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The Dynamic Intersection of Sports, Fashion & Technology: Shaping the Future of Athletic Style

Burrelles Fresh Ideas

The early days of sports apparel were primarily driven by functionality, with little emphasis on aesthetics. Not to age myself, but my idea of sports apparel back in the day was wearing a pair of sweats and an NFL jersey with my favorite player’s name on the back.

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Want To Work In Tech PR? Here Are 5 Questions

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

How would you support a product launch for [insert client]? I like to ask candidates how they would support specific product launches from a media relations point of view for our B2B tech clients. But it turned out that a small group of designers were creating veiled racist apparel and selling it through the service.

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5 Buzzworthy Social Media Trends For 2016

The Stalwart Blog

Brands are already taking note — athletic apparel giant Nike, recently pivoted it’s new product launches away from Apple-esque symposiums to more intimate Periscope sessions featuring one or more of its signature athletes. Already, Periscope estimates that its users collectively watch 40 years of live video every day. .

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Branding and Public Relations Go Hand-in-Hand


It’s typically within an existing product line or, at least, within a product category that is already associated with the brand. This strategy is generally simpler than a new product launch, because the current brand that serves as a basis for the new product line already has a committed customer or fan base.

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