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How to Care for Your Key Customer: The Journalist


If you own a local clothing store, listen to your customers: What do they want more of? What inventory do they overlook? How can you better delight and entice them to return week after week to see what’s new? If you’re a public relations professional, listen to journalists: What do they want more of? Which […]. Interviews Journalist Interviews Journalists PR

How to Boost Your Reputation on Google


When you are heading to a meeting or have a call with a potential client or customer, what’s the first thing you do? You Google them. Guess what happens when someone is going to meet you? They Google you. But, did you know that what people see when they Google you is within your control?

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When A Small Business Has A Big (PR) Advantage

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Some PR agencies fall into a trap of chasing only only large, brand-name clients. This is in part because like attracts like; large brands can bring more of the same, they reason.

How to Boost Your Thought Leadership Strategy with Facebook Live

B2B PR Sense

A successful thought leadership strategy needs to stay on top of new tools as they become available. Facebook Live is such a tool. It’s like the newest kid on the playground -- and while some have welcomed him with open arms, others are more skeptical, and hold him at a distance.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

How to Care for Your Key Customer: The Journalist


If you own a local clothing store, listen to your customers: What do they want more of? What inventory do they overlook? How can you better delight and entice them to return week after week to see what’s new? If you’re a public relations professional, listen to journalists: What do they want more of?

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A Summer PR Playlist

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Summer in public relations includes outdoor meetings, shorts and flip-flops (if your office works that way), Summer Fridays, and an all-around happier work environment. But it doesn’t mean we strive any less to keep clients happy and implement great new campaigns.

New Feature: Import hyperlinks as online coverage.

The Resolution Blog

“I love how simple it is to just paste in URLs in CoverageBook to make a report. All the links in my excel sheet are hyperlinks. Not raw URLs that you need?! Help me!” Many of our customers start using by importing links from their excel based PR coverage trackers.

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How the world’s top brands tell their stories

PR Daily

Living in a world dominated by the internet means being bombarded with content every day—and tuning most of it out. So what sets apart the articles and videos that go viral and capture the attention of millions worldwide?

Four Ways to Streamline the Pitching Process


Pitching is an integral part of the PR process and communicators are always looking for ways to build meaningful media relationships for themselves and their clients.

Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

PR Advice from Dear Old Dad

Critical Mention

Last month we talked about how Mom was a pretty savvy PR authority in her own special way. But let’s not forget about Dad. The typical Dad throws down some pretty good advice himself, especially when a situation starts to spiral out of control. “Do Do you think money grows on trees?”.

Alternatives to the traditional 9-to-5 office-based PR workplace model

Media Bullseye

Media Bullseye recently ran a post about changing PR hours, which examined some of the problems that arise when a standard workweek culture clashes with a 24/7/365 media environment.

Why AVE is toxic to PR

PR Daily

It’s time to say adios to ad value equivalency (AVE). Of the seven Barcelona Principles established seven years ago, only one made headlines—that which that debunked (AVE), a flawed metric that tries to assign dollar values to media coverage.

Guiding Customers from Inspiration to Action


People are constantly seeking inspiration from picking out dinner at the grocery store to replacing a broken couch to finding ways to wear a brand-new shirt. They’ll often turn to brands for new ideas which will help them with these purchasing decision.

How to “Kill It” During Your Next Big Change

When it comes to change communication, employees need your help to understand what’s happening. Use these four steps to help employees navigate change.

Sometimes, You Need To Embrace The PR Controversy

The Stalwart Blog

You gotta hand it to the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin. They caught some social media flak in the form of angry tweets and Facebook comments for expressing their inner Girl Power by scheduling an all female (staff included) showing of Wonder Woman. So what did they do?

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Dos & Don’ts For Winning PR Awards

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

In public relations , it’s always gratifying to be recognized by one’s peers. Typically, that recognition comes in the form of industry awards. Right now we’re finalists in a couple of awards competitions, and we’ve won our fair share as well.

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7 steps to better PR planning

PR Daily

Whether it’s a new client, the start of a new quarter or a six-month refresher, creating concrete plans are the first step toward PR success. Here are seven essentials of successful PR planning: 1. Expand on what worked, remove what didn’t.

Behind the Headlines with Jennifer McDermott


Just a few months ago, Jennifer McDermott joined , a personal finance comparison website, as the Communications Manager. She joined the site with a multitude of PR experiences — from working in both Australia and the UK to spending eight years in the travel PR industry. Just this last year, she was even awarded PR of the Year at the inaugural Travel Weekly Women in Travel Awards!

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Choosing The Right Key Performance Indicators

Shift Communications

Today’s blog is from our partner at NATIONAL, Jonathan Litwack. Enjoy! . Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are a lot like a road trip: we know that we have a starting point and an end point, with speed being our indicator of whether we’ll successfully reach our destination on time or not.

Twilight of Web 2.0: An Era that Changed Marcom Forever [UML]

Sword and the Script

The media landscape of today looks different than it did 10 or 20 years ago. For the most marketers or communicators, this is a simple fact of modern maturity.

Web 101

CSR poll: Consumers prefer brands that support their ideals

PR Daily

Corporate social responsibility has become a necessity for organizations of all sizes. CSR is no longer just a matter of collecting canned goods at Christmas or of employees’ volunteering at a soup kitchen or passing around a donations envelope following a natural disaster.

The Role of Social Media in Crisis Management

The Proactive Report

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Yang Cheng, Assistant Professor of Public Relations, Department of Communication at North Carolina State University, on her research paper about the role of social media in crisis management.

It’s Time for PR to Stand up and be Counted


Originally authored and published by Gorkana’s Solomon Radley [link]. Communicators finally have the opportunity to stand up and prove how great they are to company executives, Telefónica UK ‘s director of corporate affairs Nicola Green said yesterday. During a panel Q&A session at the London leg of the Cision World Tour , Green said new innovations mean PR professionals now have the opportunity to demonstrate the impact their work has on a company’s business objectives.

Stories We Tell — Why Can Storytelling Be A Secret Weapon For Startups?


Set up a story-driven marketing strategy and make your business gain a competitive advantage. By crafting a compelling story, you can help your company get the attention it deserves. The post Stories We Tell — Why Can Storytelling Be A Secret Weapon For Startups? appeared first on Prowly Magazine.

For a genuine apology, go back to the basics

PR Daily

When did you first learn how to apologize? Let’s imagine a typical form of apology training. As a child, you got angry at a kid who stole chocolate pudding from your lunchbox. You fought him on the playground to exact revenge. You and the pudding thief ended up in the principal’s office.

How to Make Your Email Autoresponders Sizzle More Than Jessica Rabbit

Waxing UnLyrical

There must be something in the wind, because after months of not traveling I’m suddenly all over the map. Last week it was Amarillo, now I’m in NYC … told you, literally all over the map!

5 Tips to spark creativity and improve writing

Media Bullseye

Writing can be a therapeutic, relaxing way to share ideas and express yourself. Or it can feel like the emotional equivalent of slowly slamming your head in a door over and over again. If we’re being honest, it’s usually more closely related to the latter.

Putting the personal into PR


Relationship are not built between institutions, but between individuals. The world that we know is being challenged. The Edelman Trust Barometer shows that trust in the four key institutions - business, government, NGOs, and media - is in crisis.

3 ways PR pros can boost event marketing opportunities

PR Daily

A lot goes into successful event marketing. It can be easy to get so wrapped up in the details of a successful event that you miss the PR benefits. Inviting journalists and providing exclusive executive access are essential to benefitting from an event marketing plan.

PR Rock Stars: U.S. Bank’s Susan Beatty

Communications Conversations

Susan Beatty knows a lot of people. Like A LOT. And when you run into someone who knows Susan, the likely response you’ll get is something along the lines of: “Oh, you know Susan? She’s so great.” ” I’ve heard it more than once. Believe me.

Social pix are serious business


When it comes to some quick promotion of your business, don’t overlook the good ol’ social photos. Social photographs are a staple of the print and online media and surely one of the most unmissable sections of every newspaper.

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Inbound Marketing is a New Paradigm

Doctor Spin

Inbound marketing is a fundamental shift.

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