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Top 10 Marketing & Communications Posts of 2017


2017 was quite a year for marketing and PR professionals. Earned media has become increasingly important with 89 percent of marketing/communications professionals saying they use it to support the demand generation goal of driving brand awareness. How Earned Media is Changing Your Marketing Strategy. Top 10 U.S.

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Content Marketing: 2017 vs. 2018. Lessons Learned and the Challenges Ahead


The post Content Marketing: 2017 vs. 2018. Good content is described as one that stands out from all the crowd or is useful to the reader (it’s about this subtle difference between “help” and “hype” which is so meticulously dissected and analyzed in the book “Youtility” by Jay Baer).


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The Influencer Marketing Measurement Enigma


However, now that public relations is overlapping with marketing, you’d think demonstrating a return on investment (ROI) would be getting easier. If there’s anything marketing has a lot of, then it’s metrics. However, most recently, EMV is used to evaluate ROI for influencer marketing campaigns. How

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Marketing & Public Relations For Cyber Currency Companies

Ronn Torossian

Some of the blockchains have seen a change in value during 2017 of as much as 7000% or more. That market is volatile, but still growing. That being the case, it is time to talk about marketing these companies and what they offer. Cryptocurrency or cyber currency has become big business, and that change has been lightning fast.

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20 Golden PR and Content Marketing Ideas that will Outlive 2017

Sword and the Script

What started as a marketing experiment, has grown into a process that supports audience development. When I had finished, I noticed many of these quotes stem from pieces written for the Unscripted Marketing series. It supports the notion that marketing at its core, is about advancing the user experience.

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The Growing Power of the Hispanic Market


trillion Hispanic market is the largest ethnic market in the United States, and has risen by 212 percent, or $500 billion, since 2000. The Hispanic population has enormous potential for marketers, but how can we reach them effectively? Hispanic market in both Spanish and English. Hispanic population is projected at 62.3

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The Best PR Conferences to Attend in 2017


If you’re in search of PR and marketing conferences to attend in 2017, you’re in luck because this is the definitive list! Whether you’re looking to submit a proposal to speak, nominate a colleague’s work for an award, or attend a communications conference to sharpen your skills, this curated round-up of events will help.