Why Small Businesses Need a Media Database


First off, what constitutes a small business? According to this handy chart (page 32), the Small Business Administration considers those in the PR industry to be a small business if they earn an annual revenue of $15M or less.

A Guide to Growing Your Small Business on Social Media

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Developing a credible, consistent presence on social media may seem like a daunting task for small or mid-sized businesses. Social media is a communication cornerstone for more than one generation. billion have social media accounts. Social

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How social media can help you expand your small business

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Despite social media’s growing popularity, many small-business owners are reluctant to log on. If you want your brand to be successful, you have to challenge yourself and your team to use social media to interact regularly with customers.

Airlines cut jobs and flights, Starbucks moves to takeout mode, and Facebook offers resources for small businesses

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Social media tool Buffer is offering to help answer questions about working remotely: Buffer has been fully remote for 9 years now and we have teammates in 19 different countries. Small businesses are deeply concerned about the economic impact of COVID-19 or “novel coronavirus.”

Report: Small businesses plan to double-down on Facebook

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That’s because there are few alternatives for small-business owners looking to get their products and services in front of the platform’s immense user base. shows that most business owners plan to expand their Facebook spending. Which social media metrics matter?

Snapchat for small business: Consider 3 key factors

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Consumers are making a huge social shift from Instagram to Snapchat. The migration to the popular self-destructing photo/video social network is happening right before our eyes. The first movers will dominate and connect with their consumers faster than their competitors will.

3 ways hiring marketing interns could hurt your small business

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A marketing budget—no matter how small—should be a key component of your early financial planning. When outlining your budget, you might consider hiring a communications or social media intern. The traditional internship cycle isn’t beneficial to small operations.

How Social Media Drives B2B PR

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We associate social media platforms with splashy consumer campaigns, but social is increasingly important in B2B public relations. According to an IDC study , 75% of B2B buyers and 84% of C-level/vice president executives use social media to make purchasing decisions.

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15 courses to improve your social media knowledge

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Do you know the latest trends and tips to make your messages soar on social media platforms, from Facebook to YouTube? What are your goals for social media in the coming year? . Social media training from Hootsuite Academy. Sprout Social’s webinars.

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5 essential strategies to beef up your social media presence

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How can your organization use social media to attract customers and develop a strong brand position? An estimated three billion people worldwide will possess accounts on a social media platform by 2021. There’s an art to posting on social media.

Last Minute Marketing Ideas for Small Business Saturday

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Created by American Express in 2010, Small Business Saturday® is a day to celebrate small businesses and encourage people across the country to support these businesses by shopping at their local mom-and-pop stores.

More Australian businesses than ever have a presence on social media (but they could be a lot more social!)

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The proportion of Australian businesses with a social media presence has reached the highest levels recorded, according to new research. Social media is no longer a novelty, particularly at the higher end of business. Which social platforms are king?

How to Improve Your Social Media Targeting


Since the inception of social media platforms, one of the biggest challenges has been how to properly reach your desired audience. I’ll also try to give a sense of what criteria you can target for each of the platforms for paid and organic social. Social Targeting on Twitter.

Homegrown: 5 Local Marketing Tactics for Small Businesses

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For many small business owners, home is not just “where the heart is.” More consumers are mobile, more brands are re-focusing on relationship marketing and more location-based technology is making it easier to connect the two. Cross promote with other local businesses.

Why social media can’t solve all your problems

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Recently, I came across this request from a pizza parlor owner on one of the business mentoring groups I participate in. I’ve tweaked it for privacy: I own a pizza parlor in a busy food court in a Chicago mall, and I’m trying my best to keep afloat. A small box of crayons.

Amazon, others restrict employee travel, social media’s growing dominance for marketing, and airlines halt flights over coronavirus fears

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Business Insider reported : “While we have no information indicating any exposure to Nike employees, out of an abundance of caution, we are conducting a deep cleaning of campus,” a Nike spokesperson told KGW , the Portland, Oregon, NBC-affiliated station.

7 costly social media marketing mistakes

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Social media can be a powerful tool for brand promotion and consumer connection, but what happens when buzz goes bad? Many businesses and marketers have suffered damage from a social media mistake. Assuming social media marketing is free.

4 savvy social media marketing tactics

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Leave it to a dating app to demonstrate the instant success a creative social media marketing approach can bring to a new business. Related: 6 Ways to Think Outside the Box When Marketing Your Small Business. Related: 10 Laws of Social Media Marketing.

Top 50 PR, Marketing & Social Media Podcasters to Follow


We’ve recently observed the explosion in popularity of podcasting, especially among business influencers and their audiences. Welcome to The #AskGaryVee show, where I answer your questions about marketing, social media, and entrepreneurship. Social Media Zoom Factor.

Where to Focus Your Marketing Efforts If You Only Have 5 Hours a Week


There’s a misconception that marketing a business is always time-consuming. Social Media. Managing your social media accounts is a breeze once you streamline the process. Managing Media Contacts. Follow her on social media.

5 social media hurdles PR pros can overcome

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Though social media campaigns can sometimes feel like a sprint, PR pros working on digital platforms know it’s much more like a marathon—one that comes with several hurdles to clear. Brand managers shouldn’t use social media purely to tout promotions and other company announcements.

5 unique ways to break into social media marketing

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For brands that are new to social media, or have been hesitant to invest in it due to how crowded and competitive it has become, here are five unorthodox marketing strategies that will deliver the brand awareness and sales your business needs.

How to use social media ‘influencers’ to boost sales

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One of the biggest challenges in social-media marketing is making a direct connection between social activities and the point of sale. Therefore, by working with social media stars, brands are able to influence consumer decision-making and ultimately shorten the sales cycle.

6 ways live videos link TV to social media

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The explosion of live video into the social media world has forever changed the way we consume digital content. Whether you call it “social TV” or “interactive TV,” new social platforms and apps are changing the way we consume content on screens.

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How to use social media to win at customer service

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Social media has become the customer service center for most organizations, large and small. Include a comprehensive description of what your company is “about,” your hours, price range and anything else applicable to consumers.

15 Up-and-Coming PR and Social Media Marketers to Watch

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Last week, I shared my news that I’ll be teaching social media at the University of St. Now, she’s crushing it at Best Buy in social media marketing. So, I asked a few key local leaders for up-and-coming social media or communications superstars they admire.

Video: Energy UK CEO on PR for stakeholder engagement, social media and crisis

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The CIPR has made a concerted effort to engage with business this year. The CIPR has forged relationships with the Federation of Small Business and the Confederation of Business Industry in the past six months in a bid to assert the value of public relations.

A mindful approach to using social media as professional communicators

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Over the past decade or so, public relations has been in a rollercoaster relationship with social media. In 2009, PR adviser and writer, Paul Seaman, wrote a post for PR Conversations: Defending public relations against social media hype.

How to Cut Through Social Media Hype with Simple Math

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Social media talking heads and agencies will use fancy numbers because they look impressive, and it benefits their businesses. Social networks will also do the same, partially to attract news coverage, members, and investors. But those numbers do nothing for your business.

How to Survive this Crisis

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Coronavirus is having a significant effect on many businesses. In this situation, it’s natural to want to cut costs, but the mistake most businesses make is to cut marketing and PR spend. Consumers need to see consistency in brand messaging in times of uncertainty.

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4 ways marketers can attract new consumers

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This younger generation of consumers is continuing to cause a massive shift in the market across all industries and sectors. Business leaders may be aware of the changing marketplace, but that doesn't mean they're eager to change. When the small business software company.

Ditching the Daily Deal

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Relaxed and in a state of bliss afterwards, I tipped the masseuse and chatted with her about her business. The quality of the businesses using the sites, at least where I live, seems to have declined. Consumer-paid online coupons. Instead, the consumer pays $1 for the coupon.

7 Steps To Creating Customer Personas To Build Your Consumer Brand


In short, are you looking for a better way to build your business? Here are 7 steps to creating buyer personas to help build your consumer brand. Individuals and small businesses are looking for a way to do their taxes quickly and easily while meeting government tax laws.

How an Influencer Marketing Agency Can Help Businesses Grow 


In some situations, a business does not have the manpower, resources, or connections needed to cast a wide enough net. An influencer marketing agency is dedicated to the connecting of businesses and brands with influencers or viral platforms.

Marketing a Brand to Both Businesses and Consumers


Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) marketing are the two most prominent types of marketing relationships. Not every business requires both approaches. Depending on a brand’s goals and target demographic, one of these groups of consumers may not apply. For example, a business offering graphic design solutions to marketing agencies would focus primarily on B2B marketing. Business to Business Marketing Best Practices.

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Research finds texting with businesses drives engagement and loyalty

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The post Research finds texting with businesses drives engagement and loyalty appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Public Relations social media

4 marketing automation tools to help small and mid-size businesses

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Marketing automation isn’t a thing of the future—it’s very much a part of the here and now for small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) worldwide. . Time is valuable, especially true if you’re running a small business. Social media updates.

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5 ‘fringe’ social media platforms for brands

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There is a stunning number of social networks out there, offering inventive, engaging ways for people to connect and share. To help you decide, check out this guide and five “fringe” social networks: Tips for choosing a social network. Choose the social networks.

3 affordable types of videos to boost your marketing

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In a recent survey, 85 percent of consumers said they’d like to see even more brand-centric videos. Video content can: Make your business more visible in social media feeds. RELATED: Boost your employee communications, PR and social media prowess at Microsoft HQ ].

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What the GateHouse/Gannett deal means for PR pros

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newspaper chains are fusing as one media powerhouse, in hopes of bolstering an industry in decline. Gannett and GateHouse Media—are consolidating to create one media behemoth, with an eye to reducing overhead and preserving their papers’ profits. The top two U.S.