Cyber Tech brings Intrigue, Ethical Challenges to PR

Flack's Revenge

It can bring the cloaks, daggers and pose ethical challenges for PR teams, vendors and journalists alike. I thought about this while reading a NY Times story: When Spies Hack Journalism. What are the journalistic and ethical considerations?

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Don’t Overlook Your Office Neighbors: The Importance of Building Internal Relationships

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Page Society in preparation for the book, “ Public Relations Ethics: Senior PR Pros Tell Us How to Speak Up and Keep Your Job.”. Her research interests include public relations management and ethics. book Ethics Guest Post Leadership PR 2.0 A Guest Post By Marlene S.

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An Introduction to Ethics Month, With Thanks


Each September, PRSA takes the opportunity to spotlight ethics, which must be a constant focus for the PR profession regardless of which month we’re in. They do an exemplary job of pointing the way toward sound ethical concepts and best practices. Ethics BEPS Ethics Month

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Research From BEPS Results in Book Providing Guidance on Ethics Counsel


We are pleased to report that our latest project has resulted in a book, “Public Relations Ethics: Senior PR Pros Tell Us How to Speak Up and Keep Your Job ,” published by Business Expert Press. Chapter 7 How to Prepare for Ethics Counsel: Mentors, Training and Other Resources.

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5 lessons in ethics from PR disasters

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The crisis brought on by negligence made many question the company's motives and ethics, and it’s still a cautionary tale for communications professionals. Let’s look at cases in which other PR pros violated ethical guidelines in order to advance their organizations’ means.

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The Top Challenges in Journalism According to a Survey of Journalists and the Cliff Notes to 3 Studies by PR Tech Vendors [UML]

Sword and the Script

1) The top challenges in journalism. I’ll leave the ethical implications of this trend in journalism to the media critics and ombudsmen – but will note it’s introducing new ethical considerations for PR pros. Is the process of media relations getting harder?

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Future of PR and social media for International Air Transport Association crisis communications conference

Stuart Bruce

And thank you Aaron for that fascinating insight into how social media has changed journalism. I will be talking about mobile, data and wearable technology as the drivers and ethics, real time and content as the issues. We’ll look at ethics and governance.

Survey: Most PR Pros Say that Media Relations is Getting Harder – Here’s What You Can Do About It

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The days of objectivity are gone and the days of combative, aggressive, argumentative ‘in your face’ journalism has taken its place.”. “It’s The Intersection of Bias, Ethics and PR Stunts in Media Relations. Ethics Guest Post Media Relations PR 2.0

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Double-dipping exposes reputation risk in blurred boundaries of PR and journalism

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For public relations practitioners committed to ethics and professionalism, the natural first instinct was self-righteous shock. Most codes of ethics are clear about why this is wrong. When trust in journalism is broken, everyone loses.

Double-dipping exposes reputation risk in blurred boundaries of PR and journalism

PR Conversations

For public relations practitioners committed to ethics and professionalism, the natural first instinct was self-righteous shock. Most codes of ethics are clear about why this is wrong. When trust in journalism is broken, everyone loses.

After the End of Journalism – The Revolution that Turned PR Experts into Publishers, Editors, and Reporters

Maxim Behar's Blog

Well, naturally, there were big international companies that knew very clearly exactly what they want from a PR company, knew very clearly how their project should be done and of course – they had the same standards for Bulgaria as they had for any other country.

How to generate authentic brand advocacy from your employees

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Some PR and marketing pros caution against the practice, questioning whether it’s effective or ethical. Centralize content in a hub, and explain why it’s important to different internal groups.

Storytelling, PR, and Measurement

Waxing UnLyrical

The need for truth and transparency within public relations was born out of necessity after the communication industry had developed a black-eye by turning a blind eye to ethics. [Ed: we’d originally paused our publishing schedule as we had no idea how today was going to turn out.

WeWork IPO debacle dings JP Morgan, Nike’s digital strategy pays dividends, and CEOs who speak out get a reputation boost

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Learn to manage your risks, and don’t rely on regulators to sort out any ethical dilemma on the other side. Related Reading: How brand journalism boosts U.

Evolving Roles and Responsibilities in Public Relations

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Their study, “ Roles in Social Media: How the Practice of Public Relations is Evolving ” was published by PR Journal in Summer / Fall 2016. My current research is focused on ethics and internal communication.

PRoust Questionnaire: José Manuel Velasco

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Probably because of my background in journalism (see the next answer), the thing I continue to enjoy the most is writing (for effective communications). For that matter, I don’t know why I felt at a young age the “call” of journalism, as there was no family tradition in this type of career.

Facebook PR Exposed

Flatiron Communications

The opacity with which Facebook addressed its mounting crises and the company’s contradictory internal and external posturing goes counter to the ethos of savvy crisis managers. The Flack crisis management Facebook Investigative Journalism Public Relations The New York Times

Paying for the destruction of public relations

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That’s the output of over 2,500 leaders from business, government, international organizations, civil society, academia, media and the arts. And let’s not think about ethics – or social justice – or worry about feminism, when clearly all women are bothered about is bread.

An Interview with Richard Bistrong, CEO, Front-Line Anti-Bribery LLC

Critical Mention

From going to prison after being convicted for violating the FCPA (the US foreign anti-bribery law) to founding Front-Line Anti-Bribery LLC, and educating multinationals on current issues and challenges with respect to compliance, ethics and anti-bribery, Richard Bistrong has come a long way.

PRoust Questionnaire: Helen Slater

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High-quality thinking and good, ethical practices. To leave the field of interior design and go into journalism–that eventually led me into PR. A detour into interior design led to journalism in radio and print for around 10 years, before landing in PR.

Al Jazeera: America’s Not-So-Warm Embrace

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And then there were the internal scandals and defections that bubbled into the public domain raising the spectre that the network may not be as committed to journalistic ethics as it purported to be.

How To Protect Reputation In The Age Of Leaks

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Serious problems at one-time technology highflier Theranos were exposed by a series of investigative reports by John Carreyou of The Wall Street Journal. But for ordinary organizations, trivial leaks of internal conversations or information can be problematic.

PRoust Questionnaire: Gregor Halff

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Having to deal with internal corruption (similar to other professions, such as the legal one, or accounting firms and rating agencies). more ethical colleagues. Access to a broad range of quality journalism is essential.

Volkswagen CEO is ‘deeply sorry’ to break public trust

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Someone at Volkswagen must have failed an ethics class as some point. We do not and will not tolerate violations of any kind of our internal rules or of the law. What else could explain its egregious skirting of auto emissions standards?

Consumers question PR pros’ integrity, United courts Gen Z with discounts, and KFC offers a ‘date’ with the Colonel

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Pull out a page from your crisis response handbooks to ensure that employees are in the loop from the beginning and that your messages are transparent, both internally and externally. Public opinion about the ethics underpinning media outlets and the morals of PR pros are perhaps linked.

30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

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But journalism organizations have not been the primary beneficiaries. Though] none of these are journalism organizations, several including Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Twitter integrate news into their offerings. Public relations and communications intern— Vibe Industries (Ohio).

Looking Back at 2017: What a Year!


We have accomplished a great deal in these fast-paced months, especially in our advocacy efforts to elevate our Code of Ethics. A highlight of the year was serving as host at the PRSA 2017 International Conference in Boston.

How PR pros can fight growing media relations difficulties

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The days of objectivity are gone and the days of combative, aggressive, argumentative ‘in your face’ journalism has taken its place.”. “It’s Bias, ethics and PR stunts.

10 books every PR pro should read

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RELATED: Overcome your biggest challenges in internal comms, PR and social media.]. An oldie-but-goodie, Roy Peter Clark’s Writing Tools whittled down 30+ years of experience in journalism, professional writing and teaching into a series of short essays on different aspects of writing.

15 Up-and-Coming PR and Social Media Marketers to Watch

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A North Minneapolis native, Tess excelled in her journalism program at Drake University, during which she presided over the Coalition of Black Students and interned in business development with The Integer Group and in marketing/group sales with Iowa Events Center.

Creative Headlines Will Drive PR SEO & Success in 2017


With increased competition arrives extra scrutiny as to those companies practicing internally what they promote and sell externally as a service or product. Many times, the agency spearheads the job of launching and maintaining multiple content marketing platforms to deliver the client’s message — journalism aside. In this polemicized media environment, journalism becomes reliant on reach to new audiences in a unique new way.

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Future of PR: 2020 edition

Stephen Waddington

Tackling fake news and disinformation: an ethical issue that strikes at the heart of practice 6. The report provides an international perspective on the challenges facing the PR business. has been exploring in her work on women in journalism.

A Virginia Tech Professor’s APR Journey


I am a professor of public relations, and my job requires me to publish in peer-reviewed journals, teach undergraduate and graduate courses, and serve on university and convention committees. Through my studying I came to realize that the APR credential was not so much about memorizing facts, but internalizing the APR philosophy. Earning my APR was one of the best decisions I have made.

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7 Reasons Your B2B Content Marketing Program Fails to Deliver that You Probably Haven’t Heard Before

Sword and the Script

See these related posts: The PR Opportunity for Brands as Publishers Tinker with Journalism. While those people generally come with a work ethic that exceeds their salary, the chances of success are slim. The surveys have started.

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The Top PR Threats To Your Company’s Reputation

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Look at the case of secretive biotech startup Theranos, which was a high-flyer until doctored research and bad quality-control checks were exposed in a series of investigative articles by The Wall Street Journal. When other women came forward with similar claims, Fox had to confront its own internal failures and Roger Ailes was forced out. In today’s volatile media and social environment, brand reputation is fragile.

A Look at Today’s Crisis Realities and How To Manage Them

Melissa Agnes

To make matters even more challenging, the rush for immediacy and to be the first to report on a story, and the fact that the news cycle is no longer solely comprised of journalists and reporters who work by the journalism code of ethics, but is also made up of citizen journalists, bloggers and the general public, means that facts don’t always get checked before they’re published (and potentially go viral).

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The transition from media to PR: Four former journalists talk about the surprises, struggles and wins

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Paul Business Journal). You know you have skills but you don’t know how they will translate outside of journalism. The journalism world is much more fast-paced. Teaching people on the PR side about the journalism side.

Lack of #PRDiversity makes Diversity Month ever more relevant


The Committee also promotes awarding the PRSA Chapter Diversity Awards annually during the PRSA International Conference Diversity Mixer.

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PR history – prospecting for archival gold

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Both men were active in the International Public Relations Association (IPRA) in the 1960s and 1970s, a period when public relations was expanding as a communication practice in Europe and North America. The former Code of Ethics group chairman M.

On Today’s Multi-Agency Wikipedia Statement

Where the Fishermen Ain't

In short, I believe that public relations people who engage in ethical practice have a lot to contribute to the great public resource that is Wikipedia. CIPR , "CIPR signs up to international movement of communications agencies and organisations to ‘do right by Wikipedia’".