What Makes a YouTube Video a Hit?

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By the time we ring in the new year, video social media advertising will have exceeded $28 billion for 2020, according to Statista. The post What Makes a YouTube Video a Hit?

3 social media trends to watch in 2021

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Here are the changes to keep your eye on when it comes to social media engagement and outreach in the coming months. RELATED: Join us for our Social Media & Digital Communications Virtual Conference ]. Social listening will drive content and message development.


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6 Social Media Trends That Businesses Should Know

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

For most people social media is a great way to follow trending news, post food pictures and, most importantly, share memes. Social media helps us and our clients connect to customers, drive web traffic, and even develop or convert leads.

How companies are failing social media managers—and wasting crucial talent

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A report reveals digital media pros’ career obstacles, limitations and frustrations—and how companies can equip these invaluable employees to succeed. Social media managers wield an immense amount of power over companies’ reputations. Social media managers are overworked.

How important is YouTube for brand marketing in 2020?

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Regardless of what your business is, a YouTube channel can be massively beneficial if used correctly. YouTube has grown explosively over the years. Net advertising revenues have grown to unprecedented levels: Source. Is YouTube too saturated to start a channel in 2020?

Why It’s Important to Track Social Media Mentions

Critical Mention

Social Media’s popularity is growing faster than ever before. Whether you’re a social media pro or new to the industry, it is pivotal for organizations to keep track of their social media mentions. To start, social media mentions provide great brand-building opportunities. Users are statistically more likely to be captivated by mentions as opposed to posts directly on your social channels.

Are audiences ready for longer content on social media?

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Social platforms are making plays for more advertiser dollars, but should brand managers jump on the opportunity? Last year, Facebook reportedly spent up to $1 billion on lengthier content and Google dedicated hundreds of millions of dollars to original YouTube programming. Snapchat now has shows from major media companies and Instagram got into the game last year with its IGTV offering. Why are social platforms pushing shows and other long-form content?

7 relatable and hilarious ‘Onion’ headlines about social media

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Ryan Shattuck, former senior social media manager for The Onion , revealed that of roughly 1,200 headlines submitted, only 60 end up within the publication—a 5% acceptance rate that’s below Harvard’s 5.4%

15 courses to improve your social media knowledge

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Do you know the latest trends and tips to make your messages soar on social media platforms, from Facebook to YouTube? What are your goals for social media in the coming year? . You might want to consider a little extra training to learn the latest trends and tips for bolstering your social media presence. Social media training from Hootsuite Academy. Buffer’s social media webinars on YouTube. Social Media

Course 131

How to Categorise Social Media Influencers

Doctor Spin

During my PR career, I often made it a point to distinguish between social media naturals and brand ambassadors , for instance. STIM, the Standard Terminology of Influencer Marketing, is an effort to clearly define different tiers of social media influencers. Youtube avg.

Study: Marketers struggle to prove social media ROI

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Though most marketers believe that social media boosts their organizations’ bottom lines, communicating its value remains a stumbling block. A recent Sprout Social report revealed that in 2019, roughly $18.4 billion will be spent on social media advertising. Marketers say that developing social media strategies to support their organizations’ business goals remains their No. How social media platforms rank vs. consumer behavior.

Study 131

6 Social Media Trends That Businesses Should Know

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

For most people social media is a great way to follow trending news, post food pictures and, most importantly, share memes. Social media helps us and our clients connect to customers, drive web traffic, and even develop or convert leads.

Trends 156

BuzzFeed to acquire HuffPost, YouTube launches audio ads, and Nintendo issues marketing rules for ‘Animal Crossing’

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Hello, communicators: As Nintendo’s “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” continues to grow, more brands are hopping on the bandwaggon, through creating virtual clothing and artwork , interacting with players or sharing game-related content across social media platforms. SOCIAL BUZZ.

4 rules Grubhub follows to drive social media success

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The company’s senior manager of social media says online marketers must put consumers first, think of each platform and prepare with mobile devices in mind. Social media users are hungry for excellent, captivating content. million followers across Grubhub’s and Seamless’ social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, the food-ordering services dish up tasty interactions and keep fans coming back for more.

How to Tackle Social Media for Your Business Even When Technology is Not Your Strong Suit


If you think you can keep your business out of the social media scene, think again. You may not think you’re tech-savvy enough to master social media for your business. Remember, all of these social media sites were foreign territory for everyone when they first launched. So with the help of today’s article, I’ll show you how to use social media even when technology is not your strong suit. Social Media is Here to Stay.

Report: Video is crucial for reaching social media audiences

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A study from data analytics firm Talkwalker and Trust Insights reveals YouTube is an essential platform as users seek educational content. Social media habits are changing as users are favoring two things: community and video. More and more social media users are searching for “velvet rope” communities, or forums that are not public facing but offer a specific audience for collaboration, brainstorming and griping. It’s YouTube. YouTube’s power.

How to Categorise Influencers in Social Media

Doctor Spin

How do you categorise influencers in social media? During my PR career, I often made it a point to distinguish between social media naturals and brand ambassadors , for instance. reach/post or story – – – – Youtube avg. views/post on Youtube?

Social Media Trend Forecast: 2021 and Beyond


However, predicting what lies ahead next year in social media may be a more slippery slope depending on the source. LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube trailed farther behind at 42%, 33%, and 26%, respectively.

Starbucks, Coca-Cola and Unilever pause social media ads, Microsoft closes retail stores, and cosmetics brands drop ‘whitening’ terms

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Also: Google explains how YouTube content gets promoted and more, UPS Dogs showcase the power of online communities, consumers say trusting brands is paramount, and more. Image courtesy of YouTube. Don’t forget to brush up on YouTube’s “Community Guidelines” as well.

Retail 133

The B2B Small Business Marketing Guide to Crushing it on Social Media

B2B PR Sense

Can a boring, unsexy B2B company rock social media? Marketing guru, Jay Baer , says it best: "Social media can be MORE transformative for a B2B company than a B2C company. By the end of this post, you'll know: Why social media is important for your small business marketing -- and for larger businesses too. How and when to complement your social media with paid media. Social Platforms and Content Tips for B2B Small Businesses.

4 ways Tom’s drives consumer success and sales on social media

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‘Put yourself in the fans’ shoes,’ says James Chong, the company’s senior manager of social customer engagement. The company’s online success is in part due to the careful way they’ve used a mixture of compelling content and paid social media ads to deliver their messages to targeted consumers at a time when social media algorithms can easily bury branded posts. Consider these: Focus your social media efforts.

7 ways to get employees to share your message on social media

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Social media engagement for employee-shared content is eight times better than when a company originally posts. An employee advocacy program costs just 10 percent of the cost of paid advertising—a dime for every ad dollar. In fact, dissatisfied employees can do damage to a brand if their social content swings negative. When everyone can articulate the “what and who we are,” they’re more likely to share that in their conversations and their social channels.

Apple CEO Tim Cook defends privacy updates, U.S. adults use YouTube in record numbers, and Lululemon counters employee claims of ‘toxic positivity’ in workplace

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Affirming his long-stated belief that privacy is a fundamental human right, and not a branding exercise, Cook reinforces Apple’s commitment to its users above its advertising partners. Cook shared: “We’re not against digital advertising. Also: U.S.

The Gap deletes post-election tweet, ‘Baby Shark’ becomes most-watched YouTube video, and Snapchat adds follower counts

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Hello, communicators: “Baby Shark” has become YouTube’s most-viewed video in history, racking up more than 7.04 The intention of our social media post, that featured a red and blue hoodie, was to show the power of unity. As a whole, digital advertising fell 12.6

Announcing PR Daily’s 2020 Digital Marketing & Social Media Awards finalists

PR Daily

We’re excited to announce PR Daily’s 2020 Digital PR & Social Media Awards finalists. Wellness Your Way Festival, Dunn Pellier Media. Social Influencer Program, American Public University System. Media Relations Campaign. Ascension Social Media, Ascension.

YouTube rolls out ‘fact check’ feature, Twitter users want brand content, and TripAdvisor lays off 25% of workforce

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Twitter users want to see organizations actively engaging on the social media platform, too, with many saying that seeing ads can give a sense of normalcy. Twitter reports that only 37% consider it insensitive for brand managers to continue advertising. SOCIAL BUZZ.

YouTube and Instagram Stories offer more interaction and targeted content

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New YouTube and Instagram features can help PR and marketing pros looking to increase engagement and stand out from competitors online. YouTube recently announced a new Stories feature for users with more than 10,000 subscribers. Each video under YouTube Stories is available for a week to both subscribers and non-subscribers of a users’ channel. RELATED: Join us at Disney World to soak up some sun and a wealth of social media secrets.].

Twitch removes Hispanic Heritage Month emoticons, YouTube ‘Shorts’ to compete with TikTok, and McDonald’s offers ‘spicesurance’ and free McNuggets

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The stunt is a clever move to nab media coverage and build buzz to both the show’s upcoming reboot as well as Airbnb, which has been struggling during COVID-19. 12/ EXPORT LAW CONTROL: aka sharing your Spicy Chicken McNuggets on social if you have the overpowering urge to.

Beware these 6 social media traps

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Some social media mistakes are so common that nearly every digital marketer and business owner has made them at some point. Check out this list, and discover how you can stop yourself from making these serious social media faux pas : 1. Pretending all social media platforms are the same. All social media platforms may look the same to the novice social media marketer. Not having a companywide social media policy.

State of Social Media 2Q 2015: LinkedIn Resumes Its Dominance

Shift Communications

LinkedIn, the dark horse of social networks, has consistently been a slow-but-steady growth play in the past, from revenue to marketing options. For marketers, one of the interesting remarks was that standard display advertising was declining in effectiveness on LinkedIn properties. Of the many social media ad platforms, LinkedIn’s has traditionally been one of the most expensive on a CPM basis. LinkedIn Marketing Social Media

Understanding the Value of Social Influencers

Critical Mention

Social Influencers have quickly risen to one of the most important assets to brands in just the past few years. On average, the earned media value for campaigns with influencers is $5.20 Some companies have even seen upwards of $18 in earned media value.

Understanding social media for B2B and corporate companies


When it comes to social media marketing , many don’t realise the true potential utilising this communications channel for B2B and corporate companies can have. However, whilst channels such as Instagram and Facebook may be synonymous with consumer-facing brands and influencers, the power of social media marketing for B2B brands should not be underestimated. Some pretty impressive social media stats. How can social media impact my business?

B2B 62

YouTube, Instagram increase filtering for user content

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The video hosting juggernaut YouTube has announced it will add staff to increase monitoring to remove distasteful or offensive content from its site. wrote : Now that its bottom line is being affected , YouTube says it will begin to take additional steps to protect its advertisers and creators from inappropriate content on its network. YouTube had said then the channel’s removal was part of a new tightening of its child endangerment policies.

Virgin Media, T-Mobile and more disclose data breaches; YouTube demonetizes ‘coronavirus’; and Tito’s Vodka corrects a COVID-19 fallacy

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Here are today’s top stories: Virgin Media, T-Mobile, Holland America and Princess Cruises suffer data breaches. Virgin Media admitted that one of its marketing data bases was “incorrectly configured,” exposing 900,000 customers’ names, emails, phone numbers and home addresses.

Content creators and fans lash out at YouTube’s ‘Rewind’

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As 2018 comes to a close, many social media platforms and companies are celebrating the past years’ highlights—including YouTube. However, the platform is under fire for a yearly overview that many say doesn’t represent the large portion of content and engagement on YouTube. Geek.com reported : Every year, YouTube recaps the highlights of the year with a Rewind video, which features the biggest moments and memes as presented by the most popular YouTube creators.

10 companies with outstanding social media presences

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There's been endless debate over the last few years as to whether or not social media marketing is dead. Recently, the Content Marketing Institute finally put the debate to rest—or tried to—with a podcast arguing that social media isn't actually dead, we're just using it wrong. The good news is that there are still plenty of companies that are rocking social media marketing and can inspire the masses to follow suit with their perfected strategies.

Target closes stores in light of protests, YouTube, others donate to equality efforts, and Nike says ‘Just don’t do it’

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The social media team also changed the profile’s name to the hashtag: Image courtesy of Twitter. SOCIAL BUZZ. Consider how you can do the same across your social media profiles. YouTube donates money to fight inequality.

What’s the future of social media marketing?

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Here are three social media trends that are poised for huge growth in the coming years: Facebook Messenger. RELATED: Join us for the Employee Communications, PR and Social Media Summit at Microsoft. ]. This technique carries a sense of urgency unlike any other advertising option. These new platforms are driving an increase in targeted disappearing advertising. Social media video.

LinkedIn offers marketers more data, YouTube curtails ‘fake news’ about Hong Kong, and Amazon and DoorDash cave on tipping

PR Daily

In a blog post , the LinkedIn wrote: By understanding the makeup/behaviors of your audience, the context of your industry, and the most recommendable practices for LinkedIn advertising, you’ll be poised to make smart decisions geared toward sustainable growth. Here are today’s top stories: YouTube weeds out channels spreading propaganda about Hong Kong. Why CEOs both media interviews—and ways you can help them.

Social Media and Digital PR Score Big at the SuperBowl

The Proactive Report

In the ‘old days’ advertising and marketing a SuperBowl commercial was prized because it had the most eyeballs and the most engaged audience. With the rise of social media and digital public relations, and especially the new advanced listening tools available to us, we can see the traction gained by a brand and see who is doing it right. With over 337,000 mentions, the spot took the lead with social reaction. By Cokey Falkow.