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The Reality of 'Careful What You Wish For'

Spin Sucks

The biggest is that your “real” job doesn’t go away. Karen Altes is manager of outreach programs for the Institute of Real Estate Management.


How to Fill Your Slow-Moving PR Pipeline Pitching Vertical Markets

Rock the Status Quo

I have a local bank client that just started working with me in September. A wealth of opportunities, with placements for the most important local publications clustered to hit during a four to six-week period. Pros/Cons of online loans versus local banks?

Personal Branding: Always Be Prepared for Your Next Job Opportunity


Are you effectively communicating all of these in your online presence and real-world interactions on a daily basis? You can also offer yourself as an expert to local and industry media who write about topics you can provide insight on. “A

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When PR Jumps On Breaking News (Brangelina Divorce Edition)

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A local psychologist and jury consultant captured press interest with his opinions about the case, and years later that same guy commands a media empire of his own. ” “How Will Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Split Their Real Estate?

3 PR lessons from SXSW

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What began as a local Austin music festival in 1986 just wrapped up its 30 th year as the go-to event for music, film and technology. I’m the COO and managing director of a communications firm in real estate, public affairs, energy, transportation, higher education and non-profits.

What PR Can Communicate About Philanthropy


Real estate agent? Being in PR, I volunteer for several local charities and help them with exposure. You’ve gotten involved, are helping your local community and feeling great! Now is when you use public relations to not only let others know of your local involvement, but also help spread the word about the charity. Giving back has been the gateway to several effective PR campaigns.

Head to the Farmer’s Market for Great Exposure

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From taco trailers to jewelry makers, small businesses are finding a new way to gain exposure for their wares: The local farmer’s market. . Businesses, however, have to be diligent about how they use the limited real estate and time given while at the market. . By Hattie James.

Twists, Turns, and Tweets Amidst Twitter Company Chaos

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Firm parameters on real estate, once the holy grail of the social media network, are only getting bigger. By Janice Cuban.

Why HR-PR Should be a Pillar of Any Program

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In its many iterations, HR-PR commands a good portion of business press; real estate. These stories are also highly valuable to press, as they provide real-life examples of how entrepreneurs are solving the recruiting talent – a C-level priority.

What a Duck Can Do For “Social” Media Relations

Waxing UnLyrical

That is where we started to get creative and blended what we do with our local media and how we can expand the reach using social media. Guest Post by Dawn Buzynski. I’ve held on to a theory for a while now: Social media and media relations are a paradox.

We Had a Fire


The adjuster said, “I’m going to find you someone really good, someone local. And these crazy kids: Frank Goodrich and Taylor Meredith , the best real estate agents in the universe, helped us make design decisions as did our oh-so-talented designer friend Heather Martin.

PRoust Questionnaire: Helen Slater

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If, through my public relations efforts, I can help make change for the better, then I get a real buzz and sense of satisfaction. Which real, historical or fictional person or brand would you like to give a reputation makeover?

3 ways marketers can enhance mobile emails

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Related: How Entrepreneurs Can Leverage Local News. Don’t waste valuable “mobile” real estate on pointless distractions. Unless you run a world-renowned brand, include the name of a real person in the “from” field. Is email marketing dead?

The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Travis Peterson

Spin Sucks

It probably took me twice as long to get to the point of landing clients such as major destination marketers, statewide campaigns, big real estate developments, and local governments. By Gini Dietrich. I am very excited to introduce you to Travis Peterson.

Friday Wrap #155: Melcrum merges, Google flags sites, Twitter tests GIF library, war rooms fade

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For example, at last month’s Consumer Electronics Show, Coldwell Banker relied on its PR department and an agency to get the word out about the impact smart home technology will have on the real estate market.

When a Client Turns Down That Juicy Media Interview…

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Say that interview is for a story on luxury home builders for a local real estate publication – can you contact another builder and offer it to them? If it’s a real estate publication, using that same example, does it have to be a home builder? Can you reach out to a real estate broker that handles luxury homes? THIS animation – it’s hilarious!!

How to Promote Your Online Press Kit with Multichannel Marketing

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Take advantage of your brand channels by utilizing everything from company website real estate to proprietary email lists. Take the time to then research your local client base through social media monitoring and industry circles to uncover if any of them will be attending the show.

Why live, online video should be PR firms' next big land grab

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Those who did not now have the chance to get back in the game by setting their sights on the next prime real estate for communications pros: live, online video. If you’re a fan of the board game Risk, you know the object is to occupy every territory on the board.

2016 – A Year in Traditional Media

Shift Communications

So when a colleague and I pitched a local McDonald’s news story, little did we know what was to come. After an aggressive media relations push, we began to pick up traction in the local market.

Inside the Mind of a Daily Newspaper Business Editor: Q&A With Thom Kupper of the Star Tribune


We differentiate ourselves by doing ambitious, memorable stories that people cannot read anywhere else – original pieces that provide insight into the local business scene. Otherwise I try to follow the other local publications and whatever catches my eye.".

A Journalist’s POV: 3 Questions From A PR Agency

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When putting together a media strategy for a new project, creative p ublic relations teams know to look for ways to work with popular local or regional pubs. “These are real opportunities to get to know magazine staffers in a non-pitch environment and talk about other topics.”

What The “Robot Renaissance” Really Means …

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While companies like MatterPort create 3-D home tours, this technology from VirtualAPT uses a roving remotely controlled robot and allows a real estate agent to give the tour in real time, as if they were streaming it.

A Decent Man

6 A.M.

Thirteen years ago, actor Paul Newman, former Goldman Sachs CEO John Whitehead and real estate developer Peter Malkin formed CECP to address important societal challenges through the power of the private sector.

Behind the Headlines With Lynda Fernandez


After graduating from college with a degree in broadcast journalism, a professor recommended me for a part-time position at the local Fox affiliate. We also have partnerships with 136 real estate associations or organizations throughout the world.

The Web is Not Flat

Doktor Spinn

Real estate agents could show listings to prospects without visiting it physically. Why don’t let a local celebrity avatar guide you to your destination instead of using a map?

Pretty Decent Pitch: From The Laermer Files

Bad Pitch Blog

THE NEWEST BUSINESS MAGAZINE TO HIT THE BIG APPLE LAUNCHES: Empire NY is the Magazine To Grant New Yorkers Needed Insight into The Art Of Success April 16, 2002 (New York) – On April 19, New York finally gets a business magazine to match its own moxie: Empire NY magazine comes out, in the nick of time, so we can get some real info about ideas, innovation, money and power. Finally, New Yorkers can get real insight into how to succeed in an extremely competitive town.”