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Maxim Behar: Social media is the realm of free speech, which makes our world better

Maxim Behar

I believe that nowadays, and I'm sure it will be the same in the future, we shouldn't divide journalists into those who write for mainstream media and get paid as journalists, and those who sit behind their keyboards and inform society about what’s interesting. But it's like dividing car drivers into professionals and amateurs.

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Meet the Media: Molly Boigon, Tech and Innovation Reporter at Automotive News

Bianchi Biz Blog

I have been writing about vehicle infotainment centers and connectivity. How long have you been in journalism and how did you get started? My first jobs after college were in radio production (both news and entertainment), and I eventually became a radio reporter at WGBH in Boston covering education in 2018.


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Succession Season Premiere: What Was All That Media Monitoring Talk About?

Critical Mention

He is left trying to write down individual tweets, which is both humorous and pathetic. A native New Yorker, he originally began his career in journalism and later moved to marketing, discovering a passion for branding and analytics. Until next time! Critical Mention. Eric Lebowitz.

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AirPR Interview Series: Emmy Award Winning Journalist & PR Pro Mika Stambaugh


AirPR sat down with Mika and discussed unique communications strategies, moving from journalism to PR: AirPR: Tell us about TMI and how you help brands and organizations gain visibility and manage reputation. AirPR: You started your career in journalism. Mika: TMI (The MAS Ink) is the name of my new boutique PR firm.

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Say Goodbye to Paywalls with Critical Mention’s Licensed Content

Critical Mention

Critical Mention’s Licensed Content offering makes it incredibly simple for media pros to track and measure mentions within worldwide news sources and industry trade journals. . Looking for a way to monitor, analyze and share your coverage from TV, radio, online news and social media sources? SCHEDULE A DEMO. Priscilla Osorio.

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Spotlight on a Solo PR Pro: Meet Stu Opperman, APR

Solo PR Pro

He developed a love of sports and print media at a young age, and set off to the University of Florida to pursue a degree in journalism. When he arrived on campus, however, he was amazed by the student-run broadcast stations, including radio and TV stations that would actually compete in the local market for ratings. “I

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20 Great Communications Quotes

Critical Mention

PR is a mix of journalism, psychology, and lawyering – it’s an ever-changing and always interesting landscape. Looking for a way to monitor, analyze and share your coverage from TV, radio, online news and social media sources? . — Lori Ruff. Who you are is speaking so loudly that I can’t hear what you’re saying. Ralph Waldo Emerson.