attended and really enjoyed the Social Tools Summit in Boston earlier this week.

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The Trump-Clinton Enthusiasm Gap is Real


Request a demo of Cision’s software to find out how we can help. Cision is politically unaffiliated and does not endorse any political parties, platforms, campaigns or candidates.

What PR Can Learn From Off-Year Elections

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But for a more involved morning broadcast interview involving a spokesperson, product demo and visuals, we have more success with a creative mailer with lots of color and detail about how a segment would work.

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The ultimate opportunity to promote your brand and network at Amazon HQ

PR Daily

Show off your solution with a demo, share expertise with a presentation or promote your brand with any of these open sponsorship opportunities: Exhibitor table. Mobile. Chatbots. Social listening. Video. Communicators are faced with new tech trends every day.

Should an e-book Be Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy?


An e-book is a fantastic marketing tool that can help you boost email subscribers, get more product demo signups, or achieve any other marketing goal you have. When it comes to content marketing, the best strategies go beyond just churning out a lot of blog content.

How to Get Press for Your Startup

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The demo portion is an important part of every NYETM, and I should mention that were some very cool demos before the panel took the stage – see the end of this post for further details. Top Reporters Share Tips at Enterprise Tech Meetup.

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The Worst PR Advice We’ve Ever Heard

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We find a combination of judicious use of media exclusives, in-person or Skype product demos and informed and well-prepared spokespeople can often achieve better results more cost-effectively.

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How To Use Hashtags More Effectively in 2016


Request a demo of Cision’s social software and discover how it can help you identify trends, view sentiment and stay ahead of competitors who are still relying on manpower and multiple tools. Every day I text my wife hashtags.

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