What prominent LGBTQ+ PR pros say about reaching the community in Pride and beyond

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As Pride month continues to celebrate the lives, bravery and love of LGBTQ+ people across the full spectrums of gender and sexual orientation, PR Daily reached out to a variety of comms pros who are proud members of these communities. Creative, fun, interesting.

How to turn virtual teams into real communities

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Business practices are evolving rapidly, from procurement and manufacturing to marketing, customer service and beyond. What happens to corporate cultures when our inherent need for human connection, thought partners, teammates and our “community of colleagues” are permanently disrupted?


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Join #PRStudChat on Feb. 16th for a Discussion on #Creative #Content to Excite Your Community

Deirdre Breakenridge

According to a Marketwired survey in November 2015, PR and marketing professionals plan to increase their content marketing programs by 64% in 2016. According to the same survey, 79% of these professionals have a content marketing plan in place. Content marketing has become an important part of your communication program, and your storytelling requires a strategic and creative approach.

How one PR student is building her own community to celebrate diversity

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Unable to find online communities that catered to Nigerians in PR or in many other industries, in September 2020 I took it upon myself to create Naija Comm , the first-ever online community that celebrates, connects and uplifts Nigerian creatives and professionals specifically.

How one podcast anchors a community-building campaign for nurses

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It’s hardly the only attempt to create community around a storytelling initiative, but what is unique about the SHIFT campaign is how it anchors the entire effort around a podcast, “ Shift Talk.” No community building effort is complete without a social media plan.

5 Tips to Get in Your #Creative #PR Groove

Deirdre Breakenridge

Years ago, I was a PR person working at a creative marketing communications agency. The company had three distinct divisions: PR / Communications (that was my area), Creative Marketing & Advertising and Web, Multimedia & Video. At the time, I was not intimately involved in the brainstorming, creative design and the development of innovative marketing concepts at my firm. The role I play creatively is distinctly different. Creative PR 2.0

The #PRStudChat Community Discusses Social Media & Change On November 15th

Deirdre Breakenridge

Fortunately, social media and technology, when implemented strategically, can serve as effective channels to navigate change and leverage it to help one become more original and creative, which are desirable characteristics of PR professionals. Within this context, the #PRStudChat community, which is sponsored by Spin Sucks, will gather on Thursday, Nov 15th, at 12 P.M., How can online communities help people facilitate change in their lives and careers?

Addressing the Working Class inequality gap in the creative industries

Stephen Waddington

Education and workplace practices are critical to change according to Creative Industries Policy & Evidence Centre. Social mobility in the Creative Economy: Rebuilding and levelling up? Those from privileged backgrounds are twice as likely to land a job in a creative occupation.

5 tips to ignite creativity

PR Daily

Fortunately, there are loads of ways to spark creativity and generate fresh, compelling article ideas. All writers struggle to consistently generate creativity, inspiration and fresh content ideas. Instead of waiting until your muse arrives, kick-start the creative process by taking advantage of the story components around you. Tabitha Jean Naylor is a sales and marketing pro based in Florida. A version of this post first appeared on Business 2 Community.

Lockdown creative industry awards 2020

Stephen Waddington

In any normal year, this week would see the start of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Creative, marketing and PR industry events have either been postponed or moved online for at least 12 months. There's no need for industry awards for at least 12 months.

Communicating with Creativity not C.R.A.P. with Beth Nyland on Growing Social Now with Barbara Rozgonyi


Along the way, we’ve collaborated on a variety of projects, met up for all kinds of drinks, and kept with a kind of synergetic sisterhood that only writers and creatives understand. Listen in for ways to get creative when you communicate on social and IRL!!

11 creative ways to pump up your content marketing game

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Jeff Bullas identified eight main barriers to your content marketing plan: 1. Without a solid plan—that includes creating, drafting and scheduling your posts at least a week at a time—content marketing can feel overwhelming. This is an awesome opportunity for brand managers, because it enables them to share more content marketing material without clogging up customers’ newsfeeds and appearing spammy. Spotlight your community involvement.

New research sheds light on how creatives are performing during COVID

Agility PR Solutions

Most of us are working remotely these days, and that includes creatives and designers. According to new research from workflow software firm inMotionNow examining the COVID crisis’ impact on the creative community, these pros seem to be well-adapted to the move.

Creative Headlines Will Drive PR SEO & Success in 2017


No marketing and public relations executive is immune from the educational curve of bringing their client up to speed on the latest in search, bridging the digital and SEO divide on an hourly basis. Insights provided by the agency practitioner client-side include the importance of mobile, from both a creative and business standpoint. Most businesses rely not only on their brand equity, but market reputation and repeat clients.

SEO 192

How the New York Public Library’s Blog Mobilizes Communities


The term “content marketing” casts a wide net when it comes to ways to promote and publicize a brand or organization. However, blogging is one of the leading tools in any brand’s content marketing strategy. And for nonprofit organizations on a budget, blogging can often be the most effective way to engage and mobilize communities. Because the community of library bloggers is so big and distributed, it’s hard to take a one-size-fits-all approach.

Mobile 209

3 Landmark Studies that Sum Up the State of Creativity for the CMO [UML]

Sword and the Script

The pendulum of marketing can only swing in one direction at a time, but at some point, the forces of gravity slow the swing and eventually take it back in the other direction. I sense we are reaching that point in marketing, with respect to data and creativity. For years marketing leaders have all heard data, data, data. The last point is particularly important in marketing because people do not make rational decisions.

Undertaking a rebranding, Firefox solicits community input

PR Daily

Working across traditional silos, we’re designing a system that can guide people smoothly from our marketing to our in-product experiences. RELATED: Join us in San Jose for the Brand Storytelling & Content Marketing Conference at Intel. ]. Living by our open-source values of transparency and participation, we’re reaching out to our community to learn what people think. What happened to designers’ creativity and imagination? —.

Creative Communications: Lessons from Health and Wellness Brands

Waxing UnLyrical

These messages are tired and far from creative. Instead of following the herd to captivate and activate your audience you must flex your creative muscles. Alternatively, by creatively weaving in messages of empowerment, Uplift is gaining national recognition and appealing to a market untapped and ignored by other studios. snack bar market is estimated to be valued at 6.8 It has proven that creative communications are possible even in a highly regulated industry.

How Socially Responsible Communications Maintain Your Community Cool

Waxing UnLyrical

I recently received a notification from another influencer marketing tool seeking to engage me by flattering my ego, which will inevitably re-stir the frenzy of excited tweets, criticism , and everything in between. Criticisms against the dizzying array of marketing tools vying for communicators’ attention and loyalty reminds me of journalists’ gripes about “what not to do in PR.”. Their new face now portrays a friendly, vibrant, community-focused advocate for the common good.

Building Growth-Ready Branding for the Modern World with a Creative Agency

Konnect Agency

But I’ve Got a Logo, So Why Do I Need a Creative Agency to Help with Branding? Strong Branding Starts with Strong Research and Listening from your Creative Agency. Final Thoughts on Branding from our Creative Agency. Looking for a creative agency?

Popcorn and a Movie: A Creative and Integrated B2B Marketing Campaign that Could Work in Any Vertical

Sword and the Script

Creativity and risky marketing efforts don’t always find receptive purse strings in B2B, but it could well be the only thing left in “a sea of sameness.”. That sea of sameness is how the Cindy Klein Roche , the CMO for Cybereason, describe the competitive landscape in cybersecurity during an interview with the Marketing Smarts podcast. From white papers to the trade press, the entire community is fixated on the next exploit, hack or breach.

Building Growth-Ready Branding for the Modern World with a Creative Agency

Konnect Agency

But I’ve Got a Logo, So Why Do I Need a Creative Agency to Help with Branding? Strong Branding Starts with Strong Research and Listening from your Creative Agency. Final Thoughts on Branding from our Creative Agency. Looking for a creative agency?

Expand your business with 5 creativity tactics

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With so much PR and marketing advice floating around online, it’s important that you stick to the most essential information. When marketers want to improve their brand’s presence online, they usually look to add a channel to their repertoire. If you're using Pinterest but aren’t seeing results, your next step could be taking a free Pinterest course or maybe a workshop at your local library or community college. She's creative, but she struggles to get new business.

How influencer marketing has changed consumer expectation

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The “instagramability” of an activation became a crucial element of communications and influencer marketing. This was loosely determined by elements such as venue aesthetic, creativity level of a seeding kit, or degree of personalization that could be incorporated into an activation.

Creative Ways to Pitch Media During a Pandemic


Typically for this time of year, businesses and marketers would be focusing on pitching and marketing things around the holiday season. All of this means that public relations experts should be creative in creating and pitch stories to the media outlets and the public.

Discord and Reddit grapple with ‘WallStreetBets’ communities, Activision Blizzard defends DE&I hiring initiatives, and Twitter rebrands to embrace ‘real’ conversations

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Hello, communicators: Joe Martin, general manager and vice president of marketing and strategy for CloudApp, recently asked Twitter users for their most-hated corporate terms: What corporate word or phrase do you hate the most?

Reddit 132

Applauding the community at the Fringe

PR Conversations

It’s understood that the play’s the thing; however, it was the vibrant community found around each performance that proved an unexpected volunteer adventure at The Toronto Fringe festival 2015. Boom (as she calls herself) promised a fun and rewarding experience, with a fierce declaration about how much volunteers were valued as stakeholders within the Fringe community. Physically marketing their own plays and connecting with patrons. The social Fringe community.

Creative Branding In a Fredericksburg Loo

Waxing UnLyrical

Does your business’ restroom – often just a necessity you don’t give much thought to – have such creative branding that it makes your customers want to come back? which plays up the creative “twist” of their food. They reinforce their creativity in a place where they have – literally – a captive audience. More than anything else, though, it was just enough creativity… but not too much.

Creative Storytelling: Picture This: It’s Not Just the Words – It’s What You Do with Them

Waxing UnLyrical

The great Brian Solis, who I had the pleasure of seeing live in 2013 as keynote speaker at the PRSA’s International Conference, recently published this article on LinkedIn about creative storytelling. “The goal is to talk to and through people and to build a community where the value of belonging is measured in how people feel and what they can do differently as a result of your engagement.” Lots of resources are out there to guide us on our creative journeys.

7 creative ways to promote your company’s corporate volunteer efforts

Communications Conversations

Instead of posting photos and stories like we see above, community relations folks should be asking themselves one simple question: What do I want from our social media activity? ” What community relations folks really want (from a marketing metrics perspective) is: More traffic to key volunteer pages on the corporate site asking employees to volunteer. How To Online marketing strategy community relations social media volunteer social media volunteering social media

Is Creativity a Skill or Talent and Can it be Lost and Learned? [UML]

Sword and the Script

Is creativity a talent or a skill? It seems to me if creativity is a talent it can be fine-tuned, like a natural athlete trains to compete in professional football. On the other hand, if creativity is a skill, it can be taught in the same way, we might teach our children to throw or catch a football. Sometimes creativity just exists. Creativity can’t be pre-ordered, ordered on-demand, purchased on credit, or saved and stored for use on another day.

20 PR and Marketing Predictions for 2022

Sword and the Script

Professionals across the globe share analysis and perhaps, aspiration, in offering up PR and marketing predictions for 2022. As I’ve done for the last several years , I solicited and compiled a list of predictions from professionals across the PR and marketing community.

7 Occasions When PR And Marketing Must Work Together

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Between the PR and marketing functions of any organization there can be creative tension or even competition. PR and marketing are perceived very differently, especially in a corporate environment. A great brand marketing PR campaign can even drive leads and sales.

How to Grow Your B2B Facebook Community

Waxing UnLyrical

Despite its uncertainty in the stock market, Facebook continues to be an excellent way to connect with your client base and potential customers. This struggle is even more difficult for business-to-business (B2B) marketers, who feel so lost trying effectively target business professionals on Facebook that they only put in half the effort or abandon the platform completely. You don’t have to rely on Facebook’s marketing tools to build a loyal following.

22 expert tips to help plan your 2022 marketing strategy

PR Daily

A round-up of solid advice from 22 top marketing pros to make your next year the best one yet. As we make plans for the new year, what marketing advice for 2022 should we focus on? It’s wild to me that so few marketers do this! Marketers don’t make meaning, people do.

3 marketing trends that will define 2021

PR Daily

Marketers largely started last year from a place of strength with bigger budgets and confident growth strategies. Then 2020 caught even the most seasoned of marketing pros off guard. The post 3 marketing trends that will define 2021 appeared first on PR Daily.

Trends 167

What belongs in your influencer marketing brief

PR Daily

In social media marketing today, the word influencer gets thrown around a lot. Here are a few key points to keep in mind when creating your next influencer marketing brief: Key ingredients. The post What belongs in your influencer marketing brief appeared first on PR Daily.

Teaching and creatively executing influencer marketing for real clients

Karen Freberg

Influencer marketing has become one of the MAIN things many professionals working in social media are asked to do. As a professor, I know many of my fellow colleagues are actively teaching influencer marketing. How is influencer marketing taught or incorporated into assignments? These are all fine and good, but – we have to raise the bar in how we approach influencer marketing. Creating evidence you have actually DONE influencer marketing.

How Creative, Agile and Metrics can Sing in Marketing Harmony [UML]

Sword and the Script

Limited is the operative word, because while measurements are important, you can’t directly measure everything, like the impact of creativity, and yet we know these things have value. However, I think the marketing community has over-corrected and the more strategic marketers value both the art and science of marketing. This is why a new study by McKinsey is so important and why I’ve included it in this week’s Unscripted Marketing links [UML].

Relationship Advice: Your Nonprofit Organization and Building Community Organization Partnerships

Waxing UnLyrical

These are examples of two successful cause-related marketing and social responsibility platforms which are ingrained in our minds so much, we don’t hesitate to understand their connection with each other. To encourage social responsibility, create a culture of giving back to the larger community. Review the cohort’s purpose, at least yearly, and switch leaders to maintain its energy, creativity and inspiration. Empower your community and employees together.