What real estate can teach marketers about social media

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Real estate in 2016 is a game of marketing, and it’s vital for organizations to engage with potential customers on social media. Real estate often feels like a minefield, where the wrong decision as either a buyer or seller can cost you a significant amount of time and money. Here are a few connections between the real estate industry and how marketing pros should approach social media.

Megaworld’s video raises employee awareness of UN’s sustainable development goals

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The theme was relevant for employees of a real estate developer, resulting in the top prize in the ‘Video’ category of PR Daily’s 2020 Nonprofit PR Awards. The production features frontline and managerial employees, along with executives, expressing their support for the goals.


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Addressing media inquiries when an employee has coronavirus

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Messages to clients, customers and employees should be clear and concise, showing you are in control and staying abreast of the hourly updates from health and government officials. Messaging should demonstrate compassion for hardships that clients and employees are facing.

Three Questions Every Business Needs to Ask About Online Risk

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Do your employees touch private data? . If your employees touch the private data of your customers, then you have risk. If your employees touch private data, then your company is vulnerable to e-mail phishing attacks. Hackers particularly like companies in healthcare, finance and insurance, real estate, manufacturing, government contracting and transportation. Create policies and educate your network of employees, agents, brokers, etc.

Why aren’t employers giving PR employees the benefits they want?

Communications Conversations

Employees hold all the cards. Employers need to adapt in terms of what employees really want in the new economy. How do you expect to keep star employees motivated when you’re giving them, essentially, what amounts to a cost-of-living increase?

How workplaces will be transformed in the wake of COVID-19

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Workplace expert shares nearly 20 ways to create a safe space in your office right now for employees, as well as issues to address in the coming months. Ragan: What are the top three concerns organizations should address as employees return to their offices in the coming months?

Creating an internal task force around return to the workplace

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As organizations plan, communications must have a seat at the table, says Christy Ingle, vice president of corporate communications at CBRE , an international real estate and investment firm. A look at how communicators are navigating this complex issue.

How Re/Max pivoted for Pride Month during the pandemic

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Sometimes the best storytellers and advocates are your own employees. Kayla Roofe, senior social media manager for the organization, was able to bring in real estate agents who identify as LGBTQ to share their stories and what “home” means to them. Employee takeover.

Knowledge is Power: Media Monitoring and the Bigger Picture


Director of Communications, Enterprise Real Estate Company (>1000 employees). One of your brand’s most valuable resources is your reputation. Media monitoring is a must-have for successful PR and communications professionals.

8 keys to regaining control of your workday

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I work with many clients to audit their calendars, and it’s not uncommon for us to reclaim 20% or more of that precious real estate. FREE GUIDE: Run smarter email comms—and actually reach employees ]. For your firm, the things you decide not to do will free up time, resources and capital for the real priorities. Employee Engagement Internal Communications Leadership Communications The Workplace

REI to sell HQ campus, Tribune Publishing closes five newsrooms, and Facebook warns users who share COVID-19 content

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Also: Matthew McConaughey’s interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci on Instagram, WFH engagement drops for women and Black employees, Steinmart files for bankruptcy, and more. CNN’s Kerry Flynn wrote : It’s no surprise to see Tribune cut real estate costs.

Saxum’s Jeff Risley on using this crisis to your advantage

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Risley: For the last few months, we’ve been deep into a big internal marketing and branding refresh, including a redesigned website, a shift in thinking for the company, and a focus on communities rather than real estate. message to clients, co-workers or employees for the rest of 2020?

Crisis 155

Taco Bell focuses on ‘to go’ design, Instagram adds ‘Suggested Posts,’ and Chipotle shares rice recipe on TikTok

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As you make your plans, focus on how you can help your leaders and employees quickly get up to speed, but also create strategies that will last. If you’re looking for a way to quickly get out your message on Twitter, don’t forget about the visable real estate available in your profile name.

Teams, Yammer and more offer tools to build remote culture

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In employee surveys, Microsoft Teams was named again and again as a game-changer for employees. Communicators have tried a variety of video solutions to keep employees engaged during the pandemic.

Tools 108

30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

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Employees want to work at an organization that promotes creativity and originality and fosters professional growth. organizations that excel at staff engagement, provide opportunities for career growth and bring out the best in their employees. Rather, our Top Company Cultures list celebrates cultures that help employees excel by encouraging them to take their career to the next level, fosters innovation, exceeds expectations and gets results. employees.

5 examples of clever, creative COVID-19 pivots

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RELATED: Showcase your impressive employee comms—and top workplaces ]. Brookfield Properties, one of the world’s largest real estate managers, owns malls across the United States. The pandemic is forcing businesses to adapt or wither away.

Executives can find—and offer—authenticity on LinkedIn

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A real estate CEO discusses the merits of the professional network, along with suggesting ways to gain a voice on the platform. As CEO of a modern commercial real estate company, I spend much of my day in two ways: (1) meeting with people in person, and (2) speaking with people online. . SquareFoot founder and CEO Jonathan Wasserstrum has worked for over a decade in commercial real estate. .

20 Retail Journalists You Should be Following on Twitter in 2020

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Her focus is reporting on stories about how labor issues affect retail employees. . She covers major retail trends and news and even covers a bit of real estate news! Twitter is an invaluable resource for both PR pros as well as top media and influencers.

Retail 215

No Fixed Address, Children’s Health, Megaworld Foundation among the winners at Nonprofit PR Awards

PR Daily

By supported clients on the frontlines of COVID-19, it delivered real-world outcomes like producing grants, increasing volunteerism and increased awareness.

Trust crisis: 5 changes you must embrace for 2021

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RELATED: Join Ragan's Communications Leadership Council, exclusively for leaders in employee and internal communications ]. This is a valuable piece of real estate and should be treated with the same level of importance as a top-tier media opportunity.

Crisis 158

Can the boss fire you for taking part in the Capitol Hill incident?

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employers across the country have begun to re-examine the extent to which “off-duty” or “after-hours” behavior should play a role in the evaluation and discipline of employees. Is an employee subject to termination merely for attending that rally?

8 dreadful ways to begin a presentation

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Think of the opening of your speech as prime real estate. It squanders precious mental real estate. RELATED: Develop a workplace culture that attracts and supports employees of all ages and backgrounds. ]. Many speech beginnings, unfortunately, don’t do their speakers or their audiences any favors. Some are small mistakes, and some are more fundamental, but they’re all unnecessary.

How women leaders are set to soar in a post-pandemic world

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Wendy Sherwood, vice president of communications for CBRE, says her ability to bring a “woman’s touch” was a key reason she landed her position at the real estate firm in 1996. Employees lives have to be stable.”. “We So, how can we push for real change?

Cisco, Florida Realtors, JBL, Pan Communications among Communicator of the Year Award winners

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He has brought the firm up to 150-plus employees in Boston, San Francisco, New York, Orlando and London. They inspire one another in extraordinary ways; consider these vibrant stories from the real estate realm.

5 tips for building strong social media communities during difficult times

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During these difficult times, more people are appreciating the value of real community, not just the number of likes on a post. Activate employees and executives as the faces of your brand.

How to Beat the Competition by ‘Spying’ on Social Media


Customer service departments have had to shift their strategies, while HR departments have started to turn employees into brand advocates. Jeff Bullas highlights how the real estate services company Movoto looked outside of their industry — at Upworthy — for ideas to revamp their content marketing strategy. Social media has become a centerpiece for brands’ reputations.

For Father’s Day, brand managers are spotlighting dads

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Century 21 Real Estate’s #GiveDadNothing campaign aims to give dads what they claim they want each year when their kids ask about a possible a gift— nothing at all. The real estate group doesn’t want its customers to give their dads literally nothing on Father’s Day. FREE WEBINAR: Steve Crescenzo presents "Employee engagement: the communicator's role.". As a brand, we have always believed in the power of real-time social and digital marketing initiatives.”.

30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

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Potential employees consider an organization’s diversity and inclusion efforts, overall culture, benefits programs, career advancement opportunities, paid leave or perks offered. describes how the list is compiled: Our list surveys millions of employees in more than 50 countries to better understand why people love their work and workplaces. million to employees who referred new hires and offering 56 paid hours annually for employees to volunteer.

LinkedIn unveils top 10 Company Pages of 2017

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When it comes to internal content creation, Nike lets its employees “just do it.” Many organizations fail to strategically use their Company Page’s real estate to pump up registrations for upcoming events, conferences and webinars, but not HP. LinkedIn has cemented its status as the premier business-centric social media platform. For businesses keen on establishing an effective LinkedIn presence, the recruiting hub released its annual list of top Company Pages.

10 ways to craft compelling Snapchat and Instagram Stories

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For example, Curbed’s Stories take followers deeper into its real estate posts. The example below from So Yummy reveals “secrets from employees” at McDonald’s. See how leading publishers are winning fans and gaining traction on these rising digital platforms. Snapchat and Instagram Stories have quickly changed social media publishing and digital storytelling.

The Boldest PR Moves of 2018

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Two weeks ago office coworking company WeWork announced that, for environmental reasons, it will not serve meat inside its facilities, nor will employees be allowed to expense client dinners that include meat. But some media have responded with charges of “tribalism,” “virtue signaling,” and “imposing a worldview” on employees. As one journalist cynically put it , WeWork is “a real estate business trying to look like a tech startup.”

The Changing Workplace: What It Means for Businesses


Certainly it isn’t always practical to completely change the look of an office or to vacate a lease simply because the employees would rather take up space in their local WeWork office. So how can a business that’s already well-established in its real estate create an environment more in line with what employees are beginning to ask for? Any business can solicit feedback from its employees. Not every company needs to give its employees unlimited PTO.

Report: Top 10 most- and least-trusted industries

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Real estate, rental and leasing. RELATED: Develop a workplace culture that attracts and supports employees of all ages and backgrounds.]. Few themes have overtaken American society over the past few years quite like trust has. Reading PR case studies (including those on PR Daily ) can be a crash course in which organizations you can and cannot trust. Reading political news today, you might get the sense that there’s no one you can trust.

Schwartz Media Strategies’ president: ‘Look how far we’ve come’

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Our firm has been cautious throughout the pandemic, making it clear to our employees that they can continue to work remotely until they feel safe returning to the physical workplace. message to clients, co-workers or employees for the rest of 2020?

Deloitte closes UK offices in remote work shift, AMC Theaters highlight safety, and 31% of PR agencies see social media as top revenue driver

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Business Insider reported : “COVID-19 has fast-tracked our future of work programme, leading us to review our real estate portfolio,” Stephen Griggs, Deloitte’s UK managing partner, said in an emailed statement.

Agency 101

30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

PR Daily

Moran writes: The headline next to your photo is one of the most valuable pieces of LinkedIn real estate you have. Corporate and employee communications manager—bluebird bio (Massachusetts). Is your LinkedIn profile impressing potential employers—or putting them off? Avoid these missteps on the networking site. Plus, check out our roundup of current job openings. Your LinkedIn profile says a lot about you as a professional.

Lowe’s shutters 51 stores in ‘ongoing strategic reassessment’

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Lowe’s said that it’s giving “most” employees the option to transition to stores nearby—which, in the case of the majority of U.S. CNBC reported: “Today’s announcement that Lowe’s is closing 51 underperforming stores is not surprising, and in our view, could suggest the beginning of a broader initiative to improve profitability via real estate rationalization,” wrote Zachary Fadem at Wells Fargo on Monday. “We

In a messy breakup, Amazon backs away from NYC headquarters deal

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There are currently over 5,000 Amazon employees in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Staten Island, and we plan to continue growing these teams. Google reiterated plans on Wednesday to develop a new campus in New York as part of its broader real estate expansions throughout the US. Banks, president of the Real Estate Board of New York, said in a statement. The tech giant had spent months teasing a deal to develop a major hub office in Queens.

Business’s Best Path to Racial Justice

Mindful Marketing

Businesses can accomplish this transformation most effectively by nurturing an employee base that gives meaningful work opportunities to people society has historically marginalized.

Bankruptcy for the Boy Scouts, HSBC to shed 35,000 jobs, and HQ Trivia shuts down

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HQ Trivia laid off 25 employees when it shut down, but in a Twitter thread, Yusupov announced that the app would be back: 1/ On Friday I announced that @hqtrivia was shutting down after a failed acquisition. All employees, contractors and players are top priority.