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7 ways VoIP technology helps make customer service efficient & effective

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It’s a strategy, a tool that redefines the core of customer service by enabling real-time, clear, and cost-effective communication. VoIP technology is not just about making calls over the internet.

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Customer Service Is The “New” PR

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Good PR and great customer service have never been more intertwined. The best way to understand a company’s reputation — and its values — is to look at its response to customer reviews and complaints. A business can spend millions on brand reputation and community service. You get what you incentivize.


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5 Social Customer Service Best Practices


Twitter introduced a feature that allows customers to send you direct messages directly from your site. Late last year, Facebook improved pages’ customer service tools and integrated customer service bots into its Messenger app. You should have resources to support your customer service.

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AI challenges plague brand and business customer service: 6 in 10 struggle with ineffective AI

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Or do the tools themselves just fall short of expectations at their current stage of innovation and development? Is today’s automation tech moving too fast, or are business and brand marketers becoming too quickly over-reliant without proper upskilling?

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TCIP #014 – Toronto Police Service, Their Customer Service and Crisis Preparedness with Chris Boddy

Melissa Agnes

For starters, they’ve developed a Strategy Management Unit with a strong customer service component. Within this unit, they’re in the process of developing a customer service strategy for the Toronto Police Service, with a heavy focus on internal customer service to start.

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The Power of Emerging AI Technology in PR- and How to Use It

Remote PR Jobs

The potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the public relations industry has become a hot topic as brands look to leverage their existing technology investments with this emerging tool. But the power of AI goes beyond content generation, and can assist PR teams with tasks like data analysis and customer service.

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5 Recommended Reputation Management Tools

Landis PR

Rather than look at online tools that are specifically designed to “fix” bad reputations, let’s take a look at tools that help brands promote a hopefully well-deserved positive reputation. If you’ve found a tool that does a decent job with sentiment, please list that in the comments. They have a stellar reputation.”