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PR Trends: How to Empower Your PR with SEO

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Today we're going to focus on one trend that works quite well with digital public relations , yet is often neglected -- SEO. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the practice of improving traffic to your website content through such search engines as Google or Bing. Infographics.

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How many blog posts should you publish?

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There’s no universal magic number of blog posts that every organization should create per month in order to see results. Though the perfect amount of blog content doesn’t exist, there is a range to shoot for. Here’s what you need in place: Blog guidelines.

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My Top Do’s & Don’ts For Pitching & Writing Guest Blog Posts

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Don’t Overlook Its Importance When I think of content marketing, one of the primary tactics that comes to mind is guest blogging. That being said, here are a few dozen “do’s and don’ts” to help you in your pitching and writing efforts. Match voice to the publication or blog. Thoroughly understand the audience before you pitch or write. One blog post can become a SlideShare deck, video, infographic, quote image.

Content Marketing and SEO: How to Craft the Best PR Campaigns

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When you think of the tactics behind perfect PR campaigns , perhaps press releases and media pitches acome to mind. But in reality, content marketing and SEO have a good deal to bring to the table when it comes to PR. Incorporate SEO Whenever Possible.

Making Your Blog More PR-Friendly

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This is true for the earned media we generate, the thought leadership content we produce for clients and for our own blog content. Any company blogging today must have a strategy for boosting the visibility of their content and ensuring it is shareable and shared.

Beyond PR 101: 3 Truly Unique Pitching Tips [UML]

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If PR professionals understand what it means to re-purpose content, it might be because there’s a new “pitching tips” blog post or article at least every week. Many of these cover the basics, for example: do your research, know the reporter’s audience, and pitch a story, not a product.

Blogging vs. Press Releases vs. Coverage; Unscripted Marketing Links

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Aside from the well-deserved round of congratulations, it occurred to me the acquisition is an indication of a maturing industry for content marketing, which of course includes blogging. The Blogging Gutenberg . Benchmarks: Blogs Press Releases and Coverage.

Pitching the press: the complete guide


This guide contains everything you need to pitch the press. You’ll learn how to create awesome press releases, distribute press releases, nurture your media contacts, and send pitch emails that get results. Send email pitches that get results. pitching is never a good idea.

Our Most-Shared Marketing Blog Posts from 2018

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For a little inspiration, we pulled PR 20/20’s most-shared blog posts from 2018. A few ideas include pitching target influencers, mapping out related blog content and utilizing gated content in the sales cycle. January is the month for reflection and self-assessment.

Infographics: Dead—or still a useful tool for communicators?

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A recent report from Clutch, a research, ratings and reviews platform for business services, suggests the pulse of infographics—at the heart of many content marketing strategies—is weakening. To paraphrase Mark Twain, are reports of the death of infographics greatly exaggerated?

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How to Build Effective Backlinks Using Images

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SEO is a complex process where backlinks are key. According to an article in Backlinko, the number of domains linking to a page correlates with rankings more than any other factor, which means backlinks are vital if you want to improve your site’s SEO.

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5 Outdated PR Tactics That Will Actually Hurt Your Strategy

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This is sometimes referred to as the "spray and pray" method -- sending out your pitch to everyone imaginable hoping you'll get even one response. For starters, all of your images -- headshots, infographics, product shots, and logos -- should be available for easy download.

Website Traffic: the Must-Track PR Metric


Activity based measures like the number of press releases, media pitches, and mentions are less persuasive than they once were. Content assets like blog posts, videos, infographics and eBooks are outstanding ways for PR professionals to contribute to a steady increase in return visits. SEO PR MeasurementAs a PR pro, how much has your reporting changed?

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How Data-Driven Storytelling Drives PR

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Data-driven pitches win points with journalists. Journalists look for pitches that are backed up by data in the form of charts, graphs, tables, or interactive infographics. It offers a clear story map and lends credibility to the pitch.

10 distribution blunders that kill your content

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You’ve devoted time, effort—and quite a lot of absolute brilliance, if you do say so yourself—but that blog post or infographic just keels over due to lack of interest. Not optimizing for SEO. Even if you have a solid relationship, one bad pitch can land you on the back burner.

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Our Ultimate List of the Best PR Tools for 2017

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We’ve divided them into categories, including tools for SEO, keeping on top of industry trends, and creating awesome content. With this tool, you can pitch story ideas, receive alerts about new PR opportunities and crises, and track the success of your campaigns. Once you see an opportunity that fits your experience and expertise, send your pitch, and wati for a response. Tools for SEO and Website Design. SEMRush takes the guesswork out of the SEO process.

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Search Engine Optimization is a PR Pro’s Friend

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Do thoughts of how to use search engine optimization (SEO) make your head spin? You are probably in better shape than you realize because SEO has come a long way from its white vs. black hat, keyword-gaming origins. Feel free to fly by this section if you’re already well-versed in SEO.

How to get important organization news covered

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Most communicators have encountered this classic media relations quandry: Do you pitch a journalist first or share the news on your own and pitch the story later, in hopes of garnering media coverage? The case for pitching a journalist first. How to craft your pitch.

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11 tactics to repurpose original podcasts and videos

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Non-text content is surging in popularity, but that doesn’t preclude you from extracting key nuggets for blog posts, nor even cross-pollinating your audio and visual projects. Turn the content into a blog post. Be sure to pitch the idea before writing the piece.

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5 Ways PR Beats Paid Advertising

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Ads pop up and disappear, while blog posts, news articles, and white papers stay searchable for months ie even years. Close behind are e-books (67%), infographics (66%), and blog posts (66%).” Business buyers prefer hard, unbiased data over sales pitches and marketing collateral.

How original research can bolster your PR efforts

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SEO PowerSuite’s Link Building in 2017. survey of 628 SEO professionals. For PR pros, research can be used in press releases, pitches, blog articles and social media posts. How to pitch your research. Working in media relations today can be a challenge.

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Earned Media: How to Get the Attention You Deserve

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Interact with others in your industry on social media -- share their content, comment on their posts, and give positive feedback about their blogs, podcasts, and other media. Pitch Newsworthy Stories. How to Boost Your B2B Public Relations with SEO. Want the Best Pitch?

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6 Proven Ways to Leverage Surveys In Your B2B Marketing Case Studies

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Companies are barraged with countless sales pitches. Blog posts that apply the information to the current B2B landscape. Eye-catching infographic of the essential statistics. Procure SEO and Traffic.

What Are the Best Practices in B2B Public Relations That Will Drive Success?

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Your goal should be to craft blog posts and other content that will answer every possible question your readers could have. Your content formats could include: Blog posts. Infographics. With a basic knowledge of SEO, and a little effort, your content can show up in organic search results. Handpicked Related Content: 5 Easy SEO Tips Guaranteed to Boost Your B2B PR. Want the Best Pitch?

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Media relations is thriving

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There shouldn’t be a barrier between the press office and the digital team - media relations people should be running blogs and engaging with journalists via social forms of media such as Twitter,” said Alex Singleton, author of The PR Masterclass.

BuzzStream Data: The Outperforming Outreach Tactics We Learned From Analyzing 12,000 Campaigns


SEO Content Marketers – This type of outreach team blurs the line between traditional SEO and PR, using a range of tactics including blogger outreach, infographic placement, broken link building.

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12 content marketing secrets from the pros

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Commit to blogging. Blog posts are an essential component of any strategy for content marketing, experts say. I see the blog becoming more integrated with the rest of a company’s content, not just living on its own in a separate section of the website.”. Ditch the sales pitch.

A PR pro's guide to link building

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You’re already an SEO professional and you don’t know it. The only thing missing is the perspective of how SEO fits in. According to SEO software firm Moz , link building is the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own.

How PR pros invented content marketing

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The point is, that piece of content is boosting someone’s SEO, and perhaps even driving a sale on that organization's website. Blog posts can be repurposed, not only on social media, but on other high profile blogs, and depending on the format and topic, even be shared with the press.

How Big the Market for PR Software? PR Tech Sum: Burton-Taylor, Cision, Muck Rack, Critical Mention, Talkwalker

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While I did not see any updates about code over the last 30 days, there were a few announcements that caught my eye, along with a handful of posts from the vendor blogs. Pitches should be personal and relevant. Learn more: report registration page ; PR News infographic.

8 writing mistakes that ensure your guest post won’t get published

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You might think that if you can write an informative and interesting post, it can be published on any blog. Here are several common guest-blogging mistakes writers make , along with proven practices to follow when authoring guest posts: 1. Adding too many links to your blog posts.

5 media relations tools for PR pros

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Lasting relationships require research, good pitching techniques and high-quality interactions. RELATED: Learn how to create compelling news and sexy social media pitches that build brand, buzz and the bottom line, every single time. ].

Content Scale & Alignment: 7 Steps for Building a Better Content Program

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Specifically to scale, you’ll definitely need to assess a few parts: new goals and KPIs (more on this in a few pages), SEO keywords, and an updated gap analysis. If you only produced blog posts before, maybe scaling means starting to create visual content like infographics and video.

4 ways e-commerce marketers can make a splash

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For brand managers of all stripes—but especially for retail and e-commerce marketers—it’s crucial to have a stellar online presence and search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Even Amazon is feeling the heat after Google recently announced on its AdWords blog.

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Everything You Need to Know About Earned, Owned, Shared & Paid Media

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As many people as you may engage on a sales call, there are zillions more that are searching for answers in multiple other arenas -- including review sites, blogs , ads, and social media sites. Also focus your attention and efforts on local newspapers, blogs, and trade publications.

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10 Ways to Promote Your Next Lead Generation Campaign (Free GamePlan)

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This could be in the form of a visual checklist, infographic, SlideShare presentation, quiz or even a Facebook Live webcast. Pitch target media (and / or influencers). Create a list of outlets or blogs that your target buyer is probably reading (if you don’t already have one).

How to Spy on Your Competition & Steal Their Secrets


Also take a tour of their websites and blogs. Once you have their URLs, it’s time to tour their blogs, websites, and marketing tactics. Do they have a blog? In the blogging space HubSpot, Buffer, and Kissmetrics all do great work. Hustle and pitch.

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Where and How B2B Marketing Generates Leads it Likes [Study]

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SEO: 49%. Subscribers are more likely to convert , but if your content is heavy on pitch and light on value, no one is going to subscribe. How to Generate Media Referenceable B2B Customers with a Blog. Blog post: 44%.

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The Criteria Pros Use to Qualify High Authority Link Opportunities


So, if you get a site from a “” blog, DA will will credit the “” parent URL when factoring their score, whereas DR will not. How to use Domain Rating to score sites (this is going to look real familiar…): Install the SEO Toolbar from Ahrefs.

5 tips for successful content marketing on a budget

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Distribion used content to increase its blog traffic by 2,000 percent and boost revenue by 40 percent. These include, blog posts, videos , slideshows, infographics, tools, animations, podcasts, physical books and images. What's the best way to promote your brand? “It’s