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How content marketing offers a foundation for your PR strategy

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PR and content marketing have one main thing in common: They help your company get in front of your target audience to tell stories that drive credibility and awareness. Good content can fuel PR opportunities on its own, and you’ve probably already got a lot of good content.

Announcing PR Daily’s 2020 Content Marketing Awards finalists

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The finalists in PR Daily’s 2020 Content Marketing Awards know about the power of storytelling. Content Marketing Assets: Blog. The Hoffman Agency: Editorial approach to content marketing – Axis Communications & The Hoffman Agency.


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Ragan survey: Brand storytelling increases in importance

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Brand storytelling has dramatically increased in both importance and volume over the last three months, likely driven by the communications urgency of the pandemic and associated crises of 2020. Close behind is LinkedIn, at 33.9%, and Instagram at 18.4%.

Survey 149

The 10 Best PR & Content Marketing Conferences to Attend in 2019


PR and content marketing are rapidly evolving with new access to data and insights, new methods of measurement and more channels to reach your audience than ever. Attending conferences can not only be an effective way to sharpen your skills, but can provide you with lots of networking with other PR and marketing pros navigating our evolving industry. Content Marketing World. Content Marketing Conference. Confab, The Content Strategy Conference.

How to use LinkedIn Groups to create marketing magic

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LinkedIn has become a powerhouse platform for lead generation. LinkedIn Groups , especially, can be a boon for businesses eager to facilitate more meaningful interactions between industry peers and potential customers. It’s also an incredible (and free) marketing opportunity. Here are some best practices on how to optimize marketing opportunities via LinkedIn Groups. Using LinkedIn Groups. First, you can use the group search tool in LinkedIn.

Groups 130

Spotify and LinkedIn to launch social audio apps, YouTube refuses employee request to remove rap song with anti-Asian lyrics, and Netflix touts plan for net-zero carbon footprint

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Here are today’s top stories: Spotify and LinkedIn announce new Clubhouse competitors. Spotify announced yesterday that it is acquiring Betty Labs, which created a live sports audio app called Locker Room, in order to rebrand and relaunch the app to include a wider focus on cultural content.

The evolution of PR through content marketing

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Brands are answering the call to create more value for customers and their community by publishing their own news and editorial content. As companies adopt a publisher model of content and media creation, many are surpassing the reach and influence of traditional publications in their industry. Some great examples of popular content hubs include Intel IQ , Target’s Bulls Eye View , Adobe’s and Dell’s Power More (Dell is a client of mine). Social Content.

9 Content Marketing Trends That Will Rule The Roost In 2016


Anne Carton is a small business consultant, digital marketing expert and blogger working with Designhill , the world’s largest online graphic design marketplace. With more and more businesses across verticals and industries creating content, people have become desensitized towards brand content. People now look for and essentially demand content that gets them involved, creating a more personalized and memorable experience. Interactive Storytelling.

PepsiCo creates snack websites, LinkedIn launches events tool, and Twitter flags COVID-19 misinformation

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As you continue to adjust your content calendars and launch schedules in light of COVID-19, consider what you can offer consumers, brand advocates and employees during the crisis that can strengthen your relationships and boost your image. LinkedIn rolls out virtual events tool.

5 ways to use LinkedIn for content marketing

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With more than 364 million registered users in roughly 200 countries, LinkedIn is a powerful and active social media network. Although users can hunt for a new career, share online portfolios and connect with other professionals, LinkedIn can also boost marketers’ and PR professionals’ efforts to create and share content. Here are five ways to use LinkedIn in your content marketing strategy: 1.

Retailers pull Boohoo amid workers’ rights claims, LinkedIn introduces pronunciation tool, and Walmart prepares to compete with Amazon

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Also: Spotify offers customized workout playlists, Instagram launches feature to pin top comments, trending articles are shared more than evergreen content, and more. Hello, communicators: LinkedIn is rolling out a tool to help others understand how to pronounce your name.

Retail 100

WeWork to lay off 2,000, Deloitte marketing report reveals ‘experience debt,’ and LinkedIn debuts employee engagement features

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Deloitte just released its 2020 Global Marketing Trends report, which focuses on seven elements that bring “authenticity to our digital age.” LinkedIn introduces page features to boost employee engagement. LinkedIn also limits the notification feature to once a week, so exuberant brand managers don’t spam employees with company news and highlights. You can check out LinkedIn’s Pages Best Practices to start. 9 ways to polish your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn lays off 960 employees, Marriott and Hyatt announce mask requirement, and Walmart to close for Thanksgiving

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Also: Amazon delays its #PrimeDay, Twitter reveals marketing and engagement opportunities with sports fans, Twitter cracks down on conspiracy theories, and more. LinkedIn lays off 960 employees. — Twitter Marketing (@TwitterMktg) July 9, 2020.

8 ways to engage on LinkedIn to boost your PR and marketing efforts

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How often do you interact with fellow communicators on LinkedIn? Though marketing and PR specialists recognize LinkedIn as the premier B2B social media platform, few spend substantial time networking there. LinkedIn says 50 percent of its users are more likely to buy from companies once they have engaged with the company on their social media channels. Now, LinkedIn’s newsfeed has evolved to resemble Facebook’s newsfeed. Marketing Media Relations

Once Upon a Time …: The Art of Storytelling

Waxing UnLyrical

The art of storytelling is rooted in the origins of every society. As far back as history can reach, humans have used storytelling to teach the next generation, to connect with others, to protect their culture and much, much more. According to Dr. Brené Brown, research professor at the University of Houston and best-selling author, storytelling is innate. “We’re You can read more of her musings at and then connect with her on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Chiefs step down at LinkedIn and others, Twitter drops the ‘users’ label, and Ancestry lays off 6% of its workforce

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Also: TV to see more Reddit content, Lego’s lofty sustainability goal, make your voice heard in our readership survey, and more. Christiansen, the company’s chief executive, wrote in a LinkedIn post that inventing the solution “is incredibly difficult and will take time.”

5 Lessons Learned from Content Marketing World 2018 #CMWorld

PR 20/20

It’s that time again… welcome to the kickoff of marketing conference season! Every year, a handful of PR 20/20 team members head to Content Marketing World ( #CMWorld ) hosted in our very own Cleveland, Ohio. CMWorld is the largest content-focused event of its kind, bringing together 4,000+ marketers to learn the tools and materials needed to build the best content marketing strategies. Why is it that marketing teams work in silos?

State of Healthcare Content Marketing: 5 Trends Transforming the Industry

Contently - Strategy

” Good medicine, like good content, comes down to trust and results. But the rise of digital health content has complicated the way people think about healthcare. So it’s never been easier to search and find health content online.

Drive Blog Traffic With These 4 Content Marketing Tools


When it comes to content marketing, there’s a lot of “been there, done that” out there. Infographics are another great visual addition to your content marketing arsenal. Since we know that visual imagery can have a huge impact in engaging an audience online, it’s a content marketing tool worth the time investment. Want to master multimedia storytelling? Get our free “A Roadmap to Multimedia Storytelling” ebook now!

21 influencers share top tips for 2021 digital marketing

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But what can we learn and apply to our digital marketing and communications strategies in 2021? Here’s how 21 influencers answer this question: What one piece of marketing advice would you offer to brands as we head into the new year? David Berkowitz, founder, Serial Marketers.

Monday Roundup: Measuring Storytelling

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Every PR pro knows the importance of storytelling. Here are some tips on getting started measuring your storytelling efforts. Why: “And as any good PR pro knows, storytelling is also key to a successful campaign—yet it’s only half of the equation. Smarter Ways to Measure Authoritative Content. Why: “So when the nature of authoritative content is changing so dramatically, how you measure the success of your content has to change as well.

How PR pros invented content marketing

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That was the advent of content marketing. Many years and lots of technology upgrades later, content marketing and public relations seem to have drifted apart, taking on identities of their own. However, a great public relations practitioner knows content marketing like the back of their hand. Why, through content, of course. Content marketing vs. public relations. Five examples of content marketing.

Top 10 Influential PR Businesses to Follow in 2020

Critical Mention

From tweets to blogs, many PR organizations publish great PR content. Hunter PR is a wonderful strategic and creative communications partner that helps brands by creating strategic programming, content and relationships that foster consumer attention to brands.

Instagram’s sagging engagement, LinkedIn’s new marketing tools, and Google’s revamped news section

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Related reading: Instagram enables marketers to boost influencers’ sponsored content. Many companies are challenging Amazon’s Prime Day with deals and campaigns of their own, but eBay took a sassy tack with a video called “Honest Alexa”: LinkedIn offers marketing optimization tools. The tools are labeled as objectives to help marketers meet business goals. Related reading: How to use LinkedIn Groups to create marketing magic.

5 ways to make your social media content sparkle in 2021

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Coming out of 2020, we’ve experienced lasting changes to the way people consume content on social media and an acceleration of social platform offerings as they raced to address people’s desire to connect virtually.

Many fooled by Instagram hoax, Spicer joins ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ and LinkedIn shares coveted skills

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LinkedIn’s vice president for talent and learning solutions says big data, artificial intelligence and cloud computing are the “top skills we’re seeing that are in great demand.”. The hoax message announced that Instagram was changing its rules “tomorrow” and to stop the social media platform from using your content, you had to repost the notice. Use your prowess to educate online communities about savvy content consumption—and make sure you’re examining posts before you share them.

5 steps to outstanding content marketing

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By now, most organizations realize that content marketing should be a crucial part of their PR and marketing strategies. However, it can get overwhelming to remember to update your blog regularly, distribute your newsletter on a consistent basis and focus the necessary time on social media marketing. Fortunately, by counting to five, you can remember the crucial tenets of content marketing: 1.

3 tips to help your in-house PR team succeed

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Casting your net wide and covering every major social media platform may seem like an optimal way to reach a broader audience, but since every platform favors a certain type of content, you are adding to the burden of your social media manager (if you even have one) with every channel you adopt.

Cisco, Maxwell PR, Alibaba Group lead the way among Digital Marketing Awards winners

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Digital marketing comes in many shapes and sizes, as evidenced by the array of victorious campaigns in PR Daily’s 2020 Digital Marketing & Social Media Awards. Clearly, even pre-coronavirus, health concerns were top of mind for marketers and consumers alike.

Groups 133

9 ways PR pros can use social media to connect with journalists

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But even more than that, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have built essential forums that facilitate stronger relationships between PR experts and journalists, as well as deeper insight in advance about the topics being covered. Engage with their content.

How clarity of purpose is the key ingredient for navigating ‘messessary’ conversations

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Look inside-out and outside-in at your broader market category and your direct competitors. Connect with him on Twitter or LinkedIn. Content Marketing Crisis Communications Leadership Communications PR Industry Storytelling The Workplace

System 139

How to adapt your pitches during noisy news cycles

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Also, focus on human interest in storytelling. These opportunities present unrealized earned content in many places, including traditional media and non-traditional channels. Content Marketing Crisis Communications Media Relations PR Industry Social Media Storytelling

3 social media trends to watch in 2021

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Digital marketers hardly have had time to relax, though, as they started the year much like how they experienced 2020—on their toes, ready to switch their entire online strategy in reaction to the most recent, unexpected global event. This trend applies to both organic and paid content.

Storytelling through the Eyes of a Child

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Let’s take a look at some lessons learned from storytelling to children that can easily be used by your brand. Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Storytelling through the Eyes of a Child. Business Building Content Marketing Strategy fairy tales storytelling storytelling for brandsAs a mother of three kids, I’m no stranger to story time. Stories are magical and inspiring.

Valuable content can strengthen your brand more than any promotion

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REI’s camping guide, recently published in its Uncommon Path Summer 2020, provides an example of outstanding content. When crafting your next content piece, whether it’s a video or blog post, remember to focus on the value to your viewers and readers, not your sales or your marketing messages.

Brand 165

CDC stresses caution with new relaxed travel guidelines, Facebook deals with resurfaced data leak, and Florida issues state of emergency over waste water leak

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Also: Feds require Johnson & Johnson to oversee vaccine production at partner facility, Instagram shares tips for influencer marketing, LinkedIn releases guide to crafting thought leadership content, and more. Image courtesy of LinkedIn.

Brands tone down April Fools’ Day gags, Microsoft and others speak out against Georgia voting law, and Johnson & Johnson loses 15 million vaccines

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Several brands and companies are celebrating April Fools’ Day by launching new gag campaigns and promotions, signaling a return of humor in messaging and storytelling that was largely absent last year during the height of the pandemic.

Brand 108

Shake Shack returns $10M loan, P&G embraces marketing during COVID-19, and grocery employees get asked to wear masks

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P&G leans into marketing during COVID-19. The consumer goods giant is doubling down on marketing despite the current crisis—a move contrary to many organization’s responses. That’s not to say P&G hasn’t shifted marketing messages nor adjusted campaigns.

Be All In Or Get All Out With Content Marketing

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If you’re only partially committed to creating and distributing content, Content Marketing Institute founder Joe Pulizzi would rather you do no content marketing at all. This may not have been the message Content Marketing World attendees were expecting to hear during Joe’s welcome address. This comes on the heels of CMI’s recent conversations with global enterprise marketers. Your content creation process should be a trio, not a solo act.

As publishers flee Facebook, LinkedIn rises

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Publishers and brands are increasingly turning to LinkedIn because of diminishing organic reach on Facebook. LinkedIn, meanwhile, has implemented numerous changes that make it more attractive for content marketers. Since being purchased by Microsoft, LinkedIn has added native video , enhanced its search features and improved its news feed algorithm to show more relevant content. LinkedIn emerges as a content-sharing network.