Keys to a successful global crisis communications response

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Communicators should bear in mind key cultural differences and adapt their crisis messages accordingly to engage a worldwide workforce. The need for speed is ever present in the midst of a crisis. The keys to success of any crisis response?

What you should pack in your crisis communicator ‘go bag’?

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Here are some things crisis communicators should never leave home without. PR pros should take a similar approach to crisis communications. A true company crisis is something that impedes an organization’s ability to conduct business.

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8 Steps to Create the Ultimate Crisis Communication Plan


Without a crisis communication plan in place to stop threats from escalating to crises, brands often fail to save their reputations from becoming tarnished. Want to learn how to crush a crisis before it begins? Peter advises implementing these eight steps into your crisis communication plan: 1. Identify Influencers. Consistent monitoring allows you to see the crisis coming if you look for it. 7. Integrate Your Overall Corporate Crisis Plan.

Lesson From Facebook: 5 Tips on Handling Crisis Communications

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Crisis communications is the opposite of traditional public relations and involves putting out a “ fire ” of some sort. In most cases when a company is faced with a crisis they often mess up the initial response.

Crisis Communications & Social Media When “It” Hits the Fan


To be an expert in crisis communications you have to move your organization at the speed of Twitter when “it” hits the fan. Do you really want someone known as @shroomy0021 managing your corporate communications? How long does it take your organization to send out your first official public statement or news release when a crisis happens? With greater frequency, they are also broadcasting your crisis live on Facebook or Periscope. It’s time to face the music.

Prioritize your crisis communications plan—today

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Whether it’s a natural disaster, an act of terrorism or simply a torrent of nasty tweets, communicators play a key role in how these events are perceived and play out. You are a first responder of sorts, so the onus is on you to be prepared for a crisis.

In the COVID-19 era, try these 12 virtual collaboration tools

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More and more organizations are having their people work remotely, but meetings aren’t going away, and communication remains essential for projects’ success. You can communicate with everyone via email, Hangouts or Duo. Slack is a communication tool designed for remote teams.

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The 3 biggest mistakes organizations make on day one of a crisis

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Every day, communication professionals go to work with a rough idea of how the day will unfold. But on any given day, a crisis could blow your schedule to smithereens. Day one of this crisis will go much more smoothly if you’ve prepared for it. Every crisis is unique.

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How crisis comms fits into the business continuity plan

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When crisis strikes, communicators are responsible for being connectors and helping to keep stakeholders in the loop about response actions. For many communicators around the country, the business continuity plan has been activated in the face of COVID-19.

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J&J disputes investigation into asbestos in its baby powder

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The report cites documents that have come to light in recent litigation. Some of the lawyers knew from those earlier cases that talc producers tested for asbestos, and they began demanding J&J’s testing documentation.

How to Recover From a Brand Crisis


Verticals don’t matter; a B2B brand is just as likely as a B2C or nonprofit to face a crisis at some point. Establish a crisis communication plan now rather than later. Crisis management involves pre-crisis, mid-crisis and post-crisis phases.

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How to respond when you go viral for all the wrong reasons

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I was still giving this escalating panic only a fraction of my attention when I answered a call from the head of communications for Cartoon Network, another of our TV properties at Turner. Shortly after hearing “That’s us,” our crisis team kicked into gear.

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7 ways to wrangle an unpredictable leader

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Prepare a crisis plan, seize control of media relations, and, if necessary, develop a new public face. FREE GUIDE: 3 helpful tips for your crisis comms prep ]. What can communicators do when the CEO is a walking PR disaster? Find confidence in your communication expertise.

‘Fiji Water girl’ sues the company over use of her likeness

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RELATED: Learn how to prepare, defend and promote your organization during a crisis. ]. The documents claim Fiji tried to offer “gifts to entice” the model to sign away her rights. Her legal team says the document was not an agreement and was later destroyed by the model.

How the de Young Museum’s crisis plan saved its exhibition

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What does it look like when a crisis response plan does its job? Most of the time, we notice a crisis only when the plan fails to stop the negative headlines. FREE GUIDE: 3 things you (probably) didn't know about crisis communications ].

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30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

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The tandem documents afford you a chance to go into more detail about your experience. RELATED: Join us for our one-of-a-kind Measurement for Communicators Academy. ]. Social media juggernaut Instagram seeks a communications manager in Hamburg, Germany.

WOW Airlines offers no apology after stranding passengers

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"All flights have been postponed until documentation with all parties involved have been finalized." RELATED: Join us May 9–10 for our Crisis Communications Conference. ]. Should the airline have been more forthcoming with customers about its impending crisis?

Boy Scouts stresses youths’ safety amid vast sexual misconduct crisis

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She reviewed 72 years’ worth of documents, from 1944 to 2016, and said they contained the names of 7,819 “perpetrators.” RELATED: Join us May 9–10 for our Crisis Communications Conference. ]. Crisis Communications Boy Scouts of America

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Viral snark over a Peloton ad, McDonald’s enters ‘chicken sandwich wars,’ and Twitter launches data-privacy hub

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The ad, in which a woman receives a Peloton bike as a gift and then documents her yearlong fitness journey, quickly drew snarky comments and video spoofs from Twitter users. Storytelling is a hot trend as communicators look to break through the noise of a cluttered digital landscape.

Boeing’s Dreamliner attracts scrutiny after damaging workplace report

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While still trying to tamp down the crisis around the global grounding of its 737 Max, it faces new allegations of lax standards on another product line—and the stifling of whistleblowers. Boeing is seeing a crisis involving one product prompt scrutiny—and bad press—about another.

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Apple and Google mum amid outrage over Saudi wife-tracking app

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RELATED: Join us May 9–10 for our Crisis Communications Conference. ]. Because of social media, what once might have been a local story can swiftly become an international crisis. Crisis Communications Apple Google

Google 149

30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

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RELATED: Join us for our 31st Annual Speechwriters and Executive Communicators Conference. ]. See what else we have in our weekly professional pickings: Corporate communications director—Entercomm, parent company of (New York). Communications director—PepsiCo (Texas).

9 PR blunders of 2018

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Here are the more memorable examples: [FREE GUIDE: 3 helpful tips for your crisis comms prep ]. Just this month Bloomberg reported that “Internal Facebook documents released by a U.K. The crisis at UMD is a perfect example of why PR is so important,” Rick says.

Kroger joins push for tougher gun laws, consumers readily change brands, and WeWork’s founder walks back trademark sale

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Also: Nissan’s leadership crisis escalates, MillerCoors wins an injunction over corn syrup messaging, and Vienna reigns as the world’s most livable city. What are the best cities for communicators and PR pros to live and work—and why?

Payless shuttering 2,500 stores as it declares bankruptcy—again

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RELATED: Join us May 9–10 for our Crisis Communications Conference. ]. The challenges facing retailers today are well documented, and unfortunately Payless emerged from its prior reorganization ill-equipped to survive in today’s retail environment.

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Google slammed for axing pro-union workers, McDonald’s to pay $26M in labor-law settlement, and key lessons from HIMSS’ rebranding

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In a Twitter thread and Medium post , Google Walkout for Real Change said the search giant redrafted its policies that forbade looking at certain documents without specifying which were off-limits, “setting up an excuse to retaliate against organizers.”.

Avast scrambles after data-collection reports, Boston Market’s bawdy Twitter fail, and emoji become more inclusive

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Why you should care: Evaluate your data-collection methods and ways you use consumer data now, before you’re forced to comply with regulations or you become the focus of a privacy crisis (whether of your own making or by association).

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Does Your Crisis Scenario Plan Need Some Love?


Yet, this is our world today and our “new normal” as communicators and crisis management teams. Scenario planning isn’t just about brainstorming all of the what-ifs one time and developing a canned statement ready to deploy across social and communication channels.

Crisis 242

Tips from Microsoft’s Frank Shaw for fighting disinformation

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Shaw, corporate vice president for communications for Microsoft, in his keynote presentation Monday at PRSA’s International Conference in San Diego. FREE GUIDE: 3 helpful tips for your crisis comms prep ]. Branding Crisis Communications PR PR Industry

Facebook considers removing ‘likes,’ Whataburger responds to viral rodent video, and Bugatti sets a record and then shifts gears

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Communicators have been working hard to impress audiences with the scope of the danger and the damage already caused to the Bahamas and other islands. Would a partnership with some influencers help spread the word in a crisis? In a crisis, beware the false memory phenomenon.

Viral 103

Warner Bros. parts ways with chairman/CEO over alleged misconduct

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RELATED: Join us May 9–10 for our Crisis Communications Conference. ]. Crisis Communications Warner BrosKevin Tsujihara is stepping aside after a report detailed his relationship with a young actress and his attempts to get her roles in films.

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Nissan lays out case against Ghosn amid merger talks

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First, however, communicators must close the book on Ghosn. RELATED: Learn how to prepare, defend and promote your organization during a crisis. ]. Crisis Communications PR Carlos Ghosn Nissan

5 “Must Include” Items for your Crisis Management Plan

Melissa Agnes

I often get asked the following question: What should we include in our organization’s crisis management plan? 5 important elements to include in your crisis plan. Not all incidents and issues escalate to crisis level. 3- Pre-approved crisis communication strategy and messaging.

5-minute crisis comms


Or: how to begin your crisis communications plan in five minutes. It’s all about developing a crisis communications plan, one of those super-useful tasks we should all undertake, but somehow don’t get around to. You can adapt these as needed if a crisis occurs. “We

The Public Apology: Make the Most Out of “I’m Sorry”

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Airbnb, a rental website the allows homeowners and travelers to connect, ran into trouble after concerning crisis management tactics. Crisis Communications Public Relations Feature

On Capitol Hill, hero pilot slams Boeing over 737 Max

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It absolutely interferes with one’s ability to quickly analyze the crisis and take corrective action,” he said. RELATED: Join us for our Leadership and Executive Communications Conference ]. ” Carey says Boeing’s failures have created a “crisis of trust” between the airplane-maker and pilots. How would you advise Boeing to recapture pilots’ trust—and then communicate that message to wary consumers?

PR ethics and journalism ethics in the face of media business meltdown

Stuart Bruce

Since columnist Peter Oborne sensationally resigned from The Telegraph with a devastating public critique of what he believed to be its declining ethical and editorial standards I’ve read very little about the role and implications for PR, corporate communications and business.

Ethics 141

Lysol maker warns against ingestion, Google and Facebook add transparency features, and Ogilvy tells communicators to be ‘AWARE’

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Hello, communicators: Budweiser has brought back its signature “What’s up?” Communicators can prepare for potential crises of this nature by setting alerts, continually scanning the horizon for news and trends, and paying attention to social media conversations. CRISIS LEADERSHIP BOARD.

Google 119

12 Secrets To Protecting Your Brand From Celebrity Scandals


I insert a clause in these contracts that identifies who controls communications with the media during a crisis,” says Hutton. Face it, the message which the brand wants to get out may not be the same that the athlete or celebrity wants to share during a crisis.

FedEx takes aim at Amazon, thought leadership shows promise for B2B, and Coca-Cola defends its new brand position

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RELATED: Join us for our Leadership and Executive Communications Conference ]. Coca-Cola found to target teens despite obesity crisis. Also: The top YouTube channel for 2019, how leaders can make the most of video, how much PR pros traveled in 2019, and more.