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Book It! 8 PR Tips For Nailing TV Segments

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Most earned media specialists want that coveted booking for their client and every PR person is pitching. Broadcast follows print. Many media outlets compete with one another, but in general, print and broadcast have a symbiotic relationship. The post Book It! So how can one break through? The Passover question.

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Traditional Media: From Endangered To Extinct

Maxim Behar

In 1999, in an interview with Bulgarian online media expert Justin Toms, I declared that print newspapers would be gone by 2025. Max, you’re going against your livelihood — you started in the press, with the printing press and newspaper ink! First, “newspaper” doesn’t exist anymore because the first part, “news,” is gone.


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PR Has Evolved Since First ‘Public Relations Handbook’ in 1967, but Some Values Are Timeless


Matt Holt Books recently published the book’s 5th edition. There were newspapers, magazines, wire services, trade publications, TV and radio. Daily newspaper circulation in the United States has fallen from its height of 61.8 Needless to say, a lot has changed in public relations since 1967. million in 1974 to 24.3

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Can Print Still Flourish in The Age of Digital? An Interview with Star Tribune Magazine’s Sue Campbell


Has digital media – from Huffington Post , Google News and BuzzFeed to Kindle e-books, Twitter and (God help us) more than 8 million blogs – finally vanquished Print? Recent headlines provide brutal evidence: Condé Nast announced last December it was shutting down the print version of Self magazine to go online-only.

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Maxim Behar for the studio of Radio Focus presented his new book "Seychelles recipes and more about “Paradise on Earth"

Maxim Behar

His recent book "The Global PR Revolution" is currently one of the best-selling PR books in the world. The most influential independent book ranking organization ranked it among the top 5 PR books in the world. Maxim: Good afternoon, Radio “Focus”. But now, we have the opportunity, everyone can try and cook.

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How To Hire The Best PR Firm For You

PR Insiders

I shared some practical tips for doing just that in my book, Gaining the Publicity Edge: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Growing Your Brand Through National Media Coverage. If you’re also an author, find a firm that works as well with book reviewers and book bloggers. Hire a firm that specializes in the right media for you.

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Today, we say goodbye to HARO [PR Tech Sum 52]

Sword and the Script

The feature “enables organizations to gather on-the-fly insights from global print, broadcast and social media platforms, contextually analyze specific brand mentions or trends, and perform language translations.” Content picks PR consultant Michelle Garrett has a new book out: B2B PR that Gets Results.

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