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How to Conduct Skype and Facebook Live Interviews with the Media

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Whether you are an influencer or your job entails promoting a subject matter expert, knowing the ins and outs of how to conduct a social media interview is an essential skill for your earned media goals. This can make the difference between getting the interview or not. Make sure you have a secure internet or Wi-Fi connection.

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Tips for Professional Video Chat Interviews and Meetings


The 24-hour news channels have also increased the number of interviews they are doing through Skype, FaceTime and other services. Below are my tips on how to ace these interviews; most of which also apply to online meetings and conferences. Promise them that it will be a short interview!) Check out your background.


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Zoom Interview Tips


These Zoom Interview Tips will make you smile with confidence too! Whether it’s for a job or a media hit, these Zoom interview tips will help you That new job or life-changing feature on your brand could be just a few Zoom interviews away. But that’s not appropriate for all seasons or types of interviews/meetings.

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Tips to Set up a Video Interview from Home


Thanks to work-from-home mandates, closures, and quarantines, almost all on-camera interviews with media are being conducted via skype or video conference. While this may be the new norm for a while, there’s the possibility that video interviews become a go-to option beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. o Just upper torso in picture.

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How to show up prepared for your news interview

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Ace an in-person news interview by following these PR pro tips. Whether you are doing a live, in-studio interview or an interview on Zoom or Skype, you must prepare for it. For in-person news interviews, these are the best ways to prepare before arrival and on the day of the interview.

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Local TV news in the new normal: Which COVID-spurred changes will remain after the pandemic?

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Prior to the outbreak of the pandemic, you might see a journalist in a war zone or remote area on the air via Skype. That changed—it’s become commonplace to see interviews […]. Amid the many changes ushered in during the COVID crisis, one big change in the media world was the virtual disappearance of on-the-ground footage.

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6 Ways to Score a Broadcast Interview in the Midst of COVID-19


Prepare your spokesperson for virtual interviews. With the majority of interviews being done virtually, it’s important that your spokesperson is trained to deal with any potential quirks that might result from remote interviews. But now we’ve been able to add Skype into our control room as, essentially, a live shot.”.