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Barry Moltz on ChangeMasters, Small Business and Social Media


Why do so many small business owners pay for expensive advice, agree to take action. ” In the latest episode of “ Growing Social Now ,” I interviewed Barry about his book, social media, and the challenges small businesses are facing. .” Barry Moltz gets small businesses unstuck.

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AirPR Interview Series: Emmy Award Winning Journalist & PR Pro Mika Stambaugh


I came to the name after incorporating my initials — ‘MAS’ is Spanish for ‘more’ — and ‘ink’ references pen-to-paper; writing your story to build and manage your communications. We focus on working with non-profits, small businesses, women CEOs and business owners. We keep things simple. TMI does PR.


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Habit stacking: 8 public relations podcasts to add to your playlist

Sword and the Script

In this guest post, Kathy Casciani writes public relations podcasts provide a sound way to work on your professional development while habit stacking – listening while doing routine tasks, such as chores In case you hadn’t noticed, podcasts are having a moment.

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 5 Essential Tips for Solo PR Pros Hiring Their First Employee

Solo PR Pro

Resources: Indeed – How to Write a Job Description : This comprehensive guide offers tips and examples to help you create an effective job description. The Balance Careers – How to Write a Job Description : This guide provides detailed steps on creating a well-crafted job description that attracts the right candidates.

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Can I Quote You on That? Three Interviewing Blunders to Avoid

Shift Communications

In my last post , I shared three ways to bungle your product launch and touched briefly on preparing your executives for media interviews. No one wants to be the one that caused THAT headline or article that harms your business. 1) They think an interview is just about answering questions. Let’s dig into this a bit more.

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What Skills Make the Best Public Relations Specialist?

PR for Anyone

“Who writes about [industry] for [publication].” Most small business owners cannot afford a PR firm. You need to understand how to “hook” a journalist in with a great subject line so they read your newsworthy story idea. Finally, you need to know how to find the right journalist. ” Just like that.

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Media Storytelling

PR for Anyone

I spent Tuesday interviewing people for my online business show, More-2-Media on Daily Ad Brief , and what I found in every call was the importance of storytelling. Whether you are sharing a customer journey, a customer experience, writing your about section on your website or LinkedIn, etc., it needs to be based on a story.