These are the local publishers getting engagement in the U.S. and U.K.


We looked back at the local publishers that are seeing significant engagement in two different countries, looking at both the United States and the United Kingdom. . So we decided to analyze the local stories and publishers that are getting the most public interest. The top local U.S.

Local 85

Local newspaper ‘headline’ goes viral after proofreading error

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Such was the case in Wednesday’s front page of Cambridge News , a local newspaper in the United Kingdom: Hope you’re having a better day than the production editor of the Cambridge News This’ll be featured in newspaper sub-editing courses for years. In an apology to readers, Cambridge News wrote: The headline should have read '£2m for 'sex lair' school' in reference to a story printed on page 11 of today's newspaper.


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A PR Intern’s Guide to Agency Lingo

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

PR intern’s guide to agency lingo. Earned media – Interns need to learn this term first, since it’s among the things clients bring on agencies for. Actually the term originates with metal printing plates of prepared text that were distributed to local newspapers. UVM – A dewy young intern may think UVM is a prominent college, but UVM refers to the number of unique visitors per month that a news website receives.

Ricky Gervais is right (and wrong) about the local paper


In Ricky Gervais’s latest TV series, After Life , he’s a writer at a free community newspaper. After several grumpy episodes interviewing local people about their so-called “stories”, Ricky’s character has an epiphany. He says ‘ everybody deserves to be in their local paper’ at least once in their lives. There are softer, more intangible results which can be meaningful for internal stakeholders over years to come.

Local 105

John Oliver and the future of newspapers

Media Bullseye

Earlier this month, John Oliver highlighted the plight of newspapers in a 19-minute soliloquy that focused on how important newspapers are—and he also made some fun of the industry’s attempts to address declining subscription rates. As he noted on his show, even though he’s getting the credit for the work, the ideas for the pieces came from local news sources. Buying a newspaper subscription is now an added expense.

How an underground high school newspaper led to a 10+ year blog

Communications Conversations

Last Saturday, there was a wonderful article in the Variety section of the Minneapolis Star Tribune about groups of kids who had started neighborhood newspapers during the pandemic. First, we need more local journalism–whether it’s professional or not. No intern.

Why and how companies are turning to brand journalism

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At the same time, local newspapers are financially struggling, laying off reporters, or closing entirely. Another Ragan Consulting client is Pittsburgh International Airport. Coverage received a 2020 Gold Stevie international business award for its website.

Caterpillar to cut up to 10,000 jobs

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Caterpillar is cutting jobs, citing weakened sales amid a tumultuous international economy. Oberhelman also penned an op-ed in The Peoria Journal Star , the company’s hometown newspaper. RELATED: Learn how to create consistent messages across internal platforms with this free white paper. ]. Peoria has been Caterpillar’s home for 90 years and we know this is especially difficult and hard for our local employees, families and communities.”.

6 Awesome Examples of How To Leverage Corporate History in Brand Storytelling


As a newer service offering, TimesMachine provides The New York Times subscribers with a fully searchable archive of past newspapers, such as the July 20, 1969, article, " The Day Before The Moon Landing." Tasked with chronicling the GNP Company history and Helgeson family legacy, we dove deeply into the company’s archives, along with memorabilia from Helgeson family members and local historical societies.

30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

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The bourbon-based drink is a favorite for fans both in the stands and watching at home or their local watering hole. Internal communications manager—NetApp (California). Internal communications manager—Microsoft (Washington). Copy editor—Manchester Newspapers (New York). Marketing and PR manager—International African American Museum (South Carolina). Break out your fancy chapeau, and pour yourself a minty bourbon delight; Derby Day is approaching.

Behind the Headlines With Alan VanderMolen


Alan VanderMolen, president of international and WE+ at WE Communications, says you need to understand how to reach people in different markets to successfully communicate on a global scale. In this interview, Alan discusses understanding clients’ diverse needs, starting a dialogue with your audience and becoming an important presence in local target markets. You recently joined WE Communications as president, International and WE+. My daily newspaper of choice is…Google.

Local 168

Incoming! How to handle media requests in a crisis

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So my second tip is to expand your media relations team, either internally or by bringing in consultants. If the sympathetic local TV news reporter shows interest in a feature on how your employees fared during the crisis, take advantage of the opportunity to showcase your heroes.

Crisis 158

What Is the Purpose of a Press Release? Plus, How to Pick the Best Press Release Distribution

PR Fuel

Newspapers have less influence, and we can be our own publishers, right? How do you get the attention of that newspaper’s reviewer? You may not need to reach an international audience. Reporters always like to run “local kid does well” stories.

How offering historical context helps in a crisis

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The morning after the earthquake, Fireman’s Fund placed an ad in all major newspapers: “Fireman’s Fund flag is flying and nailed to the mast.”. In 1931, the Yangtze flooded the city of Hankow, including AIG’s local offices.

Crisis 166

How Much Does a Typical Press Release Cost?

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If you wish to do the heavy-lifting yourself (or you have an intern who can do this for you), research the various media outlets yourself. It used to be that there were only a few newspapers that the press release would be distributed to.

Radio 61

What is PR’s unique value for today’s company?

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With all the changes in the last decade—from the rapid rise of social media to the slow demise of local newspapers—how can PR pros make their case for bigger budgets? Plus, a good story can help win over internal stakeholders as well as external consumers and investors. “I

Behind the Headlines With Sharon Ward Keeble


I wanted to be a writer from an early age and after I completed a National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ) course when I was 18, I started working for my local newspaper in Cheshire, England, where I lived. Then, I worked my way through the ranks at various weekly and daily newspapers until I joined a press agency specializing in real-life women’s stories for international magazines and newspapers.

Newsjacking with David Meerman Scott

PR for Anyone

and as an international speaker in over 40 countries and on all seven continents. Maybe they are a newspaper reporter in the city or the town you live in, and they just wrote a story about COVID-19, and they talked about its effect on the local economy.

Public affairs vs. public relations: What is the difference?

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This is because organizations are homing in on local issues, including matters between the public and a legislative body. Letters of support and passages in newspapers can be expected. She currently works with international consultancy Interel and is focusing more of her time on association management. This article originally ran on PR Daily in May 2014.

30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

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Here’s why, from the report: For newspaper reporters—who are already in a dwindling market due to the shift from print to online medium over the last two decades, and the loss of associated revenue—automated publishing services looms as a potential threat. More from the report: Consumer habits will dictate the impact that has on the newspaper industry, since a program cannot provide the same firsthand detail and experience an on-site reporter can. Newspaper reporter.

7 tips to subtly snoop on the competition

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RELATED: Overcome your biggest challenges in internal comms, PR and social media ]. Don’t forget about newspapers. You’d be surprised how much company data you can derive from a weekly or daily newspaper. Robert Rolls, head of online business at Umbrellar Cloud , says his company has sourced crucial competitor information by reading articles in newspapers targeted at smaller, local audiences.

Sharing the Love: Mother-Daughter PR Pros on Mentoring and Mutual Support


I started out working for a small-town newspaper, and then for many years I was director of PR for Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami. Karlie, how did observing your mother’s work in the profession and also in the local Chapter inspire you ? Judy: I’ve always had interns; it’s a good opportunity to provide the same kind of mentoring that you might for your own child. Our local conference also helps expose young people to different professional paths.

Should You Bother With Press Releases? Plus, How to Pick the Best Press Release Distribution

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Newspapers have less influence, and we can be our own publishers, right? How do you get the attention of that newspaper’s reviewer? You may not need to reach an international audience. Reporters always like to run “local kid does well” stories.

Should You Bother With Press Releases? Plus, How to Pick the Best Press Release Distribution

PR Fuel

Newspapers have less influence, and we can be our own publishers, right? How do you get the attention of that newspaper’s reviewer? You may not need to reach an international audience. Reporters always like to run “local kid does well” stories.

Behind the Headlines With Stuart Pfeifer


But the newspaper climate has changed. I’m confident that the skills I developed in more than two decades as a newspaper reporter will serve our clients well. I always thought I’d be… a newspaper reporter. My daily newspaper of choice is… the Los Angeles Times for local news, The New York Times for exceptional writing, national and international news and The Wall Street Journal for business coverage.

How the PESO Model Changes PR’s Conversation


Although your executives may get excited when an acquaintance at the gym compliments them on their local business journal profile, they’re going to get a lot more excited when you can show them your PR efforts generated revenue for your organization. It’s everything from becoming a regular contributor on a media website to having a newspaper or trade publication write about you to appearing on the noon news to talk about your company.

5 Reasons You Might Need to Issue a Press Release

PR Fuel

They get picked up by local and national publications, help journalists, and allow you to control your messaging. This can be done internally, to communicate important updates to staff, or externally, if you need to reach a wider group.

SEO 52

Why letters of assignment don’t matter anymore

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Many PR firms representing state and local government are still insisting on this ridiculous litmus test as to whether a potential journalist will be worth their time when it comes to sponsoring them on a press trip. For example, I knew a travel writer who promised bylines with the Chicago Tribune, knowing she could submit free copy to her local neighborhood version of the newspaper and that Chicago Tribune would appear on the banner.

Maxim Behar's Experience as an Author

Maxim Behar

Just one simple word repeated many times dominates my all biography – work, work, work… I am an international PR expert, Harvard Kennedy school Graduated, but also have a diploma from Universities in Prague, Yokohama, Seattle, London, and Berlin. 03.01.2021.

How to Write an Award-Winning Submission

The Awards Blog

Here are some to consider: Local Chamber of Commerce Awards. International Business Awards (Stevies). Local/Regional Awards. Local Newspapers or Online Publications. Do you want your peers to recognize you for your innovation and hard work? It’s simple: apply for a business award. . In today’s crowded, noisy world, an award is another way to stand out and boost your business profile.

What is PR? 141 PR and Comms Pros Explain What They Do for a Living

Sword and the Script

What is for sure is that a solid PR team is versatile and can expertly cover down on a broad number of functions: internal comms, external comms, executive comms, media relations, analyst relations, corporate social responsibility, thought leadership and marcom, and as I’ve long proposed, content marketing, among many others. 10) “Write and create content for internal and external audiences about my company.”.

Priceless Lessons by Maxim Behar: A Story with Terence Billing

Maxim Behar

And during this visit I was having a cup of coffee standing in the LA office of Hill+Knowlton with the local CEO.

Buffalo Wild Wings ups the ante for Super Bowl OT, Krystal files for bankruptcy, and Starbucks sets sights on sustainability

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local time. decrease in expenditures on newspaper marketing campaigns and an 8.2% 1, the toymaker is releasing an 864-piece model of the International Space Station. The LEGO International Space Station is available February 1st!

Announcing PR Daily’s 2018 Media Relations Awards finalists

PR Daily

Elevating the USA TODAY NETWORK Brand: More Than a Newspaper Company, Diffusion and USA TODAY NETWORK. Halifax International Security Forum 2018, Sage Communications and Summa Strategies with Halifax International Security Forum. Total Transparency: How a Campaign to Promote a 24/7 Visitation Program in a Chemical Plant in Southeast Brazil Became an Effective and Engaging PR Tool for the Local Community and Government, Unipar Carbocloro and Medialogue Digital.

Brands make Earth Day pledge to measure emissions, social media content falls short on accessibility, and NBC condemns anti-BLM email

PR Daily

We also published it in a few newspapers, just in case they missed it. Remember that you will be responsible for communicating state and local guidelines to stakeholders as soon as they change.

How to use HootSuite for PR and online marketing

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One coffee shop's team set up a search for "coffee" and their local area. Download our free guide: 6 steps to crafting an internal social media plan. Follow local and industry-specific journalists. Many are posted on their newspapers' websites; some are available in Twitter lists. A common challenge my clients face in social media marketing is a lack of time and focus. Hootsuite can help.

How To 131

University's digital newsroom an oasis in 'a media desert'

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Sitting 40 miles outside of major urban area filled with colleges, however, Governor's State tends to get overlooked by TV camera crews and newspaper reporters seeking a story. Chicago Tribune , WGN-TV , the Daily Southtown newspaper, and local affiliates for all three major broadcast networks. A newsroom story on how Canada geese were nesting at the university also took off in local newspapers and on TV news broadcasts.

Getting hired and ahead in marketing and PR

Stephen Waddington

Danielle Whitfield, Media and Public Affairs Executive, Newcastle Airport @daniellemalvina Northern boomerang: brands to Newcastle Christian Cerisola was motivated to move into PR after working for a provincial newspaper and receiving poorly targeted pitches. Sales of the newspaper rocketed but the editor was deluged with complaints and called time on hardnosed reporting. A blog about careers as told by eight marketing and PR practitioners in a workshop at Newcastle University.

Pi Day’s an easy PR win for most brands

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The pizza wedding stunt won coverage in local papers in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. Hand out pies in a branch office, and you might just score a story in the local newspaper, at least if your office is in the circulation area of the West Plains Daily Quill. I’m guessing that some social media teams are closer in age to the interns than the chief executive.

5 Lessons Marketers Can Learn from the Popeyes/Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich Twitter Wars


What’s clear from the Chicken Twitter Wars is: Popeyes' internal team knew its brand tone and social media protocols in advance, and were ready to respond like lightning when a social media opportunity arose. #3 Popeyes welcomed it when newspapers and local TV news outlets around the country (such as USA Today, as seen in the image at right) held their own taste tests of Popeyes vs. Chick-fil-A chicken sandwiches, even though there was no way to predict who would come out on top.