Oxford English Dictionary adds 'meh,' 'fo'shizzle,' 'sext' and more

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2009), photobomb (2008), crowdfund (2008), totes (2005), staycation (2005), and sext (2001). Every year, the Oxford English Dictionary captures headlines by adding some colloquialisms to its digital tome. It’s a great sign of the times and a reminder of what nerds we can be.

Behind the Headlines with Sharon Hoffman


Jane Pauley anchored it, and the team won an Emmy for Best News Magazine Report of 2001. This past December, CBS Television Distribution named Sharon Hoffman to the role of Executive Producer of Entertainment Tonight and the Insider. Hoffman is a veteran of the industry, previously working as the Executive Producer of Weekend News at CBS, and helping to re-launch CBS this morning back in 2012.

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How to Spy on Your Competition & Steal Their Secrets


The rise of the robots has been predicted since we watched HAL in “2001: A Space Odyssey” in what was another world in 1968. This post is an excerpt from the e-book, Listen: 5 Social Audiences Brands Can’t Afford to Ignore.

The Top Scariest PR Disasters in Recent History


In 2001, officials from the Czech Republic distributed a report showing that the government enjoys savings from the premature deaths of the actual smokers. Phillip Morris.

7 Important Principles Of Media Coverage Every Business Needs To Know


In September 2001, I was working on a credit card launch for a Canadian bank. We’ve all seen the power of media coverage to change attitudes, build businesses and bring corporations to their knees.

Holding women back in PR limits agencies' effectiveness, creativity

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There’s a reason why, in his 2001 autobiography , Bloomberg LP's founder, Mike Bloomberg, admitted that he hoped his competitors practiced discrimination: He believed it gave his firm a competitive edge. The gender gap is affecting the public relations industry.

7 writing and language sites you should know about

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View the New York Times website on September 12, 2001, or see what your company’s website looked like in 1998. As a medical writer, I often end up spending more time researching an article than I do writing it. In that research, I often discover new online sites and tools.

Putting PR on the Table for Minority Students


After a lot of persistence, I was offered a PR internship with the San Francisco 49ers during their 2001 summer training camp. PR is a great career field.

5 quotes that highlight the power of storytelling

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Roberts didn’t make it on The New York Times best-seller list until 1991, but then all 68 novels she wrote from 1991 to 2001 reached the same status. The power of narrative isn’t something given to only authors, directors and actors.

CSR Trends for PR and Media Relations Professionals


In 2001, France was one of the first countries to require CSR reporting, though initial compliance was low. While the concepts underlying corporate social responsibility (CSR) are hardly new , our current framework of understanding for CSR in the United States started roughly in the 1950s.

Conducting historical interviews in a transparent age

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An important link between academia and practice is research. A notable difference is the emphasis within such research on methodological matters.

My A List is better than yours


Kim Harrison has an excellent list of typical stakeholder categories in Strategic Public Relations – A Guide to Success (2001). What makes an A list? Most of the public would define the “A list” as celebrities and wannabe celebrities.

Man Bites Dog: Newspapers Outlive Themselves, Blissful Ignorance Becomes Artform

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this were 2001. 2001 blogs HTML Laermer.com New York Times Op-Ed Slow Death of Newspapers Trombones Willful Ignorance News came last week that the Old Grey Lady is starting an Instant Op-Ed feature online.

Sunny?? #SMM Tips and Snapchat Secrets @Pubcon

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JL: Pubcon started as an informal gathering in a pub in London back in 2001. To date, there have been 34 Pubcon Conferences since 2001, with 13 times in Las Vegas. Grab your favorite lenses, filters and start social media snapping.

Uber, Sony crises emphasize PR's role in defining values

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Vopper, a 2001 Supreme Court case that ruled in favor of a news outlet that had broadcast an illegally recorded cell phone conversation. A brand''s reputation can rise or fall based on how its managers respond to unplanned events.

8 of the worst press release mistakes

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Likewise, in 2001, we were with a client in the middle of Nebraska with 20 trade journalists at the Caterpillar plant when terrorists attacked. As much as I would love for the press release to die, it’s still a very effective tool when used correctly.

PR measurement by valuing intangible assets–brand and reputation

Stuart Bruce

The table below clearly shows for equity analysts the importance of brands in financial decisions and reporting has increased significantly since 2001.

Instagram Is the Rihanna of Social Networks


” – Bono, The Guardian UK, 2001. Grantland ran an interesting piece about U2 recently , describing an existential crisis of sorts. On the one hand, U2 is extraordinarily popular.

4 PR crisis missteps to avoid

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GM knew about the faulty switches as early as 2001, during pre-release tests of its Saturn Ion. Managing a public relations crisis feels like piloting an out-of-control plane. You want to minimize the damage, not point the nose toward Earth and push the throttle.

Viral 32

The writings on the wall

Mark My Words

The slab cranks the same point up to eleventy stupid and creates an image of overblown iconicity – Exodus and 2001 via the Thick of It – that no press office can control. The more metaphors that are pinned to Labour’s 8ft pledge slab the more the original meaning of the limestone monolith has sunk into the bog of Baldrick ideas.

How thank-you notes can transform your communications career

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From 2001 to 2011, Douglas Conant transformed Campbell Soup. As CEO, he took "a beleaguered old brand" ( Businessweek's words , not mine) and turned it into a thriving success in the global food industry.

How 9/11 Changed My Life Forever

Waxing UnLyrical

11, 2001, that I knew I would change my nationality from Indian – of which heritage I remain immensely proud – to American. Eleven years ago today, I had little notion that my life would be changed forever. At the time, we lived and worked in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Crisis Management: Airasia Crisis Takes To Twitter

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Fernandes has been the CEO since 2001 and by all accounts he is a likeable character with a cult celebrity status in Indonesia who is seen as transforming the airline. The CEO of Air Asia and owner of QPR Tony Fernandes faced his biggest challenge last month when an Airasia flight was sadly reported missing. On December 28 th at 7:24 hours Airasia reported the QZ8501 flight from Surabaya to Singapore had lost contact.


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This was my first time in America – United States of… The last time I travelled to the US was in April 2001 when I stayed in New York with my mother to celebrate my 40th birthday. I first went to Ellis Island in New York in 1980. The one place that I really wanted … Continue reading America. Thinking Blogroll Public Relations America Ellis Island Immigration Reflection

Ways to Open Dialogue, Ease Tension During Times of Tragedy


In recent years, there have been a string of terrorist attacks that claimed hundreds of innocent lives in America and abroad.

Reflecting on 9/11 Anniversary #NeverForget


On September 9, 2001, we celebrated a child's birthday party. On September 11, 2001, I got up and went through the usual motions of a working mother with three children - ages 12, 9 and 7 - to get off to school. I did get to photograph the cover of the school district's 2001 annual report. In 2001, the theme was "No Place Like Home.". Fifteen years ago, today, we remember to #NeverForget.

3 tips for creating a real-time marketing command center

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Many well-intended brand tweets were criticized for referencing the tragic events of September 11, 2001. Nearly three years ago, Oreo’s famous Oreo’s Dunk in the Dark moment ushered in a new era of real-time marketing. Oreo’s creative response to the power outage during Super Bowl XLVII got retweeted more than 10 thousand times, garnered more than 18 thousand likes and grabbed more than five thousand shares on Facebook.

Blog positions UPS as logistics leader

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11, 2001, when the Twin Towers fell. It started with a request from a boss to Dean Foust, director of executive communications at UPS. The global transportation and logistics company had a blog, but traffic was low. Study it and figure out what to do with it, Foust's boss said.

Influencer Insights: Media Moves and Intel for June 20

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Givens has been with “Ed Week” since 2001 when she became the general manager. Today’s public relations professionals need to know not only who is going where, but also how to communicate more effectively with those journalists, bloggers and influencers making moves.

Don’t Let Breaking News Steal Your PR Thunder

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

I seem to recall a major client press event scheduled on October 1, 2001 at the World Trade Center, but even weeks later it was a sad footnote to the larger crisis.). When PR agency professionals plan a product launch or news announcement, we do it with close attention to detail.

My Segway Ride

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Paul Bart riding a Segway in “Mall Cop” In December 2001, Dean Kamen himself drove his invention onto the GMA set, allegedly p **g off co-host Charlie Gibson for making such a ruckus in the ABC studio.

Delta Troop Fail - Consider the Bigger, Less Popular, Business Picture

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This policy has been in place since before 2001, and there hadn''t been any issues in all that time. UPDATE: The YouTube video has been pulled down. But I''m leaving it in the code below. Delta has increased its allowance for checked baggage for military personnel. And I stand by my post. What do YOU think? First let''s note that I''m not here to defend Delta. But I''m also NOT here to join the Delta pile on.

Pataki, Santorum take different approaches to enter crowded GOP field

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11, 2001 attacks. This presidential election season, a handful of candidates are testing the waters of online announcements. Not so for Rick Santorum. The former U.S. senator from Pennsylvania made his announcement Wednesday in a traditional speech on a factory floor in Cabot, Pennsylvania.

Whose Ideas are Whose? Protecting IP


She served as a director-at-large on the National PRSA Board in 2000 and 2001, is a past president of the OKC Chapter, and is on the ballot to be one of the OKC Chapter’s Assembly Delegates in 2017.

Taking a stand: What brand managers should know

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11, 2001. Recent tragic events in Louisiana, Minnesota and Dallas have caused many to speak out—including organizations large and small.

Chats with Chip: Joe Thornley on Evolution of the PR Business

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The first big change for us came in 2001 and the dot com became the dot bomb. The newest episode of Chats with Chip featured a conversation with Joe Thornley , the CEO of Thornley Fallis Communications.

PR Pro Showcase: Shonali Burke

Rock the Status Quo

One of the most fun “stunts” – if you can call it that – was when I worked on “Singalong Sound of Music” in San Francisco, back in 2001. Photography by Cade Martin.

Buffalo Wild Wings may cut ties with comedian over false 9/11 claims

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We are disappointed to learn of Steve’s misrepresentations regarding the events of September 11, 2001, We are currently re-evaluating our relationship with Steve pending a review of all the facts. You can lie about many things, and many Americans will either forgive you or look the other way.

Why I’m Focusing on Blockchain Applications for PR

Where the Fishermen Ain't

In August 2001, I started blogging and writing about these and other developments. I Suspect That Public Relations Largely Dismisses Blockchain Technology Because of Its Strong Association with Bitcoin. This is a Mistake.

Conducting historical interviews in a transparent age

PR Conversations

An important link between academia and practice is research. A notable difference is the emphasis within such research on methodological matters.