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#CisionChat: Content Marketing on Social Media


The goal of #CisionChat is to engage with communicators, marketers and PR pros like you on the topics that matter most. We asked what topics you would like to hear about last week and the winner was — social media. He was kind enough to share what he has learned when it comes to content marketing on social media.

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Leveraging Hashtags on Social Media: Why and How for B2B Companies

Stern + Associates

Social media has become an essential integrated marketing channel for B2B companies. According to a survey by Content Marketing Institute, 95% of B2B marketers use social media to distribute content. Need help boosting your brand’s social presence?


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How content marketing will humanize brand connections in 2021

Agility PR Solutions

The PR toolkit has evolved well beyond traditional press releases and media interviews to include the storytelling power of content marketing. The post How content marketing will humanize brand connections in 2021 appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. In this case, […].

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What should your social media marketing focus on: Customer service or content?

Communications Conversations

What makes a brand “best in class” when it comes to social media marketing? Clients are constantly asking me what other companies are doing in terms of social media marketing best practices. Companies want to learn and get better at social media marketing–yes, even in 2021.

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10 ways content marketing and social media strategy can boost sales

Agility PR Solutions

To optimize sales, you need to include both content and social media marketing. Social media provides an online presence, a crucial element to any sales strategy, while content marketing generates brand awareness and authority, giving customers another reason to engage with your product. […].

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Mastering Brand Narrative Control


Today's landscape In today's fast-paced digital world, effective brand storytelling holds immense importance. With the advent of social media, instant communication and the scattered media landscape, companies face the challenge of maintaining control over their brand narrative.

Brand 78
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33 Statistics Summarizing the Year in Public Relations, Content Marketing, Social Media and SEO

Sword and the Script

Those categories are: Content marketing statistics. PR and media relations statistics. Social media marketing statistics. Paid media and advertising statistics. Marketing measurement statistics. Search marketing and SEO statistics. Content Marketing Statistics.