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Our Top 6 Favorite (FREE) Online Digital Marketing Courses

PR 20/20

Much of the work is done for you, thanks to ample online digital marketing courses and certifications. Check out five of our team’s favorite online digital marketing courses, all for free, below. Once you’ve completed the courses, you’re given a 75-minute, 50-question exam that requires an 80% passing grade.

Course 52
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Creative ‘unconventionals’: How content entrepreneurs are reshaping the creator economy

Agility PR Solutions

Content creators are, of course, professionals who generate a variety of creative content in hopes of earning income or revenue, but what would you call a content creator who builds a business around that concept?


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Sparking Creativity through TikTok / Reels Assignment

Karen Freberg

I gave the students only a certain amount of time to create content – focusing on the need to be agile, adaptive AND creative all at the same time. Allowing for creativity in assignments is KEY! Think about this as a social media version of the Food Network Show “Chopped.” We need more of this in our field.

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Injecting Creative Into Marketing for More Earned Media


Overreliance on analytics overshadows creativity, which can hinder your chances to earn more media. When you focus solely on optimizing for clicks or conversions, you miss the opportunity for the audience to emotionally connect with a clever or creative piece of content. Creative and Content Go Hand-In-Hand.

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New research sheds light on how creatives are performing during COVID

Agility PR Solutions

Most of us are working remotely these days, and that includes creatives and designers. According to new research from workflow software firm inMotionNow examining the COVID crisis’ impact on the creative community, these pros seem to be well-adapted to the move.

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A Crash Course in Social Media

Critical Mention

Freberg recently published her first solo social media textbook with SAGE titled Social media for strategic communication: Creative strategies and research-based applications. The post A Crash Course in Social Media appeared first on Critical Mention - Media Monitoring. SCHEDULE A DEMO.

Course 79
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Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte launch: Creative social win or PR mess?

Communications Conversations

Of course, it was National PSL Day. But I’m guessing it’s a creative challenge to come up with new and interesting ways to play up this launch each year. Overall, a creative execution to an “event” that comes around every 12 months. So, creative social execution or PR mess? Most likely.