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Del Martin (1921-2008) and Phyllis Lyon (1924-2020)

Institute for Public Relations

In 1955, Martin and Lyon co-founded the Daughters of Bilitis (DOB), the first lesbian rights … Continue reading Del Martin (1921-2008) and Phyllis Lyon (1924-2020) → The couple moved to San Francisco in 1953.

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Investor Relations Communication in a Time of Crisis: 6 Areas to Focus On | Business Wire Blog

Business Wire

Some situations, such as the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the 2008 mortgage crisis, or the global coronavirus pandemic, are so sweeping and destructive that many of the traditional rules and familiar patterns for communications no longer apply.

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#MediaMonday – Paul Calvisi

HMA Public Relations

Meet Paul, find out what brought him to the NFL and learn more about some of the notable stories he has covered over the years from Pat Tillman's career to the Cardinals' 2008 Super Bowl run. The latest feature comes to us from Paul Calvisi, a host and reporter for the Arizona Cardinals broadcast team. Check it out!

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Without prejudice privilege – guidance from the Privy Council

Practical Law Construction

A key meeting took place on 23 May 2008. After that meeting, Petroleum sent a letter dated 23 June 2008 (the June Letter) recording what had been agreed at the meeting. Was the June 2008 letter protected by without prejudice privilege? That process was intended to be open. I was quite surprised by this decision.

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Top Business Journalists in the US & UK – The 2020 List


Alyson Shontell joined Business Insider in July 2008 as its sixth employee and was a sales planner before joining the editorial team in 2010. There, she became a start-up reporter and was first to cover some of today’s largest tech companies, including Pinterest, Tinder, Instagram, Uber, and Snap.

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15 years after: the collective “grilling” of Jim Grunig still delivers visionary insights on the future of PR

PR Conversations

Let’s look at some of the main statements made by Jim during the 2008 interview and ask ourselves some questions: I dislike the term “targeted” publics. Jim Grunig (2008) Powerful and meaningful statement on the fact that we need to see the reality (also or mostly) through the publics’ eyes. “I

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Top 10 Posts of 2022 Focus on Self Improvement, Job Search and DEI


It was the early spring of 2008 when three interns led by Kevin Saghy pitched the idea of this blog to yours truly, who at the time headed the Chicago office of Ketchum. Time flies: Culpwrit is wrapping up its 14th year and nearing 1,500 posts.

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