How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile [Infographic]

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LinkedIn launched in 2003 with 4500 members. Today, the site has more than 433 million members and is the world’s largest professional network on the internet.

Hair-raising events promote men’s health in ‘Movember’

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The Movember Foundation has signed up more than 5 million “Mo Bros” and “Mo Sistas” since 2003, as well as funding some 1,200 men’s health projects through its fundraising efforts. Seeing more mustaches lately? Happy Movember.

Email Newsletter Subscribers or Blog Subscribers: Which is Better?


Back in 2003, I started HEADLINES and maintained it for 2 years. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram—these popular social media platforms all pale in comparison to the power of email and an email newsletter.

Top 10 PR “Best Practices” For LinkedIn

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LinkedIn was launched in 2003 as a social networking site for the business community but it has evolved as a go-to place to publish ideas and gather “deep data” on companies, candidates and connections.

The Secret to Online Copywriting? Make it Look Like a Kid’s Book


Wiebe, who is based in Victoria, British Columbia, has been writing, editing and proofreading online and offline copy since 2003. This September marks the 3rd anniversary of my blog. While I’m typically pretty hard on myself, even I have to admit it’s improved dramatically over the years.

Entertainment Trumps Ads


Every two days now we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003,” according to Eric Schmidt , Google CEO. The worlds of public relations and advertising have merged to form integrated marketing.

CEOs who aren’t using social media are doing their organizations a massive disservice.

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If you follow me on social media or this blog, you know I write about this “growing issue” a lot and have been preaching this since the dawn of social media (2003). What a title for a blog post – in my line of work, it better amount to some SEO for myself or else.

What should Brian Williams do to manage his crisis?

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NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams is now enveloped in a career-threatening controversy after admitting Wednesday he was not aboard a helicopter that was hit by enemy fire in Iraq in 2003.

NBC stops short of firing Brian Williams

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In a memo to employees , NBC News President Deborah Turness wrote: While on ‘Nightly News’ on Friday, January 30, 2015, Brian misrepresented events which occurred while he was covering the Iraq War in 2003. Tuesday was a big night for news about news.

5 Ways For You To Excel In Marketing/PR Today


Whitepapers (and their language types) are so 2003. I don’t know about you, but my day moves so incredibly fast that sometimes I don’t know whether. I’m coming or going.

3 branding lessons from Lego

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In 2003, sales dropped globally by 29 percent. Today, seven Lego sets are sold every second, but 10 years ago, Lego was in pieces. The family-owned company had been heading closer to bankruptcy since 1999. By January 2004, Lego announced a huge deficit, saying it was losing one million dollars a day. The problem went much deeper than the balance sheet. Lego had forgotten its roots. Its products were moving further and further away from what people loved about the brand.

Stories: Better than Cuddling?


That’s according to a 2003 study by University of Oregon professors Judith Hibbard and Ellen Peters. Give readers a shot of the love drug, oxytocin.

How PR pros can fight the perception that they’re ‘smart, friendly liars’

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They based their findings on the results of two surveys: one conducted in 2003 by Callison, and the other in 2012 by Merle, now an assistant professor at Florida State University. Spin doctor, heal thyself.

5 questions to ask about color in your messages

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In his 2003 book "United We Brand," Mike Moser argues that simple colors, such as the eight colors used in the original box of Crayola crayons, convey brands that are “aggressive, loud, or dynamic."

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Media Relations: Proven Ways to Get More Out of It

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However, Mother Nature had other plans on that fateful morning in 2003. That’s just the way it was in 2003. My little Toyota Corolla didn’t quite roll to the intersection. It sputtered and jerked and slid. I had to make this interview.

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Visual Storytelling Secrets: Think Like @Ekaterina

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According to Ekaterina, Google says that every 48 hours we are now cranking out the same amount of information from the beginning of time until 2003! Social PR Chat caught up with the queen bee of visual storytelling: Ekaterina Walter!

8 Questions with Syracuse University’s Sports Legend, Michael Veley

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Clearly winning the 2003 Men’s Basketball National Championship will always be at the top of the mountain. By Robin Gelfenbien. To say Michael Veley embodies sports is an understatement. His groundbreaking work for Syracuse University’s (Go Orange!) athletic department and the David L.

Highlights from the State of Blogging in 2017 Survey

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It was interesting to see that a relatively new player like Squarespace ranked second while Blogger, which was acquired by Google in 2003, for a rumored $20 million trails further behind. It’s easy to believe there are a million marketing blogs but that’s just not true.

PR lessons from NBA superstar LeBron James

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James has earned about $600 million since 2003. If you want to be better at PR, study LeBron James. James has become so much more than a sports superstar. His website speaks to this: The top menu tabs feature “The Man,” “The Philanthropist,” “The Businessman” and “The Athlete.”.

Not sorry to see you go – career churn and public relations

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In 2003, a British study jointly funded by (then) Institute of Public Relations and the Department of Trade and Industry noted “a cultural expectation that PR practitioners move jobs every 2-3 years”.

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Theranos and the media: a cautionary tale for PR

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When she dropped out of Stanford in 2003 at the age of 19, Holmes started Theranos, a Silicon Valley company that was developing technology that would allow hundreds of different blood tests to be run using a simple finger prick of blood, rather than a needle.

Walgreens severs Theranos partnership

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Theranos’ chief executive, Elizabeth Holmes , founded the company in 2003. Walgreens is the latest company to formally cut ties with embattled lab-services company Theranos.

Are we ever going to have a northern PR powerhouse?

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I moved back from West London in late 2003, I had a good time down there, and the truth is I went there to better my career – I mapped my own career out. With George Osborne’s latest budget announcement expected on Wednesday, there are a lot of rumours flying around, one of which will be a reduction or removal of Entrepreneur’s Relief, and there has been a lot of rhetoric about the Government’s Northern Powerhouse initiative.

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4 nonprofit PR lessons from Movember

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When it began in 2003, Movember focused on prostate cancer, but participants and advocates have raised more than $526 million toward diabetes, testicular cancer, prostate cancer and mental health initiatives.

Conducting historical interviews in a transparent age

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A methodology involving contemporary techniques means the researcher needs to reflect on their role as a “a willing participant in a dialogical process” of research (Jones 2003 p.60). 2003) The turn to a narrative knowing of persons: One method explored.

3 reasons why PR is everything in brand management

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It's now been five years since Google's Eric Schmidt observed , " Every two days we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003.” Boards of directors, top-level executives and brand managers, take heed: If you don't yet have a PR counselor in a position of power within your organization, you're playing Russian roulette with your brand's reputation. PR can no longer be relegated to traditional media relations. It has never been just that.

Celebrating SHIFT’s Independence: Jim Joyal, Agency Partner

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In honor of Independence Day, we sat down with SHIFT Partner, Jim Joyal , to get his thoughts on SHIFT as an independent PR agency and what that has meant for the Agency since he helped found it in 2003. After being founded in 2003, SHIFT remains an independent agency.

PR Rock Stars: 3M’s Heather Cmiel

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I have been involved since the first day I joined in 2003 – 14 years ago (I am starting to realize I am old). I can’t really remember the first time I met Heather Cmiel. Which is kinda odd. Because Heather isn’t the kind of person you forget.

Citibank promises it ended practices that led to fine

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If you had a Citibank credit card between 2003 and 2012, the company may owe you some reparations. That’s because it engaged in some shady business practices, resulting in Citibank owing $700 million to 8.8 million customers, plus another $70 million in fines.

Best Practice Guide for MPs Using Twitter for Open Up! – Speaker’s Commission on Digital Democracy

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In 2003 I was one of the first politicians in the UK to blog – the first councillor , but beaten by then Liberal Democrat MP Richard Allan (now European director of policy for Facebook) and Labour MP Tom Watson. Open Up!

My Oscar Moment: the 2015 Matrix Awards

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I first encountered Katie back in 2003, when she graciously taught a half-day workshop on PR measurement for a San Francisco-area PR club I was involved with. This past Wednesday I received what is possibly the greatest honor of my career to date: the Association of Women in Communication, D.C. Chapter, presented me with the 2015 Matrix Award. I learned of this a few months ago, and I was absolutely blown away.

12 News Release Alternatives

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The Vatican began doing this in 2003. If you keep trying the same thing, expecting different results, you''re nuts. So here are some alternatives to the much loved, abused and murdered news release.

Are we seeing the slow painful death of Google Alerts?

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In 2003, when Google introduced its alert system, the PR world (well us more geeky PR types) celebrated with delight as we believed we would no longer have to continuously check search engines for news and wait for the nasty photocopies to come through the post three weeks after the campaign.

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How to Help a Tiny Torah Scroll Kickstart An Article of Hope

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The shuttle disintegrating over Texas, on February 1, 2003 , literally minutes before it was scheduled to conclude its 28th mission, killing all seven crew members on board? What could a group of astronauts and the Holocaust possibly have in common? More than you think.

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16 email marketing terms PR pros should know

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CAN-SPAM: The United States law, Controlling the Assault of Non- S olicited Pornography And Marketing Act of 2003, that governs the rules of privacy and consumer rights regarding the receipt of promotional email. Though many PR professionals are fluent in marketing speak, some terms might be unfamiliar.

Experts be damned: on post-factual communication

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It is one thing for Blair to ask us to sympathise with the complexity of decision making leading up to the 2003 invasion; but it’s quite another to suggest he’d do it again even with the facts. ‘Post-factual’ is a phrase we’ve been hearing a lot of lately. Once upon a time you would have been discredited for calling the Bank of England corrupt.

12 amazing quotes from graduation speeches

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Michael Dell to the University of Texas in 2003. A different version of this story first appeared on PR Daily in May, 2014. Graduation season is nearly here.

Influencer Insights: Media Moves and Intel for May 31

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She joined the Editorial Board in 2003 and has been penning her opinions in a column since then. Amy was the founding editor-in-chief of Conde Naste’s Teen Vogue since its beginning in 2003.

Twitter users remember Harper Lee and her powerful words

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The book was made into a 1962 movie featuring Robert Duvall as Boo Radley and starring Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch—named the Greatest Film Hero of All Time by the American Film Institute in 2003. “I think there’s just one kind of folks. Folks.” — Harper Lee.

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Marketing lessons from 90s ad campaigns

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In 2003, they lost $42 million in a lawsuit brought by the men who created the mascot, but were never paid for their work. As a TV-obsessed child of the 90s, my earliest interest in marketing and advertising came from the commercials that would interrupt the hours of shows I was glued to.

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