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It’s a huge demographic so it’s important to pay attention to what is trending on TikTok. If it’s trending on TikTok, it’s probably trending everywhere else – or it will be soon. See what’s trending and pitch your expertise around that.

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3 marketing trends that will define 2021

PR Daily

After speaking to over 200 brand leaders, on industry insider offers his view on what will be the trends to watch for the year ahead. Marketers largely started last year from a place of strength with bigger budgets and confident growth strategies.

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3 digital marketing trends brands can’t ignore in 2021

Agility PR Solutions

In today’s marketing landscape, technology-based advertising changes fast, and consumer behaviors and interests have become hard to predict. To succeed, digital marketers and those who work in digital PR cannot rely on educated guesses anymore. Analysis Public Relations marketing

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Content Marketing Trends for 2021

Ronn Torossian

Of the numerous quotes that could describe marketers and the future of content marketing, leadership author John C. COVID-19 has cast a huge shadow on content marketing strategies for CMOs planning strategies for […].

Essential digital marketing trends for 2021


Let's go through the main marketing trends we expect to see this year and break down how you can apply them to your own digital marketing strategy

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7 PR trends to follow for 2021

PR Daily

What are the trends you are watching in 2021? Many brands have started to take a more focused, consumer-centric approach to marketing but talking the talk isn’t enough. 2021 will be the year of “real” content featuring “real” people living “real” lives.

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How effective is email marketing in 2021? Trends to watch

Agility PR Solutions

The post How effective is email marketing in 2021? Trends to watch appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

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PR And Communications Trends For 2021

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

The year of COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, assorted climate disasters, and a historically divisive presidential contest has accelerated existing trends and opened up new ones for professional communicators. Here are some observations on what we can expect in 2021.

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Upcoming Trends in Advertising

Ronn Torossian

This meant that marketers had to use the technologies that were existing at the […]. The post Upcoming Trends in Advertising appeared first on.

6 Trends That Will Affect PR In 2022

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

As we turn the page on the year, it’s time to look at the trends that affect PR and marketing communications. They’re the continuation or peaking of the events and moves we’ve experienced in 2021. The talent market in many industries is tighter than ever.

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7 media and marketing trends to watch in 2021

Agility PR Solutions

Boston-based Birnbach Communications, a PR and social media agency focusing on thought leadership, has issued its 19th annual list of top media and marketing trends for 2021. Some trends from last year—namely continued fragmentation and […].

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3 social media trends to embrace in 2021

PR Daily

For public relations and marketing professionals specifically, 2020 was transformative. Slow-growing trends across platforms roared to life to accommodate the permanently online masses. Here are three of the most compelling trends that pros can use to take advantage of platforms.

3 social media trends to watch in 2021

PR Daily

Digital marketers hardly have had time to relax, though, as they started the year much like how they experienced 2020—on their toes, ready to switch their entire online strategy in reaction to the most recent, unexpected global event. This trend applies to both organic and paid content.

Social Media Tactics To Leave Behind In 2021

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

The social media landscape is constantly evolving, and PR pros must stay in step with trends and tactics. 2021 saw emerging platforms that B2B brands were eyeing to for their marketing plans, and some may have been missteps.

Navigating the aftermath: Top 10 communication trends for 2021

PR Daily

These are the principles underpinning the key communications trends for 2021. 2021 job one: building back trust. Valerie Di Maria is principal of the 10company , a strategic marketing and communications agency. .

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Who’s hot, who’s not: Consumer buzz trends as holiday 2021 fast approaches

Agility PR Solutions

Consumer conversation trends reveal who has the most WOM traction and who needs to take quick corrective action. For marketers, it means the final push to prepare for holiday 2021. Marketing Public Relations branding

5 ways to embrace content marketing trends that dominate in 2021

Agility PR Solutions

In recent years, organizations that incorporated content marketing in their businesses have reported high revenues. To maintain that growth and relevance, marketers must stay updated with the ever-fluctuating content marketing landscape.

13 Marketing Statistics Summarizing 2021

Sword and the Script

73% of respondents are willing to pay more for a product or service from, businesses they trust – and other marketing statistics summarizing 2021. Every year this breaks down the results and covers dozens of marketing surveys and studies. Rosy outlook for B2B tech marketers.

Surviving the retail apocalypse: 2021 trends, expectations, and new opportunities

Agility PR Solutions

As retailers and brand marketers battle through COVID’s impact on consumer behavior, new research from customer journey orchestration and analytics firm Kitewheel explores key trends in the retail industry, providing recommendations on how brands can make the most of an evolving retail landscape.

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6 crucial digital marketing trends to follow

PR Daily

Digital marketing is filled with opportunities for brands with the right mindset and technology. There are six trends that every marketer must understand, according to Delivering on the Promise Of Performance Marketing, a study released last week by Deloitte Digital.

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PR Daily’s top stories of 2021: Nos. 1-10

PR Daily

It’s finally the last day of 2021—and we’re revealing our list of the top 10 stories that readers enjoyed during the past 12 months. 2021 is over—or it will be in just a few hours. Here’s our list of the top stories from 2021, Nos. 7 highest-ranked ESG brands for 2021.

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2021 trends CMOs are watching

PR Daily

Here’s what our colleagues in the marketing world are paying close attention to for the months ahead. The question on CMOs minds is: What have we learned from 2020 and what needs to be done differently in 2021 as a result?

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No Going Back After COVID — Communications Trends for 2021


The effects will be felt this year and beyond and fuel the10company’s top 10 2021 communications trends, each with significant implications for companies and executives: 1. Instilling trust is the 2021 challenge. Thought Leadership COVID-19 PR trends Trends

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PR Daily’s top stories of 2021: Nos. 11-20

PR Daily

It’s the penultimate day of 2021, so we’re sharing the stories that nearly cracked our top 10 for the year. Only two days left in 2021, and we’re rushing to celebrate our favorite stories from the past year. Here are the top stories from 2021, Nos.

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Top 2021 internal communication trends

PR Daily

Who knows what surprises 2021 will hold? Here’s what comms leaders and luminaries foresee for the year ahead: Top 2021 comms trends. 2021 should be centered on employee health and wellness—but how well you communicate offerings can make or break your efforts.

2021 consumer expectations are shifting—and opportunities for innovation abound

Agility PR Solutions

With a post-pandemic retail environment looming, and a critical holiday shopping season in full swing, brands and marketers continue to struggle to understand the “new normal” consumer. Public Relations trends

PR Daily’s top stories of 2021: Nos. 41-50

PR Daily

The year that was 2021 is slipping away, but we’re taking a few minutes before it is gone to look back on the year that was. 41-50 from 2021: 41. 3 marketing trends that will define 2021. The post PR Daily’s top stories of 2021: Nos.

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5 trends retail marketers must embrace to transform into customer-first organizations in 2022

Agility PR Solutions

With consumer retail habits and behaviors in a state of flux, brand and retail marketers can bet that some serious adaptation and agility will be necessary as we head into a “new normal” future. Marketing Public Relations trends

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Public Relations in Marketing

PR for Anyone

People often question the difference between public relations and marketing. This week I’m going to talk about publicity and marketing. So subscribe to the channel and now I will tell you about publicity and marketing.

What can social content marketers learn from Shutterstock’s 2021 visual trends?

Communications Conversations

That’s what many social media marketers are thinking about as we start 2021. They recently unveiled their emerging visual design trends for 2021 based on hard-core search data from their users. I could see some companies doing the same thing in 2021. New Year.

4 digital marketing trends you should invest in this year

Agility PR Solutions

The post 4 digital marketing trends you should invest in this year appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Marketing Public Relations marketingThere never seems to have been a period in our lives when we have relied on the internet more than now.

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Mobile app trends marketers need to be aware of

Agility PR Solutions

The post Mobile app trends marketers need to be aware of appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Marketing Public Relations marketingCan you imagine your life without mobile apps?

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ICON 2021 Recap: Randi Zuckerberg on Harnessing the Entrepreneurial Spirit


I’m delighted that technology can help keep us connected,” she said during her keynote presentation at PRSA’s ICON 2021 on Oct. But after graduating from Harvard, she took a job at Ogilvy, and was staffed to a new type of team they started: digital marketing. “I The markets demand it.

Consumers want more than rewards from brands—5 personas that have emerged in 2021

Agility PR Solutions

Marketers are realizing that building brand loyalty in 2021 is more complicated than in pre-COVID times, and are challenged with striking the right balance between transactional engagement and tapping into deeper motivations to fuel long-term consumer loyalty. Public Relations trends

5 tips for more effective brand communications in 2021

PR Daily

Scouring the internet for the most current marketing techniques is like searching for almost anything – there’s too much content. If you do search, you’ll come up with the same conclusion: marketing best practices really don’t change. Market toward that.

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Super Bowl in 2021: Trends to note for Social Media

Karen Freberg

Each year, I try to look at the campaigns from a social media perspective – to see what trends, issues, challenges, and opportunities the event can bring to my work in and out of the classroom. Here are some trends I saw from the Super Bowl. Some things still happen even in 2021.

Crenshaw Nominated for 2021 SABRE Awards North America

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

The Crenshaw team is delighted to be nominated for a 2021 SABRE Awards North America. The 2021 North American SABRE Awards recognize Superior Achievement in Branding Reputation and Engagement from among more than 2,000 entries. .

Influencers flock to TikTok during the pandemic—marketers are seeking ways to cash in on trend

Agility PR Solutions

Influencer marketing notched up its own marketing influence during the COVID crisis, as consumers found the reliability of influencers to be more trustworthy than the brand marketing they encountered.

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12 ranking factors that matter to Google for 2021

PR Daily

You must also revisit your old content regularly to keep it updated with the latest trends and provide new solutions to your readers. are three crucial factors that will put you ahead of your competitors in 2021. Looking to improve your SEO performance this year?

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How to approach industry awards in 2021

PR Daily

With that in mind, are industry awards still worth applying for in 2021? Not only are awards great for messaging and getting arms around a product, they are a great way to market for a relatively low spend, and can be a nice boost for employee morale.