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AI and Journalism: What’s Next?


The intersection of journalism and AI is the most important media issue of our time. That’s why Bospar sponsored a San Francisco Press Club panel covering the impact of AI in the newsroom, titled “AI + Journalism=?” Each panelist offered perspective on the intersection of AI and journalism. You can stop reading there.

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Crisis Comms, AI and Ethics: January Roundup

Burrelles Fresh Ideas

Ethics and AI Generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI), specifically AI-generated content, is having an ethical (and legal) moment. For the PR industry, like journalism, disclosure is an issue of transparency and authenticity , which are the building blocks for trust. It’s ethically the right thing to do.

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Questions are the Key to AI and Ethics

Mindful Marketing

” It was a question I heard while watching Bloomberg business one February many years ago that helped inspire me to write about ethical issues in marketing. population, ranging from four-year-olds to ninety-four-year-olds, watched the last Super Bowl, everyone should be asking, “Are the ads ethical?”

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A Case for Marketing Ethics

Mindful Marketing

So, I was surprised recently when a student waited until others had left, then said, “Hey, Dr. Hagenbuch, I have a question about an ethical issue.” A recent Wall Street Journal article revealed that phony product reviews, especially on Amazon, are more rampant than most of us ever would imagine.

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How to Conduct PR Research Ethically – Marcia DiStaso

Ethical Voices

Joining me on this week’s episode is Marcia DiStaso , Associate Dean for Research in the College of Journalism and Communications and Professor of Public Relations at the University of Florida. (Go She discusses a number of important ethics issues, including: How do we ethically ask questions in research? Go Gators! –

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The Best Journalism Movies

Landis PR

Photo courtesy of Pixabay In honor of the 2023 Academy Awards, the Landis team couldn’t resist picking our favorite movies about journalism to be nominated for or win an Oscar. While on assignment to write a review of a Black Sabbath concert, William befriends the lead guitarist of the opening band, Stillwater.

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Cyber Tech brings Intrigue, Ethical Challenges to PR

Flack's Revenge

It can bring the cloaks, daggers and pose ethical challenges for PR teams, vendors and journalists alike. I thought about this while reading a NY Times story: When Spies Hack Journalism. What are the journalistic and ethical considerations? ‘I think this makes the ethical calculus for journalists much more complex.’

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