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How content marketing will humanize brand connections in 2021

Agility PR Solutions

The PR toolkit has evolved well beyond traditional press releases and media interviews to include the storytelling power of content marketing. The post How content marketing will humanize brand connections in 2021 appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. In this case, […].

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The 10 Best PR & Content Marketing Conferences to Attend in 2019


PR and content marketing are rapidly evolving with new access to data and insights, new methods of measurement and more channels to reach your audience than ever. Content Marketing World. Most conferences focus on media relations, crisis communications, social media, and measurement, plus a well-known awards show.


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Mastering Brand Narrative Control


Today's landscape In today's fast-paced digital world, effective brand storytelling holds immense importance. With the advent of social media, instant communication and the scattered media landscape, companies face the challenge of maintaining control over their brand narrative.

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Our Recent Favourite PR and Social Media Campaigns


As always, we’ve been keeping our eye out for some exciting and stand-out social media and PR campaigns. The Parisian fashion brand used a sprayable, liquid fibre, developed by Fabrican, to cover Hadid’s body which was then fashioned into a beautiful white dress by a Coperni employee who shortened the length and added a slit.

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Why You Should Be Prioritising Visually Pleasing Content For Your Social Media Channels


Here we’ll explores the power of ensuring your content is visually engaging, in a vast digital landscape – as well as best practice for making your feeds stand-out and scroll-worthy! Try to establish visual consistency Branding and visual consistency are key to increased awareness and brand salience.

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9 Content Marketing Trends That Will Rule The Roost In 2016


Anne Carton is a small business consultant, digital marketing expert and blogger working with Designhill , the world’s largest online graphic design marketplace. Ann primarily writes about social media and growth hack strategies, SEO and e-commerce. Want to deliver valuable content in 2016? Episodic Content .

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Why are many social media marketers still working from the 2015 playbook?

Communications Conversations

But, it’s also changed how social media marketing is working–in quite a big way. However, even with these big changes in the first half of 2020, many social media marketers seem to still be working from the 2015 social media playbook. It’s changed how (if) we travel.