6 reasons your content marketing program is struggling

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It all comes down to strategy, calls to action and an effective measurement program. Content marketing has emerged as one of the most effective ways for organizations to communicate with their key audiences. It’s a marketer’s dream, right? Your content is not focused.

8 Powerful Ways to Energize Your B2B Content Marketing Strategy

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Is your B2B content marketing strategy successful? According to Content Marketing Institute, content marketing leaders experience 7.8 So what sets these two groups apart, and how can you boost your content strategy to generate that kind of success? The answer may lie in your B2B blog content. A reported 80% of B2B marketers include blogging in their marketing strategy. Choose Quality Content Over Quantity.

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Simple Content Marketing Framework

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Content marketing isn’t a panacea. For one thing, you need to re-measure its effectiveness frequently, if you don’t already automate the process of measurement. More important, however, is that content marketing can hit diminishing returns very quickly, in a phenomenon first described by marketing expert Mark W. Earlier this year, Mark Schaefer proposed the idea of what he calls content shock. Put simply, everyone is creating content.

Infographic: 9 content marketing metrics that matter

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Is your content cutting through the noise? During the current media environment, its’ more important than ever to measure your campaigns. This infographic from Shane Barker shares nine of the metrics that matter for content marketing. RELATED: Join us for PR Daily's can't-miss Media Relations & Measurement Virtual Conference ]. See how to measure your content’s success by checking out the full infographic. Infographics Marketing

How to Overcome 7 Top Content Marketing Challenges


Content marketing has never been more important. A report from Content Marketing Institute (CMI) conducted in 2016 found that 47 percent of enterprise marketers planned to increase their budgets for content marketing over the following 12 months. While it’s indisputable that content marketing is making waves in the business world, many marketers still complain about challenges they face on a daily basis.

Content marketing is changing with every passing second – A discussion

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In today’s hi-tech, fast-moving, cluttered digital world, content marketing is one of the most practical, effective and useful marketing strategies to date. It’s an essential aspect of today’s digital marketing landscape. With 70% of internet users saying they’d prefer to learn through content rather than ads (as per Shonaliburke.com), don’t pass off content marketing as just a buzzword just yet. Infographics.

What to Know Before Creating a Content Marketing Strategy


This post is based on our white paper “ Outside-The-Box Content Marketing for PR.” ” A week into 2014, Mark Schaefer published a blog post that questioned whether content marketing – which he termed “the hottest marketing trend around” – was a sustainable strategy for businesses. He coined “ content shock ” and argued that though more and more businesses give away more and more content, people have only finite time to consume it.

Infographic: Content marketing from A to Z

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Content might be king, but without a robust strategy, yours won’t wear the crown for long. Content creation starts as an easy investment, a few blog posts and a new page on your website. Savvy marketers know that they should cast a wide net to, perhaps, get lucky and go viral. A new infographic. offers a comprehensive guide for content marketers with tips for creation and measurement, along with resources for better distribution.

Infographic: What trends signal a bright future for content marketing?

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The sea of content that floods the internet is not subsiding—and lackadaisical marketers risk missing the tide. Instead, identify your target audience and develop a content marketing strategy that produces useful, engaging content that readers want to consume. You can’t just dip your toes into the content marketing pool, either. According to An infographic. RELATED: Join us in San Diego for the Measurement for Communicators Conference.].

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Survey Finds Tough Grades on B2B Content Marketing

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If content marketing was a self-evaluated college class, marketers would give themselves a “C.” That’s my sense after reading the new B2B Content Marketing 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends – North America report. The annual report is a joint effort between MarketingProfs and the Content Marketing Institute. Now in its sixth year, the report is derived from a survey of 1,521 North American B2B marketers. Content Marketing Effectiveness.

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The Ultimate Checklist: 20 Points that Will Lead You to the Best B2B Content Marketing

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What are your content goals? That’s why we’ve created this ultimate checklist to get your B2B content marketing on track. This checklist has been designed to help you prioritize your content creation, come up with content ideas, and grow your audience over time. When developing the correct content marketing mix you should leverage the newest techniques and platforms so you won't be stuck in the past. Create a B2B Content Strategy.

State of Healthcare Content Marketing: 5 Trends Transforming the Industry

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” Good medicine, like good content, comes down to trust and results. But the rise of digital health content has complicated the way people think about healthcare. So it’s never been easier to search and find health content online. Yet that same content can be incorrect, promotional, contradictory, or overly complex. More importantly, what should doctors, hospitals, insurers, and healthcare companies do to improve the state of healthcare content online?

16 content marketing resolutions for 2016

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As PR pros, we should consider making a few to guide our content marketing efforts in 2016. Produce higher quality content. Bad content. is the nemesis of content marketing. We need to produce high quality content to capture our audience, otherwise we will lose them in an increasingly cluttered media space—especially with recent updates to Google algorithms and the rise in ad blockers. Use mobile responsive email marketing.

29 metrics for content marketers

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The most common question content marketers get—by far—is, “How do we know this is working?”. The short answer is metrics—but which measurements should you analyze? A new infographic from Curata details 29 of those metrics. Check out the infographic below, and let us know which metrics you’ve found most effective in measuring your content marketing There are certain numbers that will speak to how effective your efforts are.

Basic, Advanced and Bridge Building: Boldness in Content Marketing [UML]

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A new survey of 2,400 B2B marketers suggests content marketing is the top priority this year – and by a wide margin. According to Marketing Charts , 37% of the respondents cited content marketing as the most important initiative. Not only is content marketing by far the top digital priority for B2B marketers this year,” wrote the publication, “but it’s also the discipline most likely to get a spending hike this year.”.

Announcing PR Daily’s 2018 Content Marketing Awards finalists

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The platforms we use to tell our stories, along with how those stories meet larger business goals, can make all the difference when measuring content marketing success. PR Daily’s 2018 Content Marketing Awards was all about highlighting unique, powerful content. CONTENT MARKETING FOR THE PURPOSE OF …. CONTENT MARKETING ASSETS. B2B Blog: A Destination for Thought Leadership Content, Women's Marketing Inc.

How to thrive in content marketing

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You probably already know how important it is to incorporate content into your marketing strategy. What you might not know is how to get started, or how you’ll put out good content day after day. Here’s how: Assemble a content team. The first step is establishing who will be developing and promoting your content. Your team should be led by a content manager (someone who sees the big picture). How will your content support your business?

Report: PR pros excluded from content marketing efforts

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Many organizations’ content marketing efforts don’t properly align with their PR strategies. recently released a report called, The State of Content & PR – Optimized or Opportunity? which revealed that more than half of communicators surveyed (52 percent) don’t think their organization maximizes its content marketing efforts. Having enough resources—including personnel and time—can make a different in content strategy success, too.

Infographic: 7 conversion goals for your website

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Do you know what you should measure when it comes to optimizing your website? For many content creators in digital media, the end game is all about converting visitors to customers. So, how do you know if the content on your website is having the desired effect? It all starts with getting specific about your goals and then fine-tuning the metrics that will help you understand whether your content is moving customers down the funnel—or if you are losing potential buyers.

The Simple Truth Behind Measuring Content Effectiveness

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How to Find Your Most Popular Content… So You Can Create More! One simple task that significantly improves the success of your content marketing is the ability to identify what pieces of content are driving results and which are not. Once you know which ones are resonating, you can CREATE MORE content centered around high-interest topics. If your online marketing isn’t designed to drive traffic, you have a problem. Content Marketing

How content marketing can make your branding efforts sing

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Brand managers know they must make content marketing a part of their campaigns, but examples and statistics that show its power are only the beginning. Anyone who starts on a journey into content marketing quickly realizes that it’s not enough to simply say that you’re doing it. Every piece of content has to have a purpose, lest you create it in a vacuum. That’s where a recent infographic by Write to Done comes in.

Infographic: How to measure social media success

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Proving its power, however, continues to baffle many in the marketing world. To tie your online efforts to your organization’s profits and measure your return on investment, it’s essential to have a game plan in place. RELATED: Join us at Intel HQ for the Brand Storytelling & Content Marketing Conference.]. breaks down a four-step process for proving the influence of your online performance in its handy infographic.

Infographic: How to create content that produces results

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Your content marketing efforts aren’t just an exercise. Here’s how to make sure all your time and money are going toward measurable goals. You want your content to do something. Even if you’re just trying to raise awareness, you should try to create content that gets your audience to interact. This infographic from Spiralytics offers tips for creating content that serves a clear purpose. SEO-focused content should include high-quality links.

Infographic: How to use data to inform your content strategy

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Does building a content calendar feel overwhelming? This infographic from Unbounce shares how to create a stellar content program with free tools and only one person—all in a single day of work. Here are the five steps it recommends: Assess the demand for content. Do a content audit on your competitors. Create your own content. Distribute and assign content to specific business goals. Content Marketing Measurement

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Write With Purpose: Your Content Marketing Needs a “Why”

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Widmer is a content marketing expert and freelance writer. Content marketing isn’t a sprint—it’s a marathon. If you’re just putting content out there for the sake of putting it out there, it’s highly unlikely you’ll see a high level of success. In this article, I hope to give you two key takeaways: Down and dirty, actionable steps to creating a strategy for your content marketing. Action Time: Developing a Strategy for Your Content Marketing.

Infographic: Do’s and don’ts for social media marketers

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This infographic offers some basic do’s and don’ts for communicators who want to engage on social media. Know what success looks like for your campaign, and measure your progress. Don’t broadcast marketing drivel. Your audience gets enough of your marketing messages elsewhere. RELATED: Join us for our Brand Storytelling & Content Marketing Conference at Disneyland. ]. Reaching out through your preferred platforms comes with plenty of risks.

5 cheap ways to pump up your content marketing

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Everyone is talking about how content is king and how one needs to produce a lot of it to succeed online, but not many businesses actually see real results from their content efforts. The majority of online businesses invest in content marketing simply because their competitors do so or because they have been told they need to. Content marketing often lacks a plan, or any type of a strategy behind it. Content builds trust and loyalty.

Why CEOs Should Invest in PR Attribution and PR Measurement


In recent market estimates, digital online and ad spending is expected to grow at approximately 11% per year through 2021. 1 Paid search, display ads, social media, online video advertising and email marketing will grow to 46% of advertising budgets 2. To optimize the ROI on digital marketing spend, CEOs, CCOs, and CMOs need to invest in PRTech , in addition to MarTech. So what does digital marketing growth have to do with PR? PR and marketing convergence.

Infographic: How to design infographics that attract new customers

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These traffic-driving content pieces can turn readers into customers if you create and distribute them appropriately. Infographics do more than make overwhelming data more palatable. These popular visuals make the rounds on digital channels, and you can showcase your organization as an industry leader and build trust with readers by creating content that addresses consumers’ issues or concerns. RELATED: Join us for our one-of-a-kind Measurement for Communicators Academy. ].

5 steps to health infographic greatness

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Depending on the subject, infographics can be a very useful tool to help hospitals and health organizations visualize their content and translate complex information into something digestible for a lay audience. Here are five steps to health infographic greatness: Make a plan: As in all communications, diagnose first, prescribe second. If you start off thinking an infographic is the best way to communicate an idea, the likelihood is, you’ll end up with an infographic.

How To Get Started with Content Marketing [SlideShare]


It may go without saying that content marketing is one of the most discussed topics among public relations professional and marketers this year, a practice which centers on really great, high-quality content. As proof, a Content Marketing Institute survey found 70% of B2B marketers are creating more content than they did one year ago. Here at MaccaPR, we've blogged about content marketing a number of times (e.g."

8 outstanding tools for content marketers

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If only content marketing were as easy as crafting a few blog posts, sitting back and watching your empire grow. The reality, though, is that content marketing is a multi-faceted, nuanced and ever-evolving journey. Content creation is just where it starts. RELATED: Ragan creates custom content, from white papers to emails to intranets and more! This infographic can help

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Infographic: The ABCs of personal branding

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This infographic from The Road to Recognition offers insights on how to develop your personal brand with an A-to-Z list of essential branding tenets. SURVEY: Measure how well your internal comms stack up ]. Learn how to develop your professional brand by reading the full infographic. The post Infographic: The ABCs of personal branding appeared first on PR Daily. Branding Content Marketing Marketing

Improve Your Content Marketing with Google Analytics

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In this infographic from Salesforce Canada , you’ll learn what data to analyze to improve your content marketing programs. You will also be able to bridge the gap between sales and content by showing the effectiveness of messaging, always a winning client strategy. Learn more in the infographic below. Living the Life content marketing google analytics marketing Measurement public relations solo pr pro

Measuring risk for ‘scandal insurance,’ Walmart defends gun sales, and yes, pumpkin-spice Spam is a thing

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Also: AP Stylebook offers a back-to-school guide, Tiffany markets diamonds for men , and YouTube changes its copyright policies. We estimate that we represent about 2 percent of the market for firearms today, which we believe places us outside at least the top three sellers in the industry. How should marketers and PR pros take a stand on cultural issues? MEASURED THOUGHTS. Related reading: How native content helps consumers 50 and older make purchasing choices.

Zoom lifts Thanksgiving call limit, WW launches personalized wellness program, and SEC chair to step down

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Also: BarkBox embraces risqué humor to boost its holiday buzz, Dunkin’ wins big from influencer campaign, Qatar Airways markets ‘travel bubble’ holiday, and more. MEASURED THOUGHTS.

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Tapping the Power of Pinterest for Public Relations

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Brands believe that Pinterest is best for marketing visually appealing products desired mostly by women in their 30s and 40s. But public relations and marketing experts familiar with Pinterest say the social platform can provide important public relations benefits. ” Measure it.

5 Key Takeaways from Content Marketing World


In the PR world, a trip to Content Marketing World is kind of like being a kid in a candy store: So many good speakers and sessions, it’s hard to decide which ones to choose! A few of our team members attended the conference in Cleveland last week to soak up as much content marketing knowledge as possible, and then report back to the rest of us. Why are you doing content marketing? They create the content, and then go find a place to use it.

How to Measure the Results of B2B Influencer Marketing

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Still on the fence about influencer marketing? This illustrates why B2B influencer marketing is growing in power and popularity among many marketers. Can you measure the results of your influencer marketing program? Does lack of effective measurement hold you back from embracing influencer marketing as a tool in your campaigns? How Does Influencer Marketing Help Your Brand? Influencer marketing is still in its infancy stages.

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Tips for successful digital marketing measurement

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Sixty percent of social media marketers say measuring social media's ROI is their biggest challenge. Only 21 percent of content marketers say they successfully measure ROI, and just half of all social media marketers say data inform their organizations' social media strategies. an infographic. by Constant Contact, indicate that measurement is still a major challenge for marketers. If you can relate, the infographic can help.