Social messaging’s newest player: Bebo

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If you currently have no idea what I’m talking about, I’ll forgive you straight away, because Bebo is a bit of a blast from the past – it launched as a social network in 2005 and faded from view towards the end of the decade following a couple of changes of ownership and […]. Bebo is back!

PR 2020: What will it be like?


If you had asked public relations professionals in 2005 what their daily routine would look like, there’s a good chance none would have predicted the landscape of 2016. [By Jason Mollica]. Victor Hugo once said that there is nothing like a dream to create the future.

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Oxford English Dictionary adds 'meh,' 'fo'shizzle,' 'sext' and more

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2009), photobomb (2008), crowdfund (2008), totes (2005), staycation (2005), and sext (2001). Every year, the Oxford English Dictionary captures headlines by adding some colloquialisms to its digital tome. It’s a great sign of the times and a reminder of what nerds we can be.

YouTube's evolution as a marketing vehicle

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I can’t recall the first viral YouTube video I watched, and I can’t recall exactly how (or in what format) we shared the Internet’s most legendary videos before the service launched in 2005.

Multi-National Marketers Take Note: What’s Different About Canadians


For example, in July 2005, Canada became the fourth country in the world and the first outside of Europe to legalize same-sex marriage—a full 10 years before the United States. Happy Canada Day!

The Field of Emergency Management: Why It Is Not A Profession

Melissa Agnes

They refer to emergency management as a profession, yet indicate that following Hurricane Katrina in 2005 “…emergency managers were having a difficult time explaining their roles to policy makers and to the public. By Dr. Thomas D. Phelan.

R.I.P. For PR Spin: Ethics, Public Relations and The Imminent Death of “Spin”


For a terrifically funny example of spin, watch the 2005 movie, "Thank You For Smoking.". The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) has declared this September as "Ethics Awareness Month," complete with "The New Era of Authenticity" as a theme.

Reinvention Roadmap Review: Reroute Your Career or Business


But, before that I was a speaker at Liz’s International Women’s Conference in 2005. Where are you right now? Could your career or business be in a better place? A new book, Reinvention Roadmap by Liz Ryan , will help you get there. You have to go way, way back in my archives to find Liz Ryan mentions – all the way to 2006. Since I first found Liz via WorldWIT, I’ve been a huge fan of her take on business, careers and life. Check out more career resources at Human Workplace.

New Year’s Honours 2015

Stuart Bruce

Tom Murphy @tpemurphy – I first ‘knew’ Tom by reading his PR blog, but didn’t meet him until 2005 when we both spoke at the UK’s first ever PR social media conference in 2005.

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Social Media Usage Skyrockets in Last Decade

The Proactive Report

Back in 2005 when Pew started tracking social media usage just 7% of adults where active on social networking sites. Today that number is 65%. Over the years Pew has monitored how the rise of social media has affected our work, relationships and communication patterns and how these changes have affected business and politics.

Muhammad Ali: titan of the ring who invented a unique brand of showmanship

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Back in 2005 Borkowski promoted the World Sports Awards in the Royal Albert Hall. Muhammad Ali was a limitless divinity, touched by a tincture of madness. He was the showman beyond all showmen, conquering the decades with an all powerful chaos. When I was still in short trousers I witnessed his all consuming hype machine sweeping up all in his path. Nobody was immune to it: an intoxicating deity, an all powerful one man circus, beamed into our homes via a black and white analogue medium.

8 Questions with Syracuse University’s Sports Legend, Michael Veley

Critical Mention

The founding director of SU’s sport management program, Veley joined the Falk College in 2005 as department chair and was named professor of practice the following year. By Robin Gelfenbien. To say Michael Veley embodies sports is an understatement.

Holding women back in PR limits agencies' effectiveness, creativity

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In his 2005 book, “ The Wisdom of Crowds ,” James Surowiecki explained the reason behind this belief. The gender gap is affecting the public relations industry. On Wednesday, the MSLGGroup—the world’s fifth-largest public relations agency—agreed to a $2.9

Behind the Headlines With Jody Fisher


anything about New York City history — so it’s a toss-up between “Island at the Center of the World” by Russell Shorto (2005) and “The Power Broker” by Robert Caro (1975). Austin & Williams, the advertising, branding and digital marketing agency has recently tapped Jody Fisher, a NYC PR veteran, to head up its new in- house PR practice. Jody joins the agency with an extensive background in communications. He began as a radio reporter before transitioning to PR in 1999.

4 pieces of PR wisdom from Hunter S. Thompson

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20, 2005. As the 10th anniversary of the untimely death of Hunter S. Thompson nears, I am reminded of some lessons he taught me early in my career that still resonate today, decades and several careers later. These lessons were shared sitting at the bar when I was a cub reporter in Aspen.

How to use the ellipsis

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In general, an ellipsis is not needed when the first part of the sentence is deleted: January 2005 was “the winter of our discontent.”. In a world of texting and snapchatting, everyone is trying to say more with less.

Google’s Decision Five Years Ago to Communicate Changes in China on Its Corporate Blog Signaled the Arrival of Owned Media.

Ishmael's Corner

As far back as 2005, BusinessWeek devoted a cover feature to blogs that included the words: “Your customers and rivals are figuring blogs out. Google’s decision on January 12, 2005 forever altered this perception.

HSN, Inc. Taps Flatiron as Corp. PR Agency

Flatiron Communications

Founded in 2005, Flatiron Communications LLC is a New York City-based PR and digital media consultancy that helps emerging and established firms and organizations capitalize on the latest strategies and tools to build their business and reputation. HSN, Inc. Retains Flatiron Communications, LLC as its. Corporate Communications Agency of Record. Interactive Multichannel Retailer Taps NYC-Based PR/Media Consultancy for. Strategic Counsel, Corporate and Media Relations.

What will PR technology look like in 2025?

Communications Conversations

Now, what about 2005? After all, who could predict that Facebook would become an essential took for PR pros in 2005? A few weeks ago, the MN PRSA folks asked me to present at the local APR study session on “technology.”

What We Learn From Famous PR Failures

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

” And we’ll never forget it because the 2005 stunt by Snapple happened just a few blocks from our office. Later this year, The Museum of Failure is scheduled to open in Sweden.

5 questions to ask about color in your messages

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In a 2005 study , Mubeen Aslam notes: In the U.S., This week, Pantone named Marsala — “a naturally robust and earthy wine red” — as its official color of the year for 2015. Last month, the Color Marketing Group revealed the four colors researchers forecast will be popular in 2016 and beyond.

New York magazine turns to social media after hack

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While Cosby hasn’t been charged with a crime, he admitted during a deposition in 2005 that he had sex with young women to whom he had given Quaaludes.

Home sweet home – return to blogging, address well known

PR Conversations

Originally launched in Spring 2007, PR Conversations broke new ground by envisioning and introducing an international, collaborative PR blog concept under the initial guidance of Toni Muzi Falconi who had founded the original root-blog (tonisblog) sometime around 2005. It has taken rather a while to unpack all the boxes, redecorate and invite you round for a house blog-warming party chez PR Conversations*.

The changing media landscape…and what it means for media relations

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It feels like, from a media relations standpoint, we’re still playing by 2005 rules. It’s no secret–the media landscape has shifted. Seismically. Media share news differently now. Media create news differently now. Media are different.

It’s 2015 and #PRDiversity Is Still An Issue

Waxing UnLyrical

That percentage has doubled since 2005. Ed: Did you do a double take? Yes, you get TWO guest posts this week. I’ll be back in the blogging saddle next week. And that’s no double talk. Enjoy!

Super Bowl 50 ads employ humor, candor and side-show freakiness

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In 2005, the brand aired a commercial spotlighting Cedric the Entertainer as a dance-happy designated driver. Branding experts are calling Super Bowl 50 the “modern Super Bowl.”. To best stick in the minds of consumers, marketers and advertisers aren’t too concerned with “staying on message.”

5 podcasts for PR pros

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According to Edison Research , which has continuously studied podcasts since 2005, the “highly targeted nature of podcasts, combined with the trust that listeners have in their favorite hosts, provides the ability to gain access to an engaged and receptive audience.”.

Deconstructing the Century of the Selfie for PR purposes

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The Future of Marketing: Paul Roetzer

Shift Communications

He started PR 20/20, an inbound marketing agency, in 2005. Back in September, we attended the FutureM and INBOUND Conferences in Boston. As you might expect at an event called “Future of Marketing,” we spent a lot of time talking about, well, the future of marketing.

Trust Me, PR is dead – long live public relations

Stuart Bruce

Can you remember who Time magazine’s person of the year was in 2005? Trust Me, PR is Dead is the provocative title of Robert Phillip’s long-awaited second book.

The networks we’ve tried. and abandoned


See, I started using Flickr in 2005 and it works for me. Why do some social networks thrive, while others fail? I’m sure you can all list a few social tools you eagerly tried out and then promptly forgot.

What PR Courses Actually Need To Teach PR Undergraduates

PR in Your Pajamas

In 2005, I took a public relations course at a major state university – PR 101 – and remember the lesson plans clearly: the history of PR. The public relations industry is changing rapidly. Unfortunately, it looks like PR education is not adapting as fast. In today’s guest post by Ed Zitron, he talks about what students of PR really need to learn to succeed.

Things That Go Tweet in the Night

Waxing UnLyrical

… from 2005.” This has been a CRAZY week if you work in the digital/social media space. Through the looking glass. First there was the whole Rachel Maddow thing. “ WE HAZ TRUMP’S TAX RETURNS!!!!! ” Bubble. Burst.

5 questions to ask when taking the temperature of your corporate comms

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Chances are your professional goals have changed since 2005, and so have your organization's. Analytics are a blessing for corporate communicators who have been trying for decades to accurately and reliably measure their value.

Behind the Headlines with Eliot Harrison


Eliot Harrison first joined MCS Healthcare Public Relations in 2005.

4 PR crisis missteps to avoid

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In 2005, the first victim, 16-year-old Amber Marie Rose, was killed when the ignition switched off her car’s electrical system and her vehicle crashed into a tree. Managing a public relations crisis feels like piloting an out-of-control plane.

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Why the APR Has a Great ROI


The process took about six months and I successfully passed the Examination in 2005. I’m a huge advocate of the Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) program, and it’s not hard to figure out why. The APR has been good to me — very good.

Comma chameleon: How it changes the color of your meaning

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In 2005, that same senator called filibusters “obstructionist.”. Certainly, one might just add “however” and make it explicit: In 2005, however, that same senator called filibusters “obstructionist.”.

Blue Monday- sending out the right signals

Mark My Words

Beginning life as a press release by Sky Travel in 2005, the history of Blue Monday has been much discussed by PR watchers. It’s banal. It’s cynical. It lacks all credibility. Yet somehow Blue Monday has become an actual thing, a date that registers on our cultural calendar and even has its own Wikipedia page. This is the day, usually the third Monday in January, sometimes fourth, that Psychologist Dr Cliff Arnall showed to be the most miserable day of the year.

12 News Release Alternatives

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If you keep trying the same thing, expecting different results, you''re nuts. So here are some alternatives to the much loved, abused and murdered news release. 1) Infographic: USA Today was the first to own the infographic because snappy visuals help show the news instead of simply telling it.