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Lockheed Investing in the Future

Ronn Torossian

Despite the recent order of more F-35s Lockheed Martin knows the days of fighter jets controlling the skies won’t last forever. The future of airborne war is increasingly trending toward unmanned aircraft.

Vote Business Wire for SXSW

Business Wire

SXSW PanelPicker allows users to propose which panels they’d like to see take place at the upcoming SXSW conference.

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PR Measurement: 10 Important Metrics That You Need to Monitor

B2B PR Sense

PR measurement has been a bugaboo of the PR industry for years. Of course it mattered, but it was easier to fugeddaboudit, leaving it to fester with all those other items no one wanted to deal with.

How to Empower Sales Teams With PR Insights


PR insights aren’t just helpful to PR and communications professionals; they’re also incredibly useful to sales teams. Sales professionals are always looking for new ways to nurture relationships and build credibility.

How To 256

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

Behind-The-Scenes: The Life of a Summer Intern

PR Expanded

A Guest Post Announcement by Brendan Smith, Student, West Chester University – College of Business. With the new school year fast approaching, interns are beginning to reflect on their experiences this summer.

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Editorial Coverage Drives Trust. It's Time to Increase Your PR Budgets

Business Wire

It’s been happening for a while now. With the number of communications platforms growing at an ever-increasing pace, marketing executives have been under pressure to move dollars away from traditional public relations efforts in order to fund emerging communication channels.

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Pledge your personal support to tackle ethnic diversity in public relations

Stephen Waddington

The Taylor Bennett Foundation has launched a £50,000 campaign to expand its programme to encourage black, Asian and ethnic minority candidates to consider a career in public relations. The numbers tell the story. The UK public relations industry is white, middle class and concentrated in London.

Behind the Headlines with Tera Leuthauser


We have all heard the saying, hard work pays off. Case in point: Tera Leuthauser, who after seven years with Bollare Communications was recently upped to Vice President of the company.

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Using PR To Help Brands Build Trust

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

2017 has seen its share of public relations hits and misses, and staying on the “hits” side of the ledger is linked with maintaining brand trust. Companies like Yum! Brands keep finding ways to do well by doing good.

Brand 195

Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

The rise of micro-influencer marketing

PR Daily

When it comes to social media followers, sometimes less is more. It might seem inefficient to target people with 10,000 followers rather than those with a million, but micro-influencer campaigns can reap huge PR and marketing benefits. Some call it “ the new frontier of marketing.”.

How to Craft a Strong B2B Social Media Strategy That Supports Your PR Goals

B2B PR Sense

A B2B social media strategy is no longer a "nice to have," but a "must have." Social media has grown from its infancy as a simple network for friends and family to a powerful moving force, especially in public relations. Social media is what takes the Clark Kents of the PR industry, and turns them into Supermen. OK, that might be a stretch, but you get the ideat. You can use social media for B2B as a tool to empower PR professionals to do their jobs better and more efficiently.

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The “Smart Communications” Revolution: How to Optimize Earned Media Programs


Your public relations and communications programs should be the most vital part of your company’s media strategy. Because consumers trust earned media more than any other marketing form.

Parents of Teens Alert: Social Media More Addictive Than Cocaine

Social PR Chat

Bad habits are hard to break, and experts say teen smartphone addictions are harder to treat than cocaine and alcohol addictions. Put it in the hands of teens and the mix of social media and smartphones is proving to have adverse effects. Signs of Social Binging.

How to “Kill It” During Your Next Big Change

When it comes to change communication, employees need your help to understand what’s happening. Use these four steps to help employees navigate change.

5 tips to help young PR pros launch their careers

PR Daily

I never dreamed of going into PR. I aspired to become a nurse, but when I was preparing to apply to nursing school, I studied abroad in Europe. As I traveled to different countries, I became fascinated with cultures and the ways in which people interact.

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Memo To Trump: Your “News Channel” Is Fake

The Stalwart Blog

More to the point, it’s propaganda. I get it that Trump, and apparently about a third of U.S. voters, believe he’s gotten a raw deal. Even if that were remotely true, the idea of launching his own “news” channel in response would do little to stem this tide.

NewsAI:  An Impressive New PR Software Tool [Product Review]

Sword and the Script

If there’s one frustration every PR pro faces at one point or another. It’s the media pitch met with silence. Even the best media relations pros – with well-researched pitches – face the dilemma of no response one time or another. Did the reporter get the email?

The Earned Media Holy Grail: Business Press Coverage

Shift Communications

It’s rare that a week goes by without the team talking about business press coverage. All clients want it, and few understand what it takes to get it. When I first started in PR, the desire was an article in a major national newspaper, above the fold and on the right side.

6 tips to optimize media coverage

PR Daily

The benefits of a media mention go far beyond SEO. Here are tips on getting the most out of that coverage. Look for the link. If a media mention links to any page on your website, you’re having a great day for search engine optimization.

Media 134

A good newsroom will improve your SEO


Google does not like pdf, it likes posts and pages. Posts and pages on a website or newsroom contain information in the HTML code that tells Google what kind of information can be found on a specific page or post. A pdf does not contain this information.

SEO 109

PR Measurement’s Secret Weapon Integrated UTMs


It’s always great to be the one at the table who’s got the answers. The one who, when asked “Which campaign is worth running again?” ” or “Which channel is driving the most results?”

We need to talk about Edinburgh

Mark My Words

I’ve been going to the Fringe Festival for as long as I can remember. It remains the seminal arts event in Britain today, only behind Glastonbury in its symbolism. But this year, I couldn’t help but detect a lethargy about the place.

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PR and marketing pros’ guide to press releases

PR Daily

Are press releases no longer necessary? There are tons of digital platforms that are grabbing consumers’ attention, time and money. Brand managers now use websites, blogs, social media, influencers, email and other channels to reach their target audiences.

When Thought Leadership Drives Lead Generation

Shift Communications

Every company wants more leads, right? Influencing a target audience to meet a goal or take action is the heart of public relations. In a recent SHIFT blog , our VP of Marketing Tech, Chris Penn, answered the question ‘what is thought leadership?’.

HMA Public Relations – Soaring to New Heights

HMA Public Relations

The team at HMA Public Relations went indoor skydiving last week at iFLY Phoenix! We all survived and have lived to tell the tale! Click below for more]. The post HMA Public Relations – Soaring to New Heights appeared first on HMA Public Relations.

Behavioral science – why a base understanding of it can be useful in PR

Media Bullseye

The primary objective of public relations work is to build “mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” This is the definition of PR on the PRSA’s website, and essentially, it is about communication—how to communicate with audiences.

PR considerations for tech startups

PR Daily

“How do I get coverage in TechCrunch , the Wall Street Journal and other tech publications?”. I literally get that question every week from founders of tech startups. They know that publicity—especially from credible, respected publications—has the potential to boost company recognition.

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State of Social Media, 2Q 2017: Twitter Fails to Grow Users

Shift Communications

Twitter, the 140-character stream of what’s happening now, surprised everyone by reversing its Q1 growth and falling flat – literally – with no quarterly user growth. Let’s see what else happened in their Q2 earnings. Audience Growth. We see the surprise below: 0.0%

Breaking Down the AP Stylebook’s New Rules on Gender


In August, PRSA is celebrating Diversity Month by focusing on the diverse communities, people and practices that comprise public relations. We will also be providing advice and insight on how to build a better PR profession through diversity and inclusion.

Survey 126

Why it isn’t time to kill the personal website

Stuart Bruce

Transcript of ‘Why it isn’t time to kill the personal website’. I’ve just read an article on The Next Web entitled “ Time to kill the personal website ” and I couldn’t disagree more.

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Walmart apologizes for back-to-school “hero” sign above gun display

PR Daily

Walmart might not have the answers to a recent backlash, but its swift crisis response can be a model for PR pros. On Wednesday, a photo lingered on the front page of Reddit, later making the rounds on Twitter and Facebook.

Reddit 116

15 mistakes companies make when hiring a PR firm

Axia PR

Use this checklist to make sure you’re optimizing your relationship with your PR firm. Here are fifteen mistakes your company might be making when hiring a public relations firm: Public Relations Featured PR Tips