Living in a more caring age – introducing the Internet of Caring Things

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We’ve all heard a great deal about the Internet of Things, which was recently reported to be worth an estimated $531 billion to the UK economy by 2030. While it is no doubt still extremely relevant for corporations and brands, trendwatching has picked up on a new tech trend that has been making the rounds – The Internet […]. The post Living in a more caring age – introducing the Internet of Caring Things appeared first on Firefly Communications.

Hold the front page: the news business remains a work in progress

Stephen Waddington

Today half of the world’s population have access to the internet, with the remainder predicted to come online by 2030. In 2030 everyone is expected to have internet access. A well-functioning news media is critical to democracy.

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3 ways to land media coverage when you don’t have news

PR Daily

Where will your industry be in 2030? If you’ve got no news to pitch to journalists, create some. Some of the ideas below can be implemented cheaply; some will require a larger portion of your budget.

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Whetting Asia Pacific’s Appetite — One Story at a Time

The Hoffman Agency

By 2030, global food demand is expected to rise by 35 percent. By Ashleigh Chong, Senior Account Executive. It’s official — we eat a lot. Do you know that in just 60 seconds, we consume over 5,000 tonnes of food globally?

Public relations in 2018

Stephen Waddington

By 2030 everyone on the planet will be connected. Here’s my analysis of the opportunities and challenges that I believe public relations faces in the next 12 months. They’re not so much predictions as a work in progress. This is an article and deck about the outlook for public relations and social media in 2018. It’s based on insight from my day job working at Ketchum and incorporates crowdsourced feedback to an initial draft.