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Pitching the Local Media – Tips from the Pros

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The easiest way to do this is pitching the local media. I interviewed journalists from The Washington Post, The Washington Business Journal , and Inside Nova (a Northern Virginia local publication) about what types of local real estate pitches they like to receive. I’m also interested in the local real estate market.

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PRSA Introduces Innovative Program to Guide Journalists Transitioning Into PR and Communications


So far in 2024, the Los Angeles Times , The Wall Street Journal , Time magazine, Sports Illustrated and National Geographi c, among other outlets, have all conducted layoffs, while journalists at several Condé Nast publications staged walkouts over proposed job cuts. Many of the most successful PR executives were former journalists.


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These are the local publishers getting engagement in the U.S. and U.K.


We looked back at the local publishers that are seeing significant engagement in two different countries, looking at both the United States and the United Kingdom. . So we decided to analyze the local stories and publishers that are getting the most public interest. Local-national publishers. The top local U.S.

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Meet the Media: Jennifer Ramsay, Editor-at-Large at Endeavor Business Media’s Market Moves

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This is actually pretty hard for me, since I tend to want to write a story on almost every interesting piece of news I see. I got to write a story on a local stray cat that had been “adopted” by a bed and breakfast. His name was Pip and he won the hearts of visitors and locals. It was even heated!

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5 Benefits of Media Relations

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For example, if a trusted blogger writes that this product is really great – do you believe that writer or the marketing-speak on a company’s website? Example: pitch a story on a newly opened hiking trail to an outdoors editor at a local newspaper who also has a following on social media. His/her audience is your target.

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How an underground high school newspaper led to a 10+ year blog

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Last Saturday, there was a wonderful article in the Variety section of the Minneapolis Star Tribune about groups of kids who had started neighborhood newspapers during the pandemic. First, we need more local journalism–whether it’s professional or not. And second, school newspapers are in my blood.

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Meet the Media: Seth Clevenger, Managing Editor for Features at Transport Topics

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I’m Seth Clevenger, managing editor for features at Transport Topics , a weekly newspaper and multimedia outlet dedicated to covering trucking and the freight transportation industry. How long have you been in journalism and how did you get started? area locals, A Sound of Thunder. Maybe something that would surprise people?)