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The Dynamic Web: Pop-ups, Persistence and SERP [UML]

Sword and the Script

There’s a tag I’ve kept on this blog over the years called “ dynamic web.” It’s a personal interest in just how much the web shifts and changes – and the impact that has on marketing and PR. From native advertising to content marketing , the dynamic web is about the blurry and blurring lines in marketing. More importantly, the dynamic web is fluid: What was true in digital marketing yesterday, is not necessarily true today.

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Man Bites Dog: Newspapers Outlive Themselves, Blissful Ignorance Becomes Artform

Bad Pitch Blog

This new technology will "allow the paper''s Web site to post immediate expert viewpoints on breaking news," said Editorial Page Editor Andrew Rosenthal. What you''ve created is called a weblog - or a blog. Your own paper has blogs that are starters. The guys over in Sports run an awesome baseball blog appropriately called "Bats." This blogging is not a new concept, friend. Are they unaware that blogs exist, or are they hoping we don''t know blogs exist?

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Bad News About Ink: an open letter to clients

Bad Pitch Blog

While Web media may be winner in time spent (often with audiences larger than those antiquated brethren several times over), many of you clients somehow still think ink is king and online is a bastard red-headed stepchild. The problem is that because everyone is migrating to the ''Net, ole print –notably newspapers– is fast going way of the dodo as advertisers flock to the place they can get real traction. Embrace the Web!

Why Do PR People Bother With Insolent Clients? I Mean, Really

Bad Pitch Blog

Who could care less about his Web (read: online) product. To the stubborn ones I offer a solution: Want print? If you are on a top-notch blog or even in the (*ugh) newspaper, you need to DO something with it, send it to folks with a “I’m sure you saw this” note or post it everywhre. One dude (also young) was interviewed for a major print magazine and at the end said, with me on the line: “So is this for the magazine?”

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7 Superior Podcasts for Super Listeners Eyeing the Big Picture

Sword and the Script

This program does for podcasts, what native ads have done for online print. True to its conservative newspaper roots, the program tends to lean right in its coverage in my opinion. Mr. Schaefer also pens the popular {Grow} blog. Mr. Webster, blogs at Brand Savant , leads strategy for Edison Research and if you listened to the 5-minute webinar on podcasts mentioned above – he’s narrator. Marketing PR Social Media dynamic webby Frank Strong.

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8 essentials for landing your client a TV segment

PR Daily

Recognize that broadcast follows print. Many media outlets compete with one another, but in general, print and broadcast have a symbiotic relationship. A TV producer or segment coordinator will get many of her story ideas from print or digital news outlets. If you can first nail a story in a major newspaper or web news site, it often makes sense to follow up with a quick broadcast segment pitch.

Multimedia: The Future of Media Relations Blog

Despite the disastrous demise of newspapers, PR pros can still achieve stellar media placements by offering multimedia content. ” Today, virtually every print publication utilizes video content on its web site. As print readership declines, viewership of web content grows.

PR for Establishing Your Addiction Specialist Practice

Mora Communications

Although television, online and print ads can bring some new patients to your practice, the opportunities a well-planned public relations campaign can offer are organic and far reaching. Being featured as an expert in the field in print, radio TV and online not only helps build your practice but is also one of the most effective ways to establish credibility with potential new patients. 2017 | Top PR Firm Los Angeles Blog.

How PR has shifted over three decades

PR Daily

The media landscape: You would be hard pressed to find too many people under 30 years old who read the print edition of a newspaper every morning. No matter how many other forms of news I’m able to digest, sitting and holding a newspaper is still one of the most important forms of news delivery. That’s where I got my start, and most of the decision-makers still rely on print as their primary source of news, followed very closely by Web and social media channels.

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One Action That Will Make Anyone in the Communications Business Smarter

Ishmael's Corner

The New York Times : I’m not big on the old media guard, but the best newspaper in the country (yes, my opinion) delivers the goods. I find the channel on Web Design particularly useful with articles like “A Journey Through Beautiful Typography in Web Design.”. Moz Blog : As explained in our SlideShare, “The Blending of Digital Marketing and PR,” organic search represents a natural extension of PR.

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Landing Page Design: Rules of Thumb Your Boss Expects You to Know


Instead, use phrases such as: Build your business with blogging fundamentals. I first heard about the Blink Test from Chris LoDolce who suggested I print a copy of my landing page, then show it to a colleague. Above the fold” comes from the newspaper business and refers to the top half of a broadsheet newspaper—basically the most important news of the day.

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AP Style: How relevant is it in 2019?

Communications Conversations

It began as a way to standardize rules around editing based on mass media–specifically, mainstream print media. In the golden age of print, AP Style reigned supreme because editors and reporters used it–therefore, PR types like us were forced to learn it and use it. People now spend only 11 minutes a day consuming newspaper media, and 9 minutes a day consuming magazine media. How many times have I seen 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, ad 9 on the web?

How targeted press efforts boost your brand's bottom line

PR Daily

After a sharp decline over the past 10 years, broadcast and print media have slightly rebounded. While links and web search results are important, a shout-out from the local morning show can accomplish in 30 seconds what it takes a paid online banner ad 10 months to do. In much the same way, local and industry-specific print publications can have a stronger impact on your business than paid newspaper advertisements.

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Why Content Marketing and Public Relations Need Each Other

Sword and the Script

After several unsuccessful attempts, I re-worked my pitch into a blog post and published it on the company blog. The web has obviously changed that – a few quick product searches on a mobile device leads a buyer to reviews and commentary from sources other than the brand. I was worried as to whether or not the servers would hold up with all the web traffic surely headed our way. Today, are many more options both on the television – and on the web.

Future of PR: 2020 edition

Stephen Waddington

Vuelio named this blog the best PR and communications blog in 2019. Tackling fake news and disinformation: an ethical issue that strikes at the heart of practice The great hope of the web was that it would democratise the publication and sharing of information. The web and the internet have enabled communities to form around an organisation, topic or issue. The web has overhauled organisational communication and marketing.

Media relations is thriving

Stephen Waddington

If you read an article about an individual or organisation in your favourite magazine or newspaper you’re likely to view it far more favourably than if you heard the information direct. There shouldn’t be a barrier between the press office and the digital team - media relations people should be running blogs and engaging with journalists via social forms of media such as Twitter,” said Alex Singleton, author of The PR Masterclass.

10 insights for public relations from the 2017 European Communications Monitor

Stephen Waddington

Coping with the digital evolution and the social web is the most important issue for communication management in the next three years. 4 Channel shift from print to social exaggerated. Other online communication comes second (83.1%), followed by press and media relations with online newspapers and magazines (82.4%). Media relations with print newspapers/magazines are still stronger than expected. #5

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10 clichés to ditch this holiday season

PR Daily

Not if you want to write well, says an article on the Ketchum blog. Before you blow it this year, here are a few clichés gathered from the web and from curmudgeonly editors at Ragan Communications: 1. In a particularly heinous offense this week, a Pennsylvania newspaper. Do you, after exceeding your budget on all the main presents, cram your family's stockings full of $175 leopard-print passport holders , $50 Bambi mittens , $65.

Why Your Content Strategy is Failing And How to Fix it

Beyond PR

Considering the culmination of traditional advertisements (newspaper, TV, radio and billboards) and digital advertisements (banner ads, pop-ups and sponsored posts), how many advertisements a day do you think you’re exposed to? Coined the “ future of marketing ” by CMOs, content has the power to solve marketing’s pristine challenges — growing web traffic, converting leads, upselling and retaining existing customers.

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10 things the PR consultants won’t tell you about PR consultants

Communications Conversations

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know I’m a big devotee of reading the hard copy print edition of my local newspaper, the Minneapolis Star Tribune. For example, I remember agreeing to a sizable web project, when at the time, I had little in the way of web development experience.

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9 Little Stories from a One Time Public Relations Gig with the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus

Sword and the Script

The kids were fascinated by the snakes, and the snake man didn’t disappoint with a chat that would check blogs in both entertainment and reptilian education. I seem to remember having both print and broadcast media in attendance. The following Sunday, with a full week of the circus performances to go, Ringling Brothers, graced the front page of the largest regional newspaper serving the dense suburbs of Fredericksburg and Northern Virginia.

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The Race Back to Actual News

David PR Group

More than 15 years ago, I began telling people that the Internet might kill newspapers but that it won’t end journalism. Aside from writing his column, Carr is also featured in an interesting documentary called Page One , which chronicles the Times’s transition from print to digital media.). A robust, free press remains part of the fabric of our nation, even as we continue to struggle with how to pay for it.

5 ways to customize your newsroom for global audiences

PR Daily

Avoid using the word “press,” because some international audiences might think it means only print newspapers and magazines. Some newsrooms also showcase branded content with self-produced stories that read like newspaper or magazine articles. Sites also can include relevant speeches, white papers, online brochures and other written content, as well as links to company blogs. Offer different resolutions for the web or print.

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Research Shows Journalists Want More Multimedia from PR Pros

Beyond PR

With print becoming less important to audiences, telling stories in more visual ways is critical – and public relations professionals can help. While some still struggle with multimedia, there are people who would rather just write or take photos, there’s no question that journalism will become an even more visual industry in the future, especially when print eventually disappears, he says. Many of those images show up in magazines, newspapers and blogs, she says.

Are You Using These 33 Ways to Promote Your Content That Most Marketers Overlook?


For content marketers seeking to generate leads from that new blog post, white paper, case study, event, infographic, research report, or webinar, here are 33 ways to ensure that your content is found, downloaded, clicked-on and consumed. Landing Page - Maximize the web visibility of your content with a dedicated landing page. Resources Library - Amp up your web devotion to content marketing. Pin all your landing page URLs and blog posts to encourage sharing of them!

Digital journalism is alive but is digital PR?

Norton's Notes

Several years have now passed since the birth of Web 2.0 Digital journalism can mean many things according to Wikipedia: Digital journalism also known as online journalism is a contemporary form of journalism where editorial content is distributed via the Internet as opposed to publishing via print or broadcast. This includes the widely derided infographic, blogs, tweets and video through to clever more sophisticated social media applications.

Old Journalism’s Demise.Good News For Us!

Bad Pitch Blog

Print outlets have been dying, okay let''s call it changing, for a while. While most recognized that Web properties are two-way streets, venerable newspapers and ages-old magazines kept thinking they ruled our worlds. As a guy who wrote for dozens of newspapers in the 1980s, I can report (get it?) The old fogeys who can''t figure why a blog post is better than a few words in the Atlanta Journal are going to have the point proven expediently.