Can corporate communications stay in the spotlight post-COVID?

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Harboring dreams of Cannes Lions and huge marketing budgets, agencies pivoted resources toward consumer marketing. Corporate affairs became fashionable again. Someone needed to communicate what to do in the event of a COVID-19 outbreak.

How a PR agency can contribute to your communications strategy, and how to select the right agency for your business


A successful communications strategy is the driving force behind building trust among all of your stakeholders, enhancing your corporate reputation and establishing your company as a leader in your industry. However, not all brand and PR agency relationships are created equal.

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A roadmap to impactful collaboration with your PR agency


Working with a PR agency can help you better understand your market, expand your network of valuable connections, bring in fresh ideas and extra resources, and, as a result, run a more successful communications operation. Setting goals aligned with communications objectives.

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Why corporate communicators should abandon PowerPoint – and how to do it

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Digital communication tools have become the superheroes of today’s remote workplace. Without Zoom, Microsoft Teams and other digital systems, collaboration among remote workers, employers, agencies and clients today would be nearly impossible.

What’s Better, PR Agency Or Client Side Work?

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

In public relations , there are many career path possibilities, but most fall into either the agency side or the client side. Many who’ve been successful after years in agency PR may nurture a curiosity about client-side work. Like everything else in life, a move from agency PR to corporate or brand communications involves trade-offs. Agency PR Has Many Advantages. On the corporate side, things may be different.

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The Complete Guide to Building an Impactful Relationship with your PR Agency


This webinar will focus on how to build a strong relationship between your PR agency and your brand. In this session our panelists will provide guidance on setting goals, communicating strategies and providing constructive feedback in order to foster a productive agency/brand relationship.

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Corporate Ghosting: Can We Bust It?

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Don’t laugh… if you’re a PR agency or other service business, chances are it has happened to you. I’m talking about business or “corporate ghosting,” which can be just as infuriating and perplexing as its social equivalent. As outlined in a post by Sharon Jones , corporate ghosting seems to be on the rise. It wouldn’t be so annoying if corporate ghosting were ultra-rare, but it seems to happen more today than in years past.

What Are Agency Partnerships? Why It May Be Smart as a Solo PR Pro to Work With an Agency

Solo PR Pro

My mix has always included agency partnerships, but 2020 forced me to get creative and leverage those agency partnerships to stabilize my business. What are agency partnerships? Most of the time you are positioned as an extension of the agency and clients are never the wiser.

Can Your Company Afford a PR Agency?

Bianchi Biz Blog

Mark also recognizes that to succeed, Company B’s corporate communication staff needs some focused support – from a PR firm that specializes in the automotive OEM supplier PR sector and can bring automotive experience, insight and contacts, as well as senior strategy and flawless execution.

The Communicator’s Guide to Deciphering Acronyms

Ishmael's Corner

The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. We’re in the business of communications. I put out a call to arms across the Agency for acronyms that surface on a regular basis.

How To Get The Best From Your PR Agency

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Bringing on an external PR agency , or really any outside firm, is an investment of time and budget for any company, no matter its size. Naturally, things will go better for both parties if the agency team gives their all, and the client manages for the best possible outcomes. ” It’s a great question, and there are many answers, from the bare essentials to the ultimate agency wish list. If you can cut the red tape, your agency will love you for it.

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Corporate Communications is Taking More PR Work In-House, finds Survey; Media Relations Gets Even Harder

Sword and the Script

Corporate communications departments are taking more work in-house. It’s a trend that mirrors similar patterns seen broadly in the marketing for the last several years, where CMOs have slashed agencies in favor of in-house teams. Some 47% of respondents said they’ve observed more PR work being taken in-house, according to the 2019 JOTW Communications Survey (full report embedded below). Reasons for Hiring or Firing an Outside Agency.

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PR fundamentals help deliver on corporate charity initiatives during the pandemic

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Agencies of all sizes can implement a workplace charity initiative and give back to their communities. With many PR agencies and offices still working form home, businesses have to be creative in their new approach to workplace charity initiatives.

Aspirations of a PR Agency

Ishmael's Corner

The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. GM Steve Burkhart in delivering the State of the Agency to our U.S. The post Aspirations of a PR Agency appeared first on Ishmael's Corner ~ Storytelling Techniques For Business Communications. Minus the pomp and circumstance, I joined our U.S. staff this week. I look forward to the presentation and the give and take with the team.

After lockdown: the creative agency market

Stephen Waddington

The agency market is in flux as the economy reinflates. Agencies are facing the following opportunities. What’s your take on the industry and what are other agencies doing? Here are five areas in which I’m helping my agency clients work through the current business environment.

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Corporate communications 101, courtesy of Tesla

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Tesla is known for cutting-edge technology, but its communications savvy is advanced, too. After news agencies published stories about allegations of sexual harassment at Tesla’s California plant, the company responded swiftly. I do know they don’t have a communications department problem. That should be your goal in crafting and developing communications of this nature. Do your internal and external communications sound like this?

PR Agency Search: Priorities in a PR Expanded World

PR Expanded

Almost four in 10 respondents to a survey of corporate communications, marketing and industry leaders for CommunicationsMatch’s new PR and Communications Agency Search Report said they were looking to hire new agencies in 2017. That’s a lot of new agencies being hired, but it also means other agencies will be dropped. The answers to a question about what is important to companies when it comes to engaging agencies is also telling.

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Covid-19 Accelerates Shift of PR and Marketing to In-House Staff – Why It May Be Futile and How Agencies Can Respond Blog

One-third of marketing work shifted from agencies to in-house personnel this year, reveals the 2020 Gartner Marketing Data and Analytics Survey. The shift from agencies to in-house staff is a long-term investment that involves more financial risk than relying on a contracted partner.

Tips for pricing corporate video work

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Creating video, like other marketing other communications services, is a complex and nuanced task. The only video agencies who quote by the minute are the ones who still shoot in Betacam. Talk to a few qualified video agencies to get proposals for your client’s project. Is it a brand film or a corporate video? It’s vitally important for corporate videos , too. This is true even when you expect an agency to help you with scripting.

5 Things to Know About Corporate Communications


The world of communication is constantly evolving, thanks to ever-more innovative technology. Today, people have more than one way to communicate with their friends, family, and even colleagues. Whether it’s through social media, instant messaging, video chat, or phone, the key to better corporate communication in the workplace is knowing how to set a standard for consistent and clear conversations. Corporate & Technology corporate communications

This Experiment Proves SEO Extends the Reach of a Corporate Blog

Ishmael's Corner

The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. The post This Experiment Proves SEO Extends the Reach of a Corporate Blog appeared first on Ishmael's Corner ~ Storytelling Techniques For Business Communications. PR Tools SEO tool for public relations SEO training The Hoffman Agency Mark PinsentBefore jumping into the experiment, a few words on the big picture.

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How To Thrive At A PR Agency

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

For anyone building a career in public relations, there’s no better environment than a PR agency. If you wind up in a specific sector, like technology or healthcare, an agency is a solid starting point. If your work takes you on a corporate or nonprofit path, the agency experience will offer a foundation. Agency experience is useful no matter where a PR career goes. But agency life is not without stress. Learn the business of agencies.

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PR’s Charge for 2020: Redefining Purpose in Corporate Narratives

Shift Communications

Purpose has been at the forefront of corporate communications for many years now, but it came to a head this year at Davos. Consider the Davos meeting of 50 CEOs around the world to tackle practical things they can do reduce emissions; or Levi’s SVP and chief communications officer, who spoke of the company’s work organizing over 200 businesses in efforts against gun violence. Communications strategies and vehicles will need to evolve.

10 outstanding corporate blogs

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Alignment with corporate objectives. Coca-Cola has several content sites, but "Unbottled" is what company blogging is all about: rich content; stories aligned with corporate objectives; responsive engagement; diversity of views from customers, employees and partners; great emotion and human connection. Coke is one of my favorite companies, because when it comes to marketing communication, you can count on Coke to do it right.

The Evolution Of Corporate Social Responsibility In PR: A Snapshot

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Its PR agency studied women’s self-image and attitudes toward their own bodies to identify a legitimate concern. An insincere or shallow corporate social responsibility program is usually easy to spot, and the public will call BS. Today’s corporate communications campaigns are more likely to tilt toward transparency, responsible stewardship, and authenticity have to be counted as steps in the right direction.

PR Guide To Agency-Client On-Boarding

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

So it’s usually a good feeling to finally sign the agency agreement. Many PR agencies have a proprietary immersion and startup process, but even if they don’t, on-boarding is a critical first step in the relationship. The first order of business is immersion into your business by the agency team. Before the letter of agreement is signed, the agency and client should already agree on what general basis PR outcomes will be measured.

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Understanding social media for B2B and corporate companies


When it comes to social media marketing , many don’t realise the true potential utilising this communications channel for B2B and corporate companies can have. Twitter and LinkedIn are no different, and, for corporate brands, this presents tremendous opportunities to join in the conversation, grow share of voice, build a reputation and establish meaningful and valuable relationships.

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 Corporate Reputation is Important to Marketing


Once you answer that question and put together a plan to actively promote and preserve your corporate reputation, the chances are that any damage occurring from such an incident will be minimal rather than catastrophic. Building A Corporate Reputation. We earlier discussed the importance of a good corporate reputation as well as the importance of having a strategic plan in place in case of a major corporate catastrophe. What’s a reputation worth?

Clearing the Two Biggest and Heaviest Cultural Roadblocks for PR/Communications’ Data-Driven Journeys


This is an industry-wide phenomenon and not simply limited to PR/Communications. Organizational culture consists of the collective values, beliefs, norms and principles which influence the behavior of people as members of the organization – akin to a ‘corporate personality’.

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8 Corporate Communications Tips for Hiring a PR Firm

Sword and the Script

Hiring a PR firm for the corporate communications mix is a sizable undertaking but it usually boils down to picking the right people. I’ve long believed PR agency work is a mile-wide and an inch deep, while the inverse is true when you are an in-house resource (inch wide and a mile deep). That broad perspective can bring creative new ideas for approaching communications. Most firms bill-by-the-hour, though I have managed agencies where the team works on a flat fee.

Jelly Marketing: Why Marketing Agencies Should Track Media Coverage

Critical Mention

Jelly Digital Marketing & PR is a one-stop-shop online marketing agency in Fort Langley, British Columbia. The award-winning , Canadian-based agency, a Critical Mention client, provides agile and responsive public relations, content creation, digital advertising and SEO solutions to those in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley area. This is also vital in moments of crisis communications, in the unfortunate circumstance where a writer speaks negatively about your client.

How to Deliver a Genuine Corporate Apology [UML]

Sword and the Script

You only get one shot at making a good first impression – and that’s true for corporate apologies too. Somehow as we grow up, those principles we learned as kids are beaten out of our collective corporate being. While I have great respect for corporate counsel, lawyers tend to be far too quick to recommend a non-apology, when that’s really just the right thing to do. This is true of messaging, positioning, press releases and corporate apologies.

The 2021 Employee Communications Priority: Promoting Covid-19 Vaccinations Blog

Convincing employees to accept Covid-19 vaccinations may become the most critical internal communications task of 2021. Only a determined internal communications effort, done in concert with HR and company leadership, can persuade the majority of employees to accept the vaccine.

Data Breaches Spike: How Communications Teams Can Respond Blog

The recent data security breaches of multiple federal agencies highlight the ongoing threat of cyber attacks and breaches. Create a communications plan for security threats that establishes clear protocols for how to respond and how to inform the public and stakeholders. Communicate.

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The PR Agency Review Process is Broken

Ishmael's Corner

The typical process that guides a company in evaluating PR agencies and ultimately choosing a winner is broken. In the vast majority of PR agency reviews, the process puts a premium on showmanship and presentation skills — secondary traits when it comes to an Agency’s ability to execute a campaign month after month after month. thesis really tell you about a given agency? Every agency drawing breath is capable of handling a news event.

Network Latency and Endeavor for Jargon Free Corporate Communications; Off Script #17: Wendy Zajack

Sword and the Script

She started with a boutique PR agency, then made a lateral move into high-tech PR, and eventually landed in-house. Her corporate gigs tended to be with large companies of the international variety – Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent for example. Today she is the faculty director and assistant professor with the Integrated Marketing Communications Program at Georgetown University. Communicating using simple, jargon-free language.

How commtech is transforming PR and corporate culture

PR Daily

Spanning an array of sectors, the integration of technologies into various communication formats and channels is engendering new protocols for comms pros. In recent months we’ve seen the rise of communications technology, or commtech , alongside the emergence of digital tools and data platforms to assist PR teams. Companies like Siemens and Google have invested in commtech to transform corporate culture, and Mistubishi is using it to generate sales leads.

How to use corporate social responsibility efforts for PR wins

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With more companies engaging in corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts, there are opportunities to talk about the social good taking place. The practice of promoting the image of a corporation as being socially responsible just to reap the marketing benefits, known as “ greenwashing ,” may work temporarily but draw a backlash when consumers realize a brand isn’t being authentic. RELATED: Take the first step in achieving corporate communications excellence ].

Announcing PR Daily’s Corporate Social Responsibility Awards finalists

PR Daily

PR Daily’s Corporate Social Responsibility Awards sought organizations that did their part to make the world a better place. Our finalists championed causes and initiatives that improved their communities, countries and the world, and communicated about them in compelling ways. Engagement & Communications. Internal Communications Campaign. FoundationFriday, Albemarle Corporation. Employee Volunteering DRIVE Week 2018, Tata Communications.

Corporational Determinism — The New Paradigm for Product Launching

Doctor Spin

In a new research paper, a new theoretical concept is proposed — corporational determinism. The abstract states: “This paper proposes a new theoretical concept, corporational determinism, to describe narratives by which digital media corporations are presented as the main or only agency informing socio-technical change. It is, however, a convenient point of view for huge corporations such as Apple or Google.