A PR Intern’s Guide to Agency Lingo

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PR intern’s guide to agency lingo. Earned media – Interns need to learn this term first, since it’s among the things clients bring on agencies for. Actually the term originates with metal printing plates of prepared text that were distributed to local newspapers.

Building Internal & External Relationships [Infographic]

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These concepts included media relations, employee and internal communication, building internal and external relationships, and reputation and trust. Shayla is published on the Amherst Wire and has produced articles on various topics like local news on her WordPress blog.

Ricky Gervais is right (and wrong) about the local paper


After several grumpy episodes interviewing local people about their so-called “stories”, Ricky’s character has an epiphany. He says ‘ everybody deserves to be in their local paper’ at least once in their lives.

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How to Get Logo Localization Right

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Unless you are one of the “big boys” with an internationally recognized logo like Coca-Cola or McDonald’s, you’ll need to localize your logo for the foreign audience you seek. Reputable translation/localization services like The Word Point are a great resource.

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Beyond Your Borders: How to Work with Non-Local Clients

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Working with clients in your local area is a satisfying and viable way to run your independent consultancy. It can deepen your sense of community, reduce your need to travel and allow you to dominate your local market. However, as a solo you are not restricted to working local.

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A guide to local marketing

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Cactus Mailing Company came up with the five pillars of local marketing. Local search engine optimization. Local marketing is more nuanced, personalized and specific.

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Nine Actions That Torpedo Global PR

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Business Communications PR americanitis global pr international pr international public relations localizing contentThe Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. I made my first trip overseas in 1994, supporting press conferences in Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, Taipei and Singapore in one week. Talk about a PR hustle. As you might expect, things didn’t always go according to plan.

Working with Global Media: CNBC International and The Associated Press Share Tips

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by Ai Arakawa, Senior International Media Relations Specialist Many of us in the PR/Communications business spend our days focusing on our work with local media. Ted Kemp just moved to Singapore to serve as managing editor, Digital of CNBC International.

‘The whole person’: Internal publication tells employee stories

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Though digital communication has finished off some internal magazines, others have found new life, as organizations move from stodgy corporate promotions to people pieces. The post ‘The whole person’: Internal publication tells employee stories appeared first on PR Daily.

As Facebook pushes local businesses, new data-mining issues surface

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Facebook announced changes to its business profile pages that should help drive traffic to local small businesses—but big corporations can take advantage of these features as well. RELATED: Overcome your biggest challenges in internal comms, PR and social media ].

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8 worst practices in international PR

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A quarter-century later, more is at stake and international terrains are even harder to traverse. Executives often mistakenly expect that the reputation they’ve spent years building will magically translate to local societies, adapt to prevailing market nuances and reach their targeted constituencies. That makes sense, but when corporate HQ exercises strict control and approval over every overseas action, bureaucracy handicaps the international PR effort.

Chats with Chip: Ryan Williams on Internal Communications and Measurement

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The most recent episode of Chats with Chip featured a conversation about internal communications and measurement with Ryan Williams , a partner with Tekara Effectiveness. Despite the positives of internal communications strategies, Ryan recognizes the difficulties.

Three things to consider when your U.S. company is looking to expand internationally

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According to Index Ventures , nearly all successful North American tech companies have an average of 30 percent of revenue coming from international markets, usually led by Europe. Having a local presence and team are critical elements.

Local newspaper ‘headline’ goes viral after proofreading error

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Such was the case in Wednesday’s front page of Cambridge News , a local newspaper in the United Kingdom: Hope you’re having a better day than the production editor of the Cambridge News pic.twitter.com/wmCp6ZL5fE. On the plus side it is the most coverage you will ever get of a local newspaper.

Global Social Media for Local Social Good


s international organization for educational opportunities and cultural relations, for bringing its TN 2020 conference to Chicago. Global Social Media for Local Social Good. On June 24, 2010, Social Media Club Chicago met up with attendees in town for TN2020, an international summit hosted by the British Council. Social Media Club [SMC] is a worldwide organization, with local chapters, that serves as connecting organization for anyone interested in social media.

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New international ethical principles for PR welcomed, education and enforcement required

Stephen Waddington

A cross industry group of international PR associations has developed a common set of principles for ethical practice. The International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO) proposed a list of ten ethical principles for the PR industry at its annual meeting on Helskini in October.

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#measurePR Recap (July 2015): Internal Communications

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The July edition of #measurePR focused on an area most PR pros don’t often think about: internal communications. Here’s some of what we talked about: On best practices for internal communications and the measurement thereof: A2 Measure the right things, not just the easy-to-measure ones. To engage/motivate your internal community, you need to understand the ‘state of the union.’ Come up with a internal communications plan for potential employers.

Download the ebook 'Optimizing your Newsroom for International Audiences'


For organizations doing business internationally, the added complexity of a globalizing economy and the need to communicate with different audiences in different geographical locations, time zones, and languages makes it a challenge of serious proportions.

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The importance of cultural sensitivity in international PR


On Wednesday night I attended the first panel discussion for the PRCA International Communicators Group, which looked at managing multi-market communications programmes from the UK. As someone who manages international campaigns for clients at Wildfire, specifically across EMEA, I was keen to develop my understanding on the different approaches and skills needed to manage multi-market programmes, as well as learn best practices from some of the best in the industry.

8 ways to make internal video a hit

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Recently, Intel produced an inspirational video for 500 of its top leaders internally, says Sabrina Stoffregen, global communication manager for the 5 ,000 -person sales and marketing employees at Intel. Communicators also draw questions from SAS’s internal platform, The Hub.

7 crucial factors in preparing for that internal speech

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Research internal audiences—not just external. Most executives are mindful of the need to research an external audience, but it's important to prepare for internal audiences as well, says Bill Corbett Jr. The basketball arena is rented for the all-employee meeting.

From classroom to boardroom – crisis management lessons from the auto industry

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As a result, crisis communication becomes international” That’s what interested me, because although such major disasters are relatively rare, it is now possible for a single social media update (Tweet, photograph or video) to cause a global crisis for any organisation.

The not-so-secret way brands are creating podcasts (without exhausting internal resources)

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What you DO find is a bunch of tech companies/startups ( Slack , Basecamp ), a very small number of Fortune 500 companies ( General Mills , locally), and a few others that have globbed onto a trend I see accelerating in the months and years ahead.

International Women’s Day: a time to celebrate, but also #PressforProgress


This year International Women’s Day (IWD) is even more poignant in the UK, with 2018 marking the 100 th anniversary of British women winning the right to vote. Many of these examples demonstrate the power of a think global, act local methodology. As PR practitioners this is a tactic we often have to balance — driving a global approach to communications, but also applying local context and market activations that resonate with each target audience where required.

4 Things We Can Learn from PR Practitioners in Africa


Make friends with local influencers. For this reason, South African professionals in particular have become adept at making friends with local influencers. In rural parts of Africa, local influencers are often the village chiefs.

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PRSA Hoosier Chapter Excited to Welcome 2016 ICON Attendees


Learn more about the PRSA 2016 International Conference or register to attend. When I learned that Indianapolis would be the site of the 2016 PRSA International Conference, I considered turning down the role of 2015 Hoosier Chapter president-elect/2016 Hoosier Chapter president.

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Conference Recap: Jonathan Mildenhall on Discovering Your Purpose


It’s really hard to be a decent human-being in the workplace all the time,” said Mildenhall, during the opening General Session at the PRSA 2018 International Conference in Austin, Texas before more than 2,000 professional communicators and students. “I

Restart Your Engines in Indianapolis


Learn more about the PRSA 2016 International Conference or register to attend. The countdown is on to the PRSA International Convention in Indianapolis! Foyt’s wine collection paired with local meats and cheeses at his new Foyt Wine Vault.

Conference Recap: Reaching Rural Americans, Preventing Social Media Crises and Using the PESO Model


Here are some highlights from three professional development sessions at the PRSA 2017 International Conference in Boston on Oct. Haworth recommends attending town gatherings and interacting with local elected officials, regardless of their political beliefs.

Hot Spots to Consider While In Indianapolis


Learn more about the PRSA 2016 International Conference or register to attend. This year’s International Convention host city is earning one after another. PRSA News Condé Nast Indianapolis PRSA International Conference public relations travel

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CAPP Publishes Recommendations for Telehealth

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Third-party vendors often cannot access a patient’s medical record, do not consult with their regular physicians, and may be unfamiliar with resources available locally to patients.

Building bridges across and beyond the Hoffman offices

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The local time is 10:45 p.m. The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. By Karuna Tsang, Assistant Account Director “Welcome to San Francisco. …” announced the captain. Finally, after a 12-hour flight, I arrived in the United States. It had been a while since I visited the U.S., and what excited me the most was that I would be working in.more.

Searching for El Dorado


Even though you can get quite far with English, cultural subtleties, tone of voice and local do’s and don’ts need to be taken into consideration. 'Search' is another key issue for the need to localize newsrooms. SaaS,PressPage,Blog,News,El Dorado,International

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Empowering and Encouraging Women Leaders – Why This Is Needed Right Now

Return on Reputation

Today is the International Day of the Girl , the one day out of the year where we are reminded that it is important to empower girls from a young age to find their passion, and to find their voices. Corporate Communications HerVoice International Day of the Girl Women Leaders

How to build better relations with employees

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Personally I feel the tendency to state that public relations practice (including internal communications) is better today than in the past is a mistake as much earlier wisdom seems to have not only been lost, but denied by this stance.

Applauding the community at the Fringe

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For example, the local small- to medium-sized theatres and site-specific locations operating as this year’s 28 Fringe venues. Audiences took full advantage of the wealth of local, national and international theatre and dance.”

Who talks to (and about) colleagues like that?

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One would hope that a similar consciousness of respect is at the heart of most corporate communications functions , particularly when companies are large enough to commit resources not just to HR but also staff (or a team) dedicated to internal communications.

Ask Yourself These 10 Questions to Determine If Your Social Policy Needs Updating


If employees are attending an event together, participating in a company-sponsored function, or volunteering for a nonprofit, are they encouraged to take photos and video that can be shared on social (external or internal) channels? Internal Communication Social Strategy

PRoust Questionnaire: Helen Slater

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Although, if she’s really honest it started right back when she began in event management in the dark ages, totally inexperienced, organising a fashion parade for around 700 people for the local kindergarten fundraiser.

Empowering and Encouraging Women Leaders – Why This Is Needed Right Now

Return on Reputation

Today is the International Day of the Girl , the one day out of the year where we are reminded that it is important to empower girls from a young age to find their passion, and to find their voices. Corporate Communications HerVoice International Day of the Girl Women Leaders