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How corporate IT is actually killing employee communications

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But here’s the thing: When your employees go home at night, what programs and platforms are they using? A wealth of apps on phones that allow these employees to do everything from bank to make travel reservations to buy clothing with just a few simple clicks. . * Because employees don’t discriminate.

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Reputation Management: Making Employees Brand Ambassadors

Ronn Torossian

In fact, the bigger the company, the less control it seems to have over people’s beliefs about its corporate values and decisions. Take a look at industry leaders like Wal-Mart and Bank of America, versus smaller competitors like Target and SunTrust. Reputation management is no easy feat for any company. Need some convincing?

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PR Lessons From The Biggest Failures of 2023

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Some were management failures, while others were about corporate values or behavior. By Monday, most of OpenAI’s rank-and-file employees were threatening to follow them. Yet, nothing happens in a vacuum. Most of the so-called PR disasters that unfolded in 2023 went well beyond public relations strategy or execution.

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Social Good: The Secret to Engaging Employees & Consumers


But what one tactic can drive employee engagement and consumer support? The answer is corporate social responsibility (CSR). More and more employees, particularly ones from the millennial generation and beyond, care about social activism. Find a cause that engages employees and consumers. Social good works in your favor.

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What I learned from 3 of the top corporate podcasters in Minneapolis

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The panel consisted of General Mills’ Kevin Hunt, US Bank’s Monica Wiant and Hubbard Interactive’s Melissa Young. Here were five big lessons I heard: #1 – Your employee audience may wind up being your biggest audience. Paul series. Photo credit: Debbie Friez. Resist the urge to focus on acquiring new listeners.

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Power of Possible Podcast: U.S. Bank takes interesting approach with new podcast

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Bank, which launched its “Power of Possible” Podcast earlier this year. Why did you decide to start a corporate podcast? Why did you decide to start a corporate podcast? I have been inspired by other corporations and organizations that have started podcasts. Bank focused podcast wouldn’t work.

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Tempted to Look the Other Way?


It was a party atmosphere one afternoon as bank employees drilled open safe deposit boxes that their owners had abandoned. One box contained a Rolex watch that an employee slipped on her wrist, trading it for her inexpensive watch. “A Please visit for updates on programming. A watch is a watch,” she said. “A

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