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Creative Brand Events for Spring


Here are some creative event branding ideas for spring that can help brands make a lasting impression. Interactive art installations or workshops offer attendees creative opportunities to be involved in the process. The post Creative Brand Events for Spring appeared first on Public Relations Blog | 5W PR Agency | PR Firm.

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7 Occasions When PR And Marketing Must Work Together

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Between the PR and marketing functions of any organization there can be creative tension or even competition. PR and marketing are perceived very differently, especially in a corporate environment. PR and marketing are perceived very differently, especially in a corporate environment. A sudden market shift or crisis.

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Hopes, Dreams and Sage Advice: 40+ Marketing and PR predictions for 2023

Sword and the Script

Marketing and PR predictions aren’t merely forecasts, but often a reflection of our aspirations and perhaps advice – mistakes we’ve made we’d like to help others avoid. “Be Pay to pay, content grows; influencer marketing cools. “I d) Influencer marketing to cool off as far as the amounts of money companies are paying influencers.”.

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Brand Marketing Fun-damentals That Consumers Crave


brands have been gearing up full throttle on PR and marketing communications campaigns. As an agency that heavily infuses fun creative in our earned, social and digital media campaigns, we wanted to understand consumers’ appetite for lighthearted approaches in brand marketing, given this challenging news climate.

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Addressing the Working Class inequality gap in the creative industries

Stephen Waddington

Education and workplace practices are critical to change according to Creative Industries Policy & Evidence Centre. Social mobility in the Creative Economy: Rebuilding and levelling up? Those from privileged backgrounds are twice as likely to land a job in a creative occupation. billion and 2.2 million jobs.

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Why PR And Marketing Matter Now

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

It used to be that when things got tough, the tough cut marketing and PR budgets. ” But that conventional wisdom was from a time when PR and marketing worked through one-way channels. In a depressed economy, a business that maintains marketing and communications will bounce back more quickly than one that cuts its budgets.

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Email Marketers Offer Deals, Discounts, And Empathy

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

COVID-19 instantly upended the way brands communicate with customers. Suddenly, most marketing was irrelevant, or worse. But most eyes were on marketing like print and TV ads that could be quickly adapted to the new situation. According to HubSpot, email marketing generates $38 for every $1 spent — an ROI of 3,800%.

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