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Writing For Journalism And Writing For PR: How They Differ

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

I was a journalism major, so most of my writing experience in college had a reporting angle. Whether it was through classes, writing for the school newspaper , or my personal blogs, my writing involved reporting facts, interviewing subjects, and taking down their quotes. What are you writing about?

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PRSA Introduces Innovative Program to Guide Journalists Transitioning Into PR and Communications


So far in 2024, the Los Angeles Times , The Wall Street Journal , Time magazine, Sports Illustrated and National Geographi c, among other outlets, have all conducted layoffs, while journalists at several Condé Nast publications staged walkouts over proposed job cuts. Many of the most successful PR executives were former journalists.


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Maxim Behar: Social media is the realm of free speech, which makes our world better

Maxim Behar

Twenty to twenty-five years ago, we fought for diversity of opinions on television and in newspapers. And I don't want to belittle the journalist profession - journalism is extremely responsible, influential, and highly qualified because it influences society. There is unlimited freedom. You, me, and many others own media.

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How an underground high school newspaper led to a 10+ year blog

Communications Conversations

Last Saturday, there was a wonderful article in the Variety section of the Minneapolis Star Tribune about groups of kids who had started neighborhood newspapers during the pandemic. First, we need more local journalism–whether it’s professional or not. And second, school newspapers are in my blood. when I was 17.

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Meet the Media: Emma Lutjen, Associate Editor at EE World Online

Bianchi Biz Blog

Since I graduated in December 2021, I’ve been an associate editor within the engineering field, first for Microwave Journal and since January at EE World Online and all the sites it handles. Being that I’m fresh in the industry I haven’t gotten the chance to write many stories, so for now my most fun story is also the one I’m most proud of.

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Trends and Best Practices for Media Relations


When it comes to realizing the value of media relations, Op-Ed columns in newspapers are the gold standard. Read by influencers and decision-makers, these guest columns require our best efforts and most polished writing. I cannot stress enough the importance of writing to the correct length as prescribed by the newspaper,” Yost says.

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5 Benefits of Media Relations

Landis PR

For example, if a trusted blogger writes that this product is really great – do you believe that writer or the marketing-speak on a company’s website? Example: pitch a story on a newly opened hiking trail to an outdoors editor at a local newspaper who also has a following on social media. His/her audience is your target.