How to Make Facebook a Career Book

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If there is coverage in your local newspaper, post the web link in your feed. The revelation that companies are asking potential employees for Facebook passwords got me thinking about how Facebook has rapidly evolved as both diary and biography. Given the addition of timeline to Facebook’s configuration, people on the hunt would do well to make Facebook work for them instead of the converse. While there are other solid platforms like LinkedIn that are a source of rich C.V.

Perception, Reality, and Public Relations

Waxing UnLyrical

Newspapers and other media have become inured to my frequent “letter to the editor” assaults, most of the time wisely choosing to ignore my comments on ethical misbehavior and/or lack of transparency in governmental or business affairs. I’ve been known to “occasionally” jump on my soapbox to rail against everything from students’ inability to write coherent sentences to public transit systems’ inability to provide anything vaguely resembling “service.”.


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PR vs. Journalism: Why Rivalry Hurts Both

Waxing UnLyrical

Did you know that newspaper jobs are disappearing at an alarming rate? While perusing my Facebook stream the other day, I came across this article on Business Insider. Its title alone (What PR People Really Think Of Journalists) told me the article was link bait. What it didn’t tell me was that in attempting to “end” a decades, if not centuries, old rivalry, is that it would make every public relations pro look like an immature jerk.

Do You Know a Hero With a Heart?

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They’re not on the front page of the newspaper, and they’re not mingling with the Gates and Buffets of the world… or heck, even the Shankmans and Brogans of our world. 29, closing at midnight EST; Public voting: finalists will appear on the CTK Facebook Page for public voting during April, and the winners will be announced on May 1, 2012. Are you up for helping a non-profit volunteer win a $5,000 award? If yes, read on.

5 Reminders of Word Choice's Importance

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Hug your calculator in 2012. 5) Share Your Knowledge and Help a Younger Writer Succeed: Minneapolis Star Tribune -- How often do you see writing advice in the business section of a daily newspaper? What''s in a Word? A lot. A chain of links this morning reminds us of the importance of word choice. A Tale of Two Cliches You''re thinking, "But we also say, ''don''t sweat the small stuff.''" There''s some substance in this trite phrase as well.

What PR pros should know about today's newsroom

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A newspaper might ax its managing editor or put a publisher with an advertising background at the helm of the editorial operation. If you're looking for a religion reporter to pitch at your state's flagship newspaper, that beat may no longer exist. According to data from the American Society of News Editors newsroom census , the number of photographers and videographers at newspapers was cut by 43 percent in 2012, compared to a reduction of 32 percent among reporters and writers.

Why and how companies are turning to brand journalism

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At the same time, local newspapers are financially struggling, laying off reporters, or closing entirely. Ylisela and Mark Ragan, founder of Chicago-based Ragan Communications , started to teach the concept of brand journalism in 2012.

United, NYSE offer reassurances after computer issues

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When the home page was back up, the newspaper’s account tweeted: We're back up—and ready for the Fed! Even with those reassurances, many on Twitter joked that the stock exchange being down seemed similar to a plot point from the 2012 movie “The Dark Knight Rises.”.

PR using owned media for modernised crisis communications rebuttal

Stuart Bruce

The apology advert or produce recall advert in the national newspaper. European Union Commission president Jean Claude Juncker has tweeted photographs of inaccurate newspaper articles, complete with his own hand-written corrections. Photo credit: Newspaper Club via Flickr. Amazon is the latest big company to use modernised crisis communications to rebut attacks in mainstream media.

Changes in journalism impacting PR


The report stated: “The committee was particularly struck by the number of journalist jobs that have been lost in the last few years, which some evidence suggested was approximately 3000–3200 positions between 2012 and late-2017. The rounds covered by a mainstream newspaper today may not be assigned a specialist reporter tomorrow – say goodbye, in some cases, to environmental reporters, science reporters, local government reporters and more.

May The Fourth Be With You! A Star Wars Tale

Critical Mention

Just like in The Empire Strikes Back when Luke Skywalker hears the ghastly news that Darth Vader is his father and uses The Force to dive perfectly into space, Felix Baumgartner broke the sound barrier falling 23 miles from the Earth’s stratosphere in 2012. Earth bikers might not be as speedy, but 100 years ago Henri Desgrange came up with the idea of a bike race around France in order to raise the profile of the newspaper he worked for.

Film 89

2 Enduring Strategies for These Content-Saturated Times


You could optimize a news release, and Google News indexed it just the same as an article from a real newspaper! Then in 2012 they took the company public and revenue actually mattered. You’ve heard me preach that there’s no silver bullet channel or platform that will persist long enough for you to make it your career. But there are two strategies that were effective yesterday and today that will also endure well past your retirement.

How Harry’s very LA relaunch has only just begun

Mark My Words

Critics have been at pains to point out that his appointment to the Aspen Institute’s new Commission on Information Disorder, a six-month project that will examine the “modern-day crisis of faith in key institutions” appears somewhat at odds with the Sussexes’ repeated insistence that they do not look at newspapers, magazines or social media. The Telegraph Jobs appear to be like buses for Prince Harry. Wait a lifetime for an opening and two come along at the same time.

Leveson Inquiry archive important contribution to debate and education on media ethics

Stephen Waddington

The Inquiry published the Leveson Report in November 2012 which made recommendations for a new, independent, body to replace the Press Complaints Commission. It heard from prime ministers, newspaper proprietors and editors, police chiefs, lawyers, working journalists, victims of press abuse - there's never been anything quite like it.”

3 Valuable Tips To Establish Credibility Via Speaking Engagements


A rewrite of my May 2012 post entitled “8 critical steps to building your business with speaking engagements.”. As part of our PR advice, we recommended he give the story a wider audience by turning his speech into a newspaper article. He agreed and we then assisted him in writing a full-page bylined piece that appeared in The Toronto Star, one of the largest daily newspapers in North America. Over the last (almost) 3 years, I’ve written more than 236 blog posts.

Facebook’s Current Woes Symptomatic of Raging Content Saturation


You could optimize a news release, and Google News indexed it just the same as an article from a real newspaper! Then in 2012 they took the company public and revenue actually mattered. Facebook is an easy target right now. I’m not predicting they won’t recover from the #DeleteFacebook rebellion. I wouldn’t bet against that many super-smart people with such deep resources.

PR ethics and journalism ethics in the face of media business meltdown

Stuart Bruce

“I researched the newspaper’s coverage of HSBC. Six articles on this subject can now be found online, between 8 and 15 November 2012, although three are not available to view.” Since columnist Peter Oborne sensationally resigned from The Telegraph with a devastating public critique of what he believed to be its declining ethical and editorial standards I’ve read very little about the role and implications for PR, corporate communications and business.

Ethics 115

Flawed Dot Connecting from Washington Post Correlates Rise of PR to the Fall of Journalism

Ishmael's Corner

Since Craigslist eviscerated the classified ads business in newspapers, journalists have been writing the “poor me” story. In 2012, a continued erosion of news reporting resources converged with growing opportunities for those in politics, government agencies, companies and others to take their messages directly to the public.”. At some point, it became fashionable for these “poor me” stories to blame the PR industry for journalism’s shrinking job pool.

2020 Marketing Budget Planning: Here’s How Marketers Say Spending is Shaping Up

Sword and the Script

66% said newspapers. It’s a slow build, but when you look at a competitor and feel jealous because they have 100,000 subscribers on their list, it’s because they started in 2012 and kept at it. October is typically a time of year with special urgency for many in marketing. For starters, it’s the beginning of Q4 and all the pressure that comes with trying to make the numbers for the year.

Marketing lessons from four iconic campaigns and visionaries

PR Daily

The marketing campaign spread through movies, newspapers, posters, photos and articles, as it reminded and inspired women that they played a crucial role in the war effort. In 2012, Red Bull sponsored Felix Baumgartner’s live space jump. Everyone knows that when you propose you offer a diamond ring, right? That wasn’t always the case. You can thank (or blame) marketers for that tradition.

#InnovateNow With Nichole Kelly: Stand Out on Social


In 2012, Nichole launched SME Digital, the digital consultancy arm of Social Media Explorer, and has since assumed responsibility for day-to-day operations of Social Media Explorer , a top 40 marketing blog. It’s just like when the newspaper expanded into radio and then to TV, the only difference is that we have some better technology to deploy it on today. The proliferation of owned media. The democratization of voice through social. Media’s evolving landscape.

Will India See a Rise in Digital PR?

Waxing UnLyrical

Apart from the usual layoffs, cost reduction, and restructuring, we have seen newspapers and magazines getting thinner, TV stations cutting back on programming, and several publications and channels are on the block. With the economic slowdown, we are starting to see traditional PR activities becoming slightly tougher as the rate at which newspapers/magazines are shutting down increases, their numbers of pages are reduced, and broadcast channels cut back on original programming.

Brand story management for museum communication teams


A study in 2012 showed that the amount of professional journalists has declined over the past five years. Does the stakeholder write for a newspaper or a blog? What are the challenges of museum communication teams? And how can a modern software solution help? During the past two months I did an internship in the press and communication department of the MAS museum in Antwerp.

Double-dipping exposes reputation risk in blurred boundaries of PR and journalism

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Not long after contacting the journalist, his network, the agency and some of its clients, Canada’s largest-circulation newspaper reported that the network had suspended the TV anchor. One could hypothesize questions 1 and 2 were debated at both the TV network and the newspaper.). When it comes to reputation, there is little distinction between a real conflict and a perceived one. Op-Ed by Daniel Tisch, APR, FCPRS.

The Race Back to Actual News

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More than 15 years ago, I began telling people that the Internet might kill newspapers but that it won’t end journalism. In 2012, Carr wrote, presciently, that actual news is likely the next “killer app.” A robust, free press remains part of the fabric of our nation, even as we continue to struggle with how to pay for it.

The transition from media to PR: Four former journalists talk about the surprises, struggles and wins

Communications Conversations

Newspapers are cutting staff. KSTP-TV told me in August of 2012 that they weren’t renewing my contract and they would give me a year to find another job. In the course of a day I could be talking to a TV producer in San Antonio and a newspaper reporter in Minneapolis to line up segments and stories. Since the beginning of the year, I’ve noticed a distinct trend: more former media folks making the transition to the PR/social side.

PR's responsibility to the public

PR Daily

According to June Deery in the 2012 book " Consuming Reality ," between 50 and 90 percent of the news stories in newspapers or on television originate entirely or in part from a PR agency. People who don’t understand PR tend to conflate it with media relations. Though earning coverage is just one of many PR activities, the profound changes shaking the news business are good news for public relations.

Double-dipping exposes reputation risk in blurred boundaries of PR and journalism

PR Conversations

Not long after contacting the journalist, his network, the agency and some of its clients, Canada’s largest-circulation newspaper reported that the network had suspended the TV anchor. One could hypothesize questions 1 and 2 were debated at both the TV network and the newspaper.). When it comes to reputation, there is little distinction between a real conflict and a perceived one. Op-Ed by Daniel Tisch, APR, FCPRS.

Taking the collective temperature of Italian females in PR

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In Italy, we note a growing trend regarding male journalists who lost their newspaper jobs; many are recycling (or reinventing) themselves into new positions in public relations. Since 2012 ,she is a member of Ferpi, the Italian Federation grouping PR professionals. By Enrica Orecchia. A focus on skills and evolving trends, as well as the PR profession’s strategic value, remain key to a more effective female presence. Framework.

Duke Energy powers up its new brand journalism site

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22, not only dives right into this problem , but also looks at other subjects any newspaper might explore. Upon its merger with Progress Energy in 2012, Duke Energy became the largest electrical utility in the nation, Efthimiou says. Worried about light pollution—all those bright city lights and ballpark-scaled LED boards that white out the stars at night?

2016: When PR Turned to the Dark Side

Flatiron Communications

I mean did it even matter that nearly every newspaper in the country published full-throated condemnations of Mr. Trump? Media Walls Crumble: Brands Benefit (November 2012). 2016 was the year when the currents that have slowly eroded the tenuous relationship between journalists and PR pros coalesced to create an existential crisis that may not be easily remedied.

5 ways PR pros can tell startups’ stories

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Whether you are pitching to Techcrunch or a tabloid newspaper, all media outlets love stories which are brimming with drama. David vs. Goliath stories, such as Facebook launching it’s Poke App back in 2012. So, you are launching a new enterprise communication tool (Slack) carshare platform (Uber) or location based dating app (Tinder). Great.