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Why Some Entrepreneurs Couldn’t Wait to Leave School Behind

Ronn Torossian

School is not for everyone, and some of the most successful people left school without getting a degree. Some didn’t even make it to upper level-classes. Their ranks include such magnates as Richard Branson, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs.

4 Essential Elements of a Standout Press Release


Despite the multitude of channels and platforms available to PR professionals today, press releases remain an important part of the public relations arsenal. But are your press releases driving leads or falling flat?

Why Long-Tail PR Is Every Company’s Secret Weapon


As we bid summer adieu and get back to business as usual, it seems apropos to shine a spotlight on the hard work of communications professionals and the data-driven PR tactics they employ.

Discovering the Roadmap in Teaching Social Media

PR Expanded

A Guest Post By Karen Freberg. I have always been very passionate about social media, but when it comes to teaching social media, there is nothing more rewarding.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

Help us Make Your Kids the Most Financially Literate in History!!!!!


The United States if the richest nation in the world but it ranks 14th when it comes to financial literacy! 1/2 of all Canadians are living paycheque to paycheque. What’s worse? 90 per cent of teachers think that kids need financial literacy education — but they’re not getting it and most don’t feel equipped to teach it. Something has to change or the next generation could live difficult lives. We’re regional Emmy Award-winning show creators, writers.

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PR Strategies For Consumer Tech Press

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Apple switched its public relations into high gear this week for the release of the new Apple iPhone 7. While we all don’t have such sexy new product announcements, the consumer tech PR space is full of other great news of interest to relevant journalists and bloggers.

10 Expert B2B Inbound Marketing Tricks You Need to Be Using Right Now

B2B PR Sense

Are you looking for ways to improve your B2B inbound marketing? Whether you're debating which inbound marketing services to use, or how to fine tune your inbound marketing approach, these 10 tricks can help you reach that goal.

B2B 171

How to Use Your Blog to Connect with Your Audience


You have a blog, you have a potential audience, and now you need to connect the two, but you’re not sure how. Making things even more difficult is the possibility that your audience isn’t even aware of you yet. But, that’s okay, because by creating a solid blog strategy, you can find your audience.

Behind the Headlines With Alan Caldwell


If you lack a good story, it won’t matter how you distribute it. Real, genuine messaging is invaluable in connecting with your audience, and if you aren’t genuine, your audience will see right through you.

Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

Smart PR-Non-Profit Collaborations

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Teaming with the right non-profit can boost a company’s public relations efforts and thus, its public profile.

Local 170

How to Increase Your Press Release Readership by 80% [Free Video Tutorial]

B2B PR Sense

Did you know that 80% of Americans never read past a headline? What if they're not even noticing your headline? Where does that leave the rest of your story? When it comes to press releases, some B2B companies are blazing trails.

Video 161

Modern PR Different not Harder; Off Script #12: Tressa Robbins of Burrelles

Sword and the Script

The more things change the more they stay the same. It’s an adage Tressa Robins say appropriately describes PR. While PR has changed, the change hasn’t made things any harder – it’s just made things different.

Print 140

Back to School: 4 Resources to Brush Up on Marketing


With the kids back in school, learning is in the air. Even if you have no intention of sitting in a classroom again, you can still continue your business education on your own. The social media tools that are hot today may not have even existed a year ago.

5 Ways PR Helps Drive Sales

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

A great PR program can generate media coverage, but does it drive sales? Some public relations agencies make these claims, and they’re often true. Yet it’s a tricky question. Glowing reviews can boost website traffic. A business feature story can trigger calls from VCs.

Viral 156

How to land your guest post on 10 outstanding websites

PR Daily

Untitled Document. Becoming a guest contributor on a popular website is a great way to build your personal brand. Publications are always looking for new contributors. However, pitching guest-blogging proposals and becoming a guest contributor for popular websites can be time-consuming.

Measurement Month: a History and Outline of Events

Media Bullseye

When most people think of September, they usually associate it with the changing seasons or the beginning of a new school year. Professionals in the PR and communication industries, however, relate it with Measurement Month.

The Relationships You Must Commit to for Content Marketing Success


With just one statistic, Joe Pulizzi delivered a stark wake-up call to this year’s Content Marketing World attendees.

Inbound PR vs. Traditional PR and Why Traditional PR Sucks


Ok, maybe it doesn’t suck. But definitely ageing. Anyways… “Inbound?” you’re thinking. “I’m in Comms. We’re meant to push – not pull.” ” You beg for coverage – sending out loads of unopened emails, banging on the phones, going through your little black book calling all of the journalists that “owe you”. Since you’re in PR, you may not be aware of the modern trend of sales moving to an inbound approach. Meaning: they come to you – not you to them.

3 keys to birthday marketing success

PR Daily

Nothing says “happy birthday” quite like a big-name brand recognizing the occasion and offering you something special. Most consumers don’t expect it. Brand managers seeking to reach consumers on their birthdays should heed this advice: 1. Offer freebies, discounts.

Media Measurement Wants vs Needs: Strategies for Managing Costs

Media Bullseye

Measurement of PR results is an important part of establishing a solid public relations program. Measuring what works (and what doesn’t work) helps you to plan better, reach business goals more quickly, and have a PR program that performs better all around. The costs can begin to add up, however.

How to Get a Mentor

PR Job Coach

Everyone needs a mentor. There is no doubt that mentorship has positive lift for young and old, job seekers and career ladder climbers, students and teachers, managers and individual contributors.

How To 141

New Lessons on PR Tradition: Audience, Subject Lines & Newsjacking [UML]

Sword and the Script

There are no experts in PR – only students. It’s more than a snappy quote, it’s a philosophy. The expert that knows everything is prone to get blindsided by something new on an otherwise idle Tuesday. PR is dynamic. Reporters swap beats and publications. Platforms and publishing tools change.

How to retain—and expand your customer base

PR Daily

For a brand to make its mark, marketing managers must continually work to improve customer retention rates. You cannot rely on one-time shoppers if you wish to achieve your long-term business goals. For your business to be sustainable, you must encourage brand loyalty.

How To 136

Meeting Client Expectations – the importance of goal-setting in measurement

Media Bullseye

One of the larger challenges in measurement is making sure client expectations are met.

Cause Marketing and Credit Unions: Is Doing Good Good Enough?

Reputation Us

Credit unions value the communities they serve and love “doing good.” It’s part of the industry’s historic DNA. People helping people. My team has worked with dozens of credit unions.

Ready – Fire – Aim!


After a 27 year Navy career, with 21 of those years as a navy public affairs officer, I was very secure in my abilities as a practicing PA professional.

LinkedIn unveils conversion tracking for ads and sponsored content

PR Daily

There’s good news for marketers using LinkedIn to reach its audience of more than 450 million professionals around the world: Now you can measure your efforts. On Thursday, LinkedIn announced conversion tracking for marketers’ text ads and sponsored content.

Does content marketing even have to link to your product anymore?

Communications Conversations

I’m sorry, but I have to call BS on this recent Contently post. I’ve always been somewhat of a skeptic when it comes to Coca-Cola’s brand journalism initiative: Coke Journey, which launched back in 2012. The big reason for my skepticism?

Is This the Future of Newspaper Video?

Ishmael's Corner

The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. Journalism — particularly newspapers — has been trying to shift to video for years, often sputtering like a ’57 Chevy with a bad carburetor. And for good reason. The inverted pyramid still figures prominently in J schools across the country. If you’re pounding out news stories for the Daily Planet, the inverted pyramid serves you.more.

Know your Audience


*This article was provided by YouGov , a PRSA partner. Data driven insight is one of the most powerful tools in the world of communications.

9 maddening things that bring PR pros to tears

PR Daily

Cry — verb: to shed tears, especially as an expression of distress or pain. Public relations is a great profession. There's variety, excitement and, let's not forget, a chance to have a profound impact on an organization's image and visibility.

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Repurpose and Extend the Shelf Life of Your Content


Content is a double edged sward for modern PR professionals and marketers. On the one hand, it is an effective way to attract, inform, and engage audiences. It is great for SEO and can even help get the attention of journalists and influencers.

SEO 62