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Reverse That Content $H#t


For decades, PR has been *relegated to a position that oft leaves us “last to know first to blame.”

Ask Your PR Agency for a Story, Not a Press Release


Public relations, or more precisely media relations, can be a tricky business. The art of getting earned media coverage for a product, service or business is not as easy as it sounds.

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Infographic: How to Interact With Customers on Social


Your audience is talking about your brand on social right now. But if you don’t respond to them properly, you could miss out on huge opportunities for your brand. So what can you do to keep social interactions positive?

Babbler seeks to be the social network for media relations

PR Daily

Niche social media platforms are nothing new, but nothing has really taken hold as the social media platform exclusively for media relations. Help a Reporter Out, Muck Rack and other similar services have certainly come close, but there’s no function within them to maintain a network. Babbler.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

Media Training in Minutes: The Pre-Interview Prep Call

Rock the Status Quo

Finding time for media training can be difficult. It’s one task on a massive to-do list. However, some of the best value-adds we can bring to a client relationship take virtually no time at all. Seconds, even. These, for instance: Sending readership demographics right before an interview.

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Infographic: Become Informed on Copyright Compliance


If you share others’ content, you might be breaking the law. And copyright infringements could have hefty consequences for your brand. But staying informed can help you protect your content, boost your reputation and keep your brand compliant with copyright protection laws.

Planning for the unthinkable: Crisis comms after the Paris attack

PR Daily

A catastrophe on the scale of Friday's terror attacks in Paris may seem remote from the daily life of most communicators. Yet crisis communication requires professionals to think through the unthinkable, plan their response and prepare to manage information amid wild rumors, several experts say.

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Twitter: Social Ads at Volume are at Odds with Conversation

Sword and the Script

by Frank Strong. “We’ve We’ve gone full circle,” according to Doug Baker writing for the UK-based Marketing. When brands first arrived on Facebook and organic reach was high, we spent a huge amount of time and effort on community engagement and interaction,” he wrote.

10 Horrible PR Personalities

PR Matters

One bad apple spoils the whole barrel, or so says the proverb. PR will always have bad types, but how do you avoid being poisoned by one? There are plenty of helpful articles on using PR agencies , but watch out for these 10 awful PR personalities both in and out of PR firms.

Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

5 Tips for Getting Into Live Streaming


The ability to transmit and receive live video over the Internet is not a new concept. Live streaming video games have been going on for years.

10 horrible PR personalities

PR Daily

One bad apple spoils the whole barrel, or so says the proverb. PR will always have bad types, but how do you avoid being poisoned by one? There are plenty of helpful articles on using PR agencies , but watch out for these 10 awful PR personalities both in and out of PR firms.

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Here We Go Again. The Downfall of Journalism Traces to the Rise of PR

Ishmael's Corner

The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. TechCrunch is the latest publication to play the tired narrative that the public relations industry is behind the woes of modern day journalism, GMOs and global warming. In the latest bullish show from TechCrunch, Alex Wilhelm looks into the camera, laments the state of the journalism and recites these “horrifying” statistics: There are 4.6 PR.more. The post Here We Go Again.

TCIP #055 – Life’s Most Important Question with Brian Willis

Melissa Agnes

Welcome to episode #055 of The Crisis Intelligence Podcast, with Melissa Agnes and Brian Willis. The law enforcement industry has been struggling through a lot of heat lately.

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10 Ideas to Simplify Your PR


How would you define PR?

PR Daily

What is public relations? You could go with PRSA’s definition: Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics. It doesn’t stop there, though, does it?

How I Spent My Sabbatical: Reshma Fernandes

Shift Communications

A universal reaction to my taking a month-long sabbatical has been a combination of, “What?! How can I get that perk too? Can you get me a job at SHIFT?”

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The Resolution Blog

I’m feeling inspired. The reason? PR teams are buzzing right now. In the last few weeks I have seen new creativity, structures, strategies and tactics - PR teams are trying new things and the best part? It’s working.

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Follow These Steps to Tackle Influencer Outreach


Influencer marketing is on the rise as 59 percent of professional communicators plan on increasing their budgets for this tactic over the next 12 months. An ROI of $6.50 for each dollar spent. Finding the right influencer takes time, patience and accurate social media monitoring tools.

3 tips for using Periscope for breaking brand news

PR Daily

Earlier this month, I received a Periscope notification from Finnair on my phone. Their new A350 jet had just landed in Helsinki, fresh from the Airbus facility in the south of France. Finnair is the first European carrier to fly A350s.

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The Citizen Analyst Manifesto, Part 2: Curious

Shift Communications

In this series, we’ll explore what it means to be a citizen analyst, what values you stand for, and what qualities in the world you adamantly must oppose. The Citizen Analyst Manifesto. Click for a printable poster PDF.

Participate in the great Thanksgiving Listen

The Stalwart Blog

I've been interviewing families with children battling cancer on behalf of the Emilio Nares Foundation (ENF) for a video series we're creating. I'm beyond inspired by their candor and courage when the microphone is on. We dig deep -- discussing their daily struggles and how they keep hope alive.

5 Tips for Vetting Influencers: Survivor Style


Finding influencers may be time-consuming, but it isn’t hard to spot them. Follow along on Twitter or Instagram for any amount of time, and they rapidly rise to the surface. But which ones are right for your influencer marketing program? The answer is partially found in doing the research.

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6 PR agency pet peeves

PR Daily

This story was originally published on PR Daily in November 2014. In my first PR agency job, during the times that drove us crazy, the owner had a favorite line: “This would be such a great business if it weren’t for the clients.” Bada-bum. Of course he wasn’t serious.

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What To Do With Data: 4 Steps To Get The Most Out Of A Client’s Survey

Shift Communications

You’ve taken all of the initial first steps of conducting a survey. You’ve counseled your client on what focus to take and questions to ask, you’ve partnered with a reputable research company like Wakefield or Harris, and now you’ve been delivered with the results.

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Official announcement from Twitter: Share count data no longer available

The Resolution Blog

It's been confirmed that as of 20th November Twitter are officially removing the ability for any publisher to display the all time social share counts of any URL using the current method.

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#SMWChicago: Trending Topics from Days 1 & 2


Social Media Week 2015 kicked off bright and early on Monday, November 16 across three cities: Chicago, Mumbai and Santiago. At #SMWChicago, over 270 speakers have convened to discuss the cross-section of industries including advertising, communication and technology (just to name a few).

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Brands, social media platforms join in expressing solidarity with France

PR Daily

Many have become accustomed to get their information from social media channels during crises, but it’s also a place to turn in the wake of a tragedy.

15 Digital Skills for PR & Marketing Pros

The Proactive Report


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Chrome extensions to make your life better

The Resolution Blog

Here at we spend hours working out how to save you hours of boring admin work, allowing you to crack on with the exciting aspects of PR.

The Latest & Greatest Social Media & Marketing Tools


It’s exciting to see so many tools to help us be better at social media and content marketing, though it can be overwhelming to keep up with them and learn how to use them all! Fortunately for you, I’ve done the work for you by identifying five fantastic marketing tools. TweetJukebox.

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Tips for successful digital marketing measurement

PR Daily

Sixty percent of social media marketers say measuring social media's ROI is their biggest challenge. Only 21 percent of content marketers say they successfully measure ROI, and just half of all social media marketers say data inform their organizations' social media strategies.

Turning Hand-Me-Downs into Healthcare Hits

Shift Communications

There is almost always going to be another company that is more innovative, taking a new approach or has more acquisitions. In other words, sometimes a client just isn’t worthy of the news that they so badly want to be a part of.