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3 Hacks to Prep CEOs Faster for More Authentic Interviews?

Remote PR Jobs

Originally seen on Medium Have you helped prep a harried, time-constrained CEO or high-level exec for a critical interview? No matter if it’s the NYT, WSJ, GMA, Cheddar, or Bloomberg, these are the top 5 practices that help me keep the interview feeling real and resonant. Unfortunately, how we write and speak contrasts hugely.

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Preparing for a Media Interview


Those companies in the habit of turning down every request for an interview could be missing out on opportunities to raise their profiles, and to establish themselves as organizational leaders. When being interviewed, it is important to focus on one or two key messages, and to weave them into each answer. Enunciate and speak clearly.


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How To Write A Press Release That Gets Noticed

The Hoyt Organization

A press release is a piece of information or news that businesses send to the news media to make an announcement, provide information, or create an official statement. On top of that, press releases that generate audience interest provide numerous opportunities for interviews, articles, and reviews. ” 4.

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3 Ps to Enhance Your Pitch Writing

Stern + Associates

No matter how the industry changes, one key skill PR professionals need to know is pitch writing. Although you may be able to write a quality pitch by following a format, capturing the attention of a journalist whose inbox is saturated with similar content can be difficult. That you’re pitching, not writing it.

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15 Steps To Successful Press Release Writing

Landis PR

Every public relations practitioner has experience writing press releases, but how many fall into the trap of being a bit too formulaic? Here are 15 steps to successful press release writing: Do your research. Don’t just cut and paste information from elsewhere. Verify the information. Ah, yes, the press release.

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AirPR Interview Series: Emmy Award Winning Journalist & PR Pro Mika Stambaugh


I came to the name after incorporating my initials — ‘MAS’ is Spanish for ‘more’ — and ‘ink’ references pen-to-paper; writing your story to build and manage your communications. The name doubly fits, since our job is to manage TMI (“too much information”). We keep things simple. TMI does PR.

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Hacking AI in PR: using AI tools to write a press release

Wadds Inc.

The amount of information in the market is overwhelming and vendors typically oversell solutions. We looked at how AI tools could be used to help write a press release based on the recent CIPR report about the impact of AI tools on public relations practice researched and written by Andrew Bruce Smith and myself.

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